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Edmonton Electrician | Circuits And Kitchen Renovations

Despite the fact that kitchen renovations add a significant value says Edmonton electrician. Many homeowners want to cut costs, because it is an extremely expensive renovation to do.

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Even simply replacing appliances. Can be a large expense. Because refrigerators, stoves and microwaves cost a lot of money. But also, simply by replacing those appliances.

Homeowners may require hiring and Edmonton electrician. In order to upgrade the wiring of their home. It is important that they know this cost upfront. Before the renovations are done.

And then there electrical devices will not work in their kitchen. Chances are quite good, that when their home was built originally. The builder, only wired the electrical outlets in the kitchen.

In order to accommodate the electrical devices. That were going to be plugged into them. For example, they would only put the wiring for the outlets the fridge will be plugged into.

That is adequate for that fridge. And the same thing with the stove, dishwasher and even microwave and hood fan. Whether that means the refrigerator was wired with an outlet that had a 14gauge wire.

With the fifteen amp breaker, the new refrigerator might require heavier gauge wire. Or a larger amp breaker. Which will require an electrician to not only add those additional wires and breakers to the outlet.

But according to the Canadian electrical code. Any changes, no matter how major or minor they are. Must require the electrician upgrading the entire electrical system. To the most current Canadian electrical code.


Therefore, if they buy fridge that has a larger electrical draw. Then the one that they previously had. Not only will they need to hire an electrician to upgrade their outlet. But also, to upgrade their entire kitchen wiring.

As well, when they are upgrading the wiring. They will need to hire right professional. Instead of hoping that there general contractor will do it properly. Because they might miss important aspects of the job.

Such as missing grounding or bonding the wiring. Or not realizing That the work will need to be inspected not once, but twice. And the general contractor might not realize that it needs to be inspected at all.

This white so important to hire the right professional for the job. Not just for the electrical work, but for the entire kitchen renovation. To do this properly, is of utmost importance.

Not only if the job is not done properly. The electrical work can become extremely dangerous. Such as not having the grounding or bonding done properly or at all.

Could put the entire house at risk for an electrical fire. Because electricity cannot safely get discharged. Therefore, in order to avoid putting the entire home at risk. Homeowners doing any size of kitchen renovation.

Should ensure that they are hiring the right professionals including an Edmonton electrician. So that all parts of their kitchen renovation can be done properly. Not only to add great functionality to the kitchen, but at value to their entire home as well.

Edmonton Electrician | What To Know About Kitchen Renovations

One of the most important things that people can do when planning kitchen renovations, is contact an Edmonton electrician. They can ask them to come to their home, and do a walk-through.

Where they will show the electrician everything that they are planning on doing. Where things are going to get moved. What they are going to add to the kitchen. So that they can get a professional’s opinion.

The reason why this is so important. Is because chances are quite high. That some aspect of the renovation. Will require some electrical work. And no matter how big or small that is.

Any change to the electrical system needs to be done by a professional such as Edmonton electrician Hauer Power. Because of how important to the entire home it gets done properly.

Homeowners may not realize. That any change to an electrical system. Requires updating that electrical system. To the most current Canadian electrical code. And unless the home was built in the last three years.

The wiring will need to be updated. Since the Canadian electrical code gets updated every three years. As well, an electrician is going to know that no matter how big or small the electrical work that they do.

Will need to be inspected not just once at the end. But twice, after the rough in stage. And if they do not get that first inspection. They are not going to pass the second inspection.


Therefore, homeowners worst nightmare would be to complete the renovations to find out it was not done to code. And now they have to undo a lot of the work that has been done.

So that they can get it done properly in the first place. As well, homeowners should keep in mind. That the electrical work is important to be done properly. For safety reasons.

And when they work is not done properly. At the very least, it is not going to work well, consistently or at all. At the most, electrical work that is not done properly. Is going to cause a lot of damage.

Because it could cause electrical fires. That not only can damage property. But because house fire. That burns the house to the ground, putting the inhabitants at risk of injury or death.

This is why it is of vital importance. That homeowners not only hire an electrician to do the work. But that they consult with an Edmonton electrician from the very beginning. So they can be prepared for all work and all costs.

Even if people are doing something as minor as adding under counter lighting, or switching their lighting to LEDs. Or even simply buying a new refrigerator, or getting a dishwasher installed. When they did not have one in the first place.

Can be enough to require an electrician to do the job. By knowing this ahead of time. Homeowners can budget for it. And hire the right people. To ensure it gets done properly and safely.


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