Edmonton Electrician | When Is Emergency and Exit Lighting Required?


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Edmonton Electrician | When Emergency and Exit Lighting Is Required

When a business owner starts their business, they need to ensure the emergency lighting is correct says Edmonton electrician. This is true whether they are building their office space from scratch, or if they are buying an existing building. they should always have the professional come in and inspect whether they have the correct number of emergency lights and the correct exit signs Illuminating the way out. The reason why this is important, is a business owner must ensure that’s their staff and customers can evacuate safely in case of an emergency.

Not only does a business owner have to make sure that the exit lighting is correct, they also needs to ensure that there’s enough lights to ensure that the path out is it clearly illuminated, and eliminated on the floor. Edmonton electrician says some business owners have the emergency lights pointed straight ahead, and this only illuminates the walls, weather the emergency units are mounted on the walls or the ceiling, the people evacuating need to see the path on the floor, in case the emergency is causing the hallways to fill up with smoke, and people cannot see the walls or the ceiling. Even if the room is completely covered in Smoke, people evacuating should be able to see the floor, as smoke Rises.

The next thing that business owners to take into consideration is that the exit lighting is correct as well. The familiar red exit signs are no longer legal in this part of the world says Edmonton electrician. The rent is very difficult to see in a fire, and the word exit may not be able to be read by everybody, therefore there are new standards. The exit signs that are now legal are green, and they have a picture of a man exiting out a door, and are often called the green Running Man signs. If a business owner has taken over a building, and they have the red exit signs, it might not pass inspection. but even if it does get grandfathered in, business owners should take into consideration that these are not the most safe signs, and they might want to change them just to ensure that everyone can evacuate safely in case of an emergency.

My calling and Edmonton electrician, business owners can ensure that they have the right amount of emergency lights and the correct exit signs. However, business owners also need to ensure that they are testing their emergency lights on a regular basis to ensure that they are working . just like a smoke detector, the emergency lights need to be tested every single month. A business owner needs to test each light out to ensure that they can work for 30 seconds without a problem. And on an annual basis, business owners should test their units for full 90 minutes. The reason why it’s important to test them for this long, is because the units need to function for 90 minutes in an emergency, so testing them for the full amount can help guarantee that in case of an emergency, they will last that long.

Edmonton Electrician | Emergency and Exit Lighting Is Required

It’s extremely important that business owners have the correct amount of emergency lighting and exit signs in their businesses Edmonton electrician. This is in order to help ensure the safety of people In the building whether they are staff members at work, or if they are customers visiting that place of business, and may not be familiar with all the Escape Routes. Not only does there have to be enough emergency lighting, but it needs to be set up properly, so that it can illuminate the floor showing the way out.

It doesn’t matter if the emergency lights are mounted on the walls or on the ceiling, just as long as each of the emergency lights have their own power source says Edmonton electrician. This way, the lights can be guaranteed to work even if the power supply is cut to the building, such as in the event of a building fire, or a storm like a tornado or hurricane hits the building. Ensuring that people can see the Escape Routes no matter how familiar they are or not with the building is important to helping people evacuate quickly and safely.

Business owners also needs to ensure that not only the hallways have the right emergency lights, but that large rooms have the exits clearly marked, or if there’s several office spaces within that room such as a bunch of cubicles. When problem that Edmonton electrician sees all the time, is that when a business first opens, they ensure that all of the emergency lights and exit signs are up to code, but then they changed things around, like moving where the cubicles are, or even building a wall, and it renders the emergency lighting useless. Therefore, if a business owner hires a professional to help ensure that’s they are testing the emergency lights monthly and annually, the Edmonton electrician can also look around the building and verify that the emergency lights and exit signs are still in the best location for their use.

And other benefits of having an Edmonton electrician come in and test the system on a monthly and an annual basis, is that if there’s any necessary maintenance on the units, such as when units that has stopped working, or a light bulb that has burnt out, they can perform the necessary maintenance, without a business owner having to worry that it is not going to work in case of an emergency.This can help give peace of mind to all entrepreneurs, knowing that their system is not only up-to-date, but is working and will have the necessary maintenance on it to ensure that it can work in case of an emergency.

With how important it is to ensure the safety of all occupants of the building, business owners should get their building inspected when they buy it, or build it to ensure that there is enough emergency lights and exit signs. And then by maintaining the system, they can continue to ensure the safety of all people that are in the building that they own.

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