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Edmonton Electrician | When to Upgrade Electrical Systems

It may be very difficult for people who have been living in an older home for several years to know when they should upgrade their electrical systems says Edmonton electrician. And while some people purchase older homes to renovate.

When people are living in their older home, they may not realize that the systems are slowly stopping unction properly. Because they are living with them for so long.

One indication that shows people that they might need to upgrade their electrical services. Is if they are starting to use power bars in every room of their home.

Many older houses do not have enough circuits, and therefore outlets to plug electrical devices in. It is because they were built with the power consumption needs. Of the people back in the sixties, seventies, and eighties.

And since they needed less outlets, because they had fewer electrical devices. By today’s standards, people do not have enough outlets for what they need to have plugged in.

This is a problem typically in every single room of the house. People should consider computers and televisions for example. Not only do people need a router for their Internet.

That people also have more electronic devices than ever before in their home. Such as a family desktop computer. That has a monitor, a tower, and maybe a scanner and a printer.

But also, they might have a laptop for their children to do their schoolwork on. And many people have tablets and cell phones as well. That eventually need to be plugged in to be recharged.


In their living room, they will also have their television that also needs to be hooked up to the Internet. There PVR, and even their gaming system. As well as any stereo system that they have to play music.

In their kitchen, they will have even more needs than ever. As people by more and more electrical gadgets that they are using in the kitchen. Such as pressure cookers and crock pots just name a few.

When added to the fact that people already likely have a coffee pot, blender, or toaster in their kitchen. Many kitchens from the sixties, seventies and eighties.

Maybe only had one or two that is. But now it is not uncommon for kitchen to need even for five electrical outlets. Therefore, it is likely that an older homes. Today’s families needs circuits increased in every single room of the house.

At the same time, their Edmonton electrician will be able to look at the panel to see if they need an entirely new panel. That will give them the ability to add circuits now. But also add circuits in the future.

And at the same time, they should check to see if the wires that are going into the panel need to be upgraded as well. Previous electrical code only required an 8 gauge wire ground.

But today’s code requires a 6 gauge. Which means this is a perfect time to upgrade those wires. Since a new panel and new circuits are going to be installed.

When people are using a lot of power bars in their older home. Instead of continuing to do that and putting their home at risk of having overloaded circuits. People should call their Edmonton electrician to see what a better solution can be.

Edmonton Electrician | When to Upgrade Electrical Systems

If people are living in homes that have been built in the sixties, seventies and eighties says Edmonton electrician. They may want to get a quote on upgrading their electrical services.

Not only is the current electrical code extremely different than when older homes were built. But also, the electrical code has changed because of safety reasons.

Which might mean that people are living in homes that have unsafe electrical systems. An extremely important example of this. Is if people have a home that is using a Federal Pacific circuit breaker panel.

This was extremely common throughout the United States of America as well as Canada in the sixties, seventies and eighties. Despite the fact that it is now considered to be extraordinarily unsafe.

According to research done by Dr. Aaron Steen. The Federal Pacific circuit breakers have an 80% known failure rate. And have been responsible for thousands of fires throughout North America.

For example, in the United States alone. The Federal Pacific breaker panel was responsible for twenty-eight hundred house fires a year, thirteen deaths and fourteen million in property damages.

Therefore, it is extremely important that people contact their Edmonton electrician. In order to get a new panel put into their home. It might end up saving their family’s life.

What a circuit breaker does says Edmonton electrician. Is it stops the flow of electricity to an overloaded circuit. If someone plugs something into a circuit larger than 15 A.


What happens, is that the wire in that circuit gets physically hot. As it tries to deal with a flow of energy that it was never designed to deal with.

In a properly functioning circuit breaker, it cuts the flow of electricity to that circuit. So that it does not overheat and start a fire.

However, if the circuit breaker does not work. The flow of energy is not interrupted. Which is what causes a faulty circuit breaker to start a fire.

And if people are using power bars in their homes. They are increasing the ability to overload their circuits, by being able to plug several things into one circuits. Which will more than likely exceed 15 A.

Therefore, not just to ensure that they have a new circuit breaker. But if they are using power bars. It is very important that they get more circuits put into their home.

So that they do not risk overwhelming circuits in their home. So that they can keep everyone a lot safer.

At the same time, their Edmonton electrician should also check to see if they need an upgraded metre socket, check to see if they have aluminum wiring which is also not to code and unsafe.

Regardless of whether someone has purchased older home. Or they have been living in one for many years. The safety of their electrical service is of the utmost importance.

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