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Edmonton Electrician | Things to Consider During Renovations

When people are renovating, they should hire a great Edmonton electrician. However, when they are renovating their kitchen. It is even more important to do this.

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The reason why, is because the kitchen is one room. That draws more electricity than any other room in the house. Therefore, it is incredibly important. That the electrical work is done properly.

And while a handyman might be able to do many things. And has a lot of electrical knowledge. They may not know the most up-to-date electrical code. Especially since the Canadian electrical code gets updated every three years.

But also, if they do not have specific insurance. They run the risk, of getting personally sued. If they cause a problem. That ends up doing damage to a person’s house.

Up to, and including burning the house down. Not only will a certified Edmonton electrician ensure that they do things to code, and get the correct inspections done. But also, they will carry insurance.

That protects everyone involved, if they cause damage. Through something that they do. Or a mistake that they made, causing an electrical fire. And with the kitchen, more than any other room in the house.

There is a tendency to have things done incorrectly more than anywhere else. That could cause a lot of problems. When not done properly. This is white so important, to ensure that during kitchen renovations.

Homeowners hire the best tradespeople for the job. Including getting a certified electrician to do the wiring. And ensure that it is done correctly. The first thing that an Edmonton electrician is going to do.

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Is see the sketches of the renovations, so that they know things like how many outlets the homeowner wants. But then they will also want to do a walk-through of the space.

So that they can see things like what gauge wire has been installed. But also, so that they can see other things like how many CFO I outlets there are. And are there any split circuits.

They also will want to see the panel, to check brand. And to see if there is enough space to add circuits. And if there is not, they will either have to add a subpanel. That will be dedicated for the kitchen only.

Or, they may want to place the entire panel. So that they can ensure that they have enough circuits for now, but also more circuits for the future as well. This is what a professional electrician will bring to the job.

They also know that they will need to inspections. The rough in inspection. Where they will show where the grounding and bonding will be, where the wiring will go, and all applicable boxes.

They also know that their work will get inspected at the very end as well. Which means they are going to ensure the work they do is neat, tidy and correct. To pass the inspection at the end of their work.

Edmonton Electrician | What To Think About During Renovations

When people are renovating their kitchen, Edmonton electrician says it will add the most value to their home. Then any other room in the house when they renovate it.

However, it also is going to be the most technical. When it comes to doing the electrical work. Therefore, it needs to be done by an Edmonton electrician who is certified, and insured.

The reason why it is highly technical. Is because the kitchen has more large appliances. That draw a significant amount of power. Then any other room in the house. Even a person’s laundry room.

That typically will have a washer, dryer and even a deep-freeze for example. Will require less power usage then a person’s kitchen. Therefore, having it done as perfectly as possible.

While help ensure that people can use the kitchen flawlessly. Without overloading circuits. And without tripping breakers. Because there needs to be at least seven different circuits. But most likely more than that.

For example, the fridge needs to be on its own circuits. It will have its own wire gauge recommendation, and what size breaker it needs to be on. But the fridge is not the only thing that needs its own circuits.

This stove is going to need its own circuit. And will have different wire gauges, and breaker requirements. Based on the kind of stove that it is. For example, there could be a regular stove.

Or a stove that has a convection oven inside. Or even a gas powered stove. Will have different requirements than each other. Therefore, a lot of electrical knowledge is needed to install a stove.

Almost done…

As well, the dishwasher needs to be on its own circuit as well. Despite the fact that many people may not realize it draws so much power. They will ensure that it is hardwired into its own circuit.

Other appliances that need their own circuit include the microwave. Again, depending on what make, model and heat capability the microwave has. Will require its own circuit.

And finally, the hood fan needs its own circuit. Regardless of whether it is an exterior ventilated fan, or if it recirculated the air. And with any of these devices that need to be on their own circuit.

The Edmonton electrician will need to know if they need an arc fault circuit interrupter breaker. Or if they do not need one at all. Ultimately, if any of these devices plugged in to an outlet in the wall.

They will need an arc fault circuit interrupter breaker. Because something else could potentially be plugged into that outlet. However, if they are hardwired into the electrical system, they do not need a circuit breaker.

With all the technical knowledge that is needed. Plus knowing the most up-to-date codes. It is far away more important for homeowner to hire a certified and insured Edmonton electrician.

Then hoping that the handyman they hire for the rest of the renovations. Can do this properly. And without potentially causing damage, that could result in a house fire.

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