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Edmonton Electrician | When To Upgrade Electrical Components

If people are living in older homes is Edmonton electrician. Particularly if they have been built in the sixties, seventies or eighties. It is important that they get electrical inspection done.

The reason why, is because not only have electrical codes changed in the decades since their house was built. But also, because some of those outdated components. May not be safe any longer.

One of the first things that their electrician will do when called in for an inspection. Is to look at the circuit breaker panel that they have.

Not only is it very common for circuit breaker panels to stop working with age. But also, there is one particular brand. That is known to have an extremely high failure rate.

This brand is called Federal Pacific. And according to the research done by Dr. Aaron Steen. It has a 70 to 80% known failure rate. Therefore, in order to keep their home safe.

Edmonton electrician recommends replacing this breaker panel immediately. And at the same time, people can get a new panel with more space. In order to increase the circuit that they can have in their home.

The reason why certain breakers are so important in a home. Is because it does the job of stopping the flow of electricity. To overloaded circuits. In order to avoid overheating the wires in the wall.

Circuits are typically only rated to handle 15 A of power at a time. And if someone accidentally plugs two things in that exceed that amount. They can easily cause their circuit to be overloaded.


People should think about what happens in their kitchen, if they have the microwave on the same time as the coffee pot.

Since this is likely to cause problems. If they have an older circuit breaker. Because over time, that circuit breaker will age and stop working. And when that happens, instead of tripping the breaker.

What will happen, is that the wire will continue getting hotter. Until an electrical fire breaks out in their home. This is why having a Federal Pacific panel is so frightening.

Is because it is known to fail so often. That any time some has a panel in their home. They may not be getting that electrical current interrupted. If they have overloaded their circuit. Which will result in a fire.

As well, this is a common problem in older homes. Because as people do not have enough electrical outlets. The ad power bars. In order to be able to plug more things in at a time.

Which can very easily overload their circuit. Therefore, Edmonton electrician says that homeowners should get an inspection done. And whether they have a Federal Pacific circuit breaker.

Or if they simply do not have enough circuit in their home at all. They should install a new panel. So that they can ensure that not only are they protecting themselves against electrical fire.

They will not cause circuit to overload. Because they have enough circuit in their home for all their electrical needs.

Edmonton Electrician | When To Upgrade Electrical Components

It is extreme important for homeowners to upgrade their electrical services as required says Edmonton electrician. And if they are living in a home that was built in the sixties, seventies or eighties. They should get an inspection done right away.

Not only is that because the electrical codes are likely different than they were in the sixties. But also, because electrical components can degrade as well as where out.

And it is important that they get an inspection from time to time. To ensure that they are able to upgrade their electrical services as needed.

Especially if they have a home that is from the sixties. Edmonton electrician they hire will typically look at several things starting with what types of wires they have in their home.

The reason why, is because many homes in the sixties were built with aluminum wires. In order to save costs, because copper wires were more expensive.

However, they found over the years that aluminum wires are dangerous. Because of their tendency to overheat quickly. Which can cause house fires.

Therefore, it is important that they understand if their home has aluminum wires. And what they can do to fix it. If they are planning on renovating their home.

The recommendation may be to upgrade the wires one room at a time. So they are not hit with a huge job or huge expense all at one time.


As well, that will allow the homeowner to budget accordingly. If they know how much the entire job is going to cost. So that they can save money as well.

It is also very important that their electrician looks to see if they have grounding wires in the circuit of their home. If they do not, home will be ungrounded which is dangerous.

The fix is for the electrician to add a ground fault circuit breaker. And to install that on each of the circuit of the home. It is likely that a home built in the sixties or seventies will have eight or more circuit.

So this can be a costly endeavour. Which is why people should find out about it sooner. So that they can plan accordingly.

The next thing that Edmonton electrician is likely going to do, and that is to check the circuit breaker. To see if it is working or not. And then to ask the homeowner if they have enough circuit in their home for all of their electrical needs.

It is important that they asked the two questions at the same time. Especially since if they need a new circuit breaker. They should find out what size of a new panel they should get.

To bring them up to what they currently need for electrical circuits. But also allow them to have more spaces in the future. So that they can add circuit over time.

So they can continue to upgrade circuit in the future as to what they need. Doing this, they can ensure that their home is going to be able to suit them for many years to come.

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