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Edmonton Electrician | Who Should You Hire for Kitchen a Reno?

When homeowners are getting ready to renovate their kitchen, they should know which Edmonton electrician. They are going to hire to help them with this job. While it might be tempting to cut corners in order to minimize the expense.

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One area that they cannot afford to cut expenses on. Is the electrical work. Not only does it need to be done properly, so that it can be up to the current Canadian electrical code.

Doing it properly, and to code means that it can pass inspection. As well, when they are hiring a certified, and insured Edmonton electrician. They know that in case something goes terribly wrong.

Such as a mistake that is missed, if that mistake causes damage to their home. The certified and insured electrician. Will take care of the damage with their insurance. And it will not leave the homeowner, or the electrician in a bad spot.

And if people think that they are going to be able to do an entire renovation in their kitchen do not touch their electrical system. They may be misinformed at best.

If they are buying new appliances at all. Whether it is a fridge, a stove or a dishwasher. Even something is inconsequential sounding as a microwave or a brand-new range hood.

They will need to at least consult with an Edmonton electrician. To ensure that the electrical appliances that they have purchased. Are not going to overload their electrical system.

The reason why this is a risk. Is because when the home was originally built. The electrician most likely wired each outlet. Where each of the appliances was going. Only to the specifications of the appliance going there.


Therefore, if the fridge needed a 14gauge wire, with fifteen amp breaker. That is exactly what they would have put in that location. And they would not have installed anything extra.

But if, several years later. The homeowner now wants to put in a fridge that draws more electricity. Then the one that they used to have. They will need to ensure that it is not going to overload that circuit.

The same goes for all of the other major appliances including the stove, dishwasher, microwave and range hood. Therefore, they will need to consult with an electrician.

At very least, have them say that they can add those devices into their kitchen. Without problem and if not, they will need an expert to be able to upgrade the wires in those outlets for them.

As well, the electrician will know if they need to install an arc fault circuit interrupter breaker for the devices. Which handyman who is hired to do some electrical work may not know if they need those things are not.

Therefore, it is important that even if people do not realize that they would need an electrician. They should consult with an electrician on their kitchen renovation anyway. Because if they need an electrician. They will be covered. And if they do not need an electrician. At least they now have peace of mind.

Edmonton Electrician | Who To Hire for Kitchen Renovations

Depending on what a kitchen renovation people are doing, they may need just an Edmonton electrician. Or they might need several different tradespeople. In order to do a large amount of work.

Whether people are simply installing new appliances. And adding an electrical outlet or two. Or if they are doing major kitchen renovations. That are going to completely change the layout of the kitchen.

Such as adding a sink, and adding an island. They will need to hire the right professional to do the job properly, to code. And in such a way that it will pass not just one, but two inspections.

Even if people do not think the renovations they are doing are that major. If they are touching any part of the electrical system. They will need to hire a certified and insured Edmonton electrician.

For example, they might want to upgrade the lighting in their kitchen. Perhaps they want to add LED pot lights. Or under the counter lighting. And even if it is something that they perceive as minor like this.

They will need to hire an electrician to do it properly. People may not realize, but all of the lights in a kitchen. Need to be on their own dedicated circuits. And if they add a lot of lights.

Such as LED pot lights, or under the counter lights. Every single LED is counted as its own device. And people can only have fourteen devices plugged in her circuit.

Therefore, they may need to add a breaker during their kitchen renovation. And not even realize it depending on what is going on with their electrical panel. If it is at maximum capacity.

Almost done….

They cannot simply add one breaker. Without needing to either change the panel for a new one. Or add a subpanel, to add the capability of putting more breakers in.

And if they want to add any additional outlets in their kitchen. Which is a very common upgrade people get done. When they are renovating their kitchen. Because typically, kitchens do not have enough electrical outlets to begin with.

And this is because when homebuilders are building the home in the first place. They are only putting the bare minimum number of outlets in. In order to save money.

Therefore, people may want to add two, three or five or more outlets. So that they can plug-in all of the electrical devices that they have. Such as toaster, electrical cattle or coffee maker.

And things like a deep fryer, a pressure cooker and crockpot. All that need to be on their own circuits alone. So that they do not overload the electrical system. And shut the breaker down.

When homeowners are doing any kind of kitchen renovations. They should throw caution to the wind. And contact an electrician for consultation. If an Edmonton electrician is needed, they will explain what they will do and why.

And if they are not needed, they will also explain that. So that homeowner can get the renovations they need.


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