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Edmonton Electrician | What to Look for in a Bathroom Fan

While many homeowners want to reduce the cost of their renovation says Edmonton electrician. Or, a person has purchased a brand-new home. That has come with builder grade fans.

It is often important for homeowners to understand what their bathroom ventilation fan does. So that they can choose the right one for their home.

Ultimately, the design of a bathroom ventilation fan. Is to suck air out of the bathroom, and out of the house. The reason why, is because the moist air in the bathroom.

Caused by steamy showers and baths. Can cause moisture buildup in a home. That can promote mildew and mould growth.

Since mould and house can be quite toxic, especially to the people living in the home. What a homeowner can do to prevent this from happening is extremely important.

Depending on the size of the bathroom, homeowners need to choose a fan with the right motor size. That it can efficiently suck all of the moist air out. This is expressed as cubic feet per minute. Or also known as CFM for short.

There is a calculation that homeowners can do, either by putting the information into as CFM calculator online. Or simply by contacting their Edmonton electrician. That can help them understand what size motor they need for their bathroom.

Ultimately, it comes down to the size of their bathroom. And the larger their bathroom is, the more powerful fan motor they will need.


The minimum amount of CFM’s in a fan is fifty. While the maximum for residential fans is one hundred and fifty.

However, Edmonton electrician recommends that if they use an online calculator. That people add twenty or thirty CFM to that total. So that even as the fan ages, or gets covered in dust. It can still do an efficient job of clearing the air out of the bathroom.

Once homeowner knows what size of fan they should get. There is a wide variety of other factors and options that they should consider before making their final purchase.

For example, one of the most popular considerations is a noise level. And many homeowners find it extremely beneficial to pay a little bit extra money. In order to get a low noise fan.

Not only can they make that more enjoyable to use their bathroom. When there is not allowed fan in the room. But also, people might not want to put the fan on when they are in the bath because of the noise.

Or, they do not want to be interrupted somewhere else in the house. Someone is using the bathroom. Therefore, a low noise fan can ensure that the peace of the home is not interrupted.

Other options include ensuring the fan they choose is environmentally friendly, or low energy. And while bathroom ventilation fans are typically low energy. Choosing the lowest energy possible. Can help people feel good about their smaller carbon footprint.

By taking many different things into consideration. Homeowners can end up with the best bathroom ventilation fan for their house, and their family.

Edmonton Electrician | What to Look for in a Bathroom Fan

Homeowners may not realize all of the various options that are available when choosing a bathroom ventilation fan says Edmonton electrician. And while they might know that they need to choose a fan relative to the size of their bathroom. They may not realize what other options are available.

Some of the options can go from extremely functional, to extremely fun. For example, bathroom ventilation fans can come with a built in humidity sensor. That will automatically turn the fan on. When the humidity level rises above a certain point.

The beneficial thing about this option. Is that if people do not know how long they need to leave their bathroom fan on. This takes the guesswork out. By turning the fan off, with the humidity levels drop again.

Another option that homeowners can choose for their bathroom ventilation fans is additional lighting. Whether they do not have a lot of room for lights, and want to include an option that can take care of both lighting and the fan at the same time.

Or if homeowners worry about darkness of their bathroom. And they want additional white lighting. This can be a great option. Or a more fun option would be for homeowners to choose a bathroom ventilation than that have coloured LED lights.

This can set a relaxing mood for relaxing bath. Or help keep people and up for the day. Mood lighting can be very fun for a variety of reasons.


Another great option for a bathroom ventilation fan according to Edmonton electrician. Are the ones that come with speakers built in, and tooth capability.

This way, people can hook their music directly up to the fan. And enjoy music as they are having a relaxing bath, showering. Or even getting ready for a night out on the town.

However, one option they should avoid, are the bathroom ventilation fans that come with a heat lamp built in. While it is very lovely to step out of a shower or bath into the warm light. This is not recommended to be within the bathroom ventilation fan.

The reason why, is not only because the heat can prematurely age the motor in the fan. But also because the fan attracts so much dust, that when the dust is exposed to the heat of the heat lamp. This can increase a fire hazard.

Therefore, if people do want a heat lamp in their bathroom. They can get their Edmonton electrician to install one, but well away from the bathroom ventilation fan. So that they do not and up with you a problem or they did not bargain for.

When people are choosing a new bathroom ventilation fan. Whether it is because one of them has stopped working, or they are moving.

Knowing the different options can help them choose the right one for their home, and their lifestyle. All while ensuring that they are protecting their home and family against mould.

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