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Hi everyone and welcome to today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician where we bring customer service back to the trades. In today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician, we’re going to be talking about who we serve. As always here at our power electrical. We are happy to answer our customers questions. If you’re a customer or a future customer and you have an electrical concern or electrical topic, we want to hear about it, get out us and give us some new ideas here.

We’re always happy to answer your questions as your professional Edmonton electrician. Our mission is to provide you with power through customer service, so I’m going to hit you guys out with a quote, a stat, a story, and then we’re going to get into some frequently asked questions that we hear all the time about who we serve and and what it is we do here at how we’re power.

Electrical integrity is the most valuable and respected quality of leadership. Always keep your word. That’s our quote. I’m not too sure who said it, but we couldn’t agree more because as our mission is customer service that goes hand in hand with integrity and we wouldn’t trade either that for anything.

Your stat here is if you search Edmonton electrical contractor on Google, you get 1.6 5 million results. It’s a lot. If you search Edmonton commercial electrical companies, you get 2.2 1 million results, you get almost double, you get a more way more. If you search Edmonton commercial electrical companies, what an intimidating figure. If you’re trying to get a quality electrician for your electrical problem and you don’t know where to look, look no further guys, we’re right here and we provide ourselves with the best quality service, with the best customer service that you can get.

Electrical companies are going out of business at an alarming rate here in Edmonton due to the baby boomer generation, either selling out their company or dissolving it for other reasons. Whatever it is, are a lot of them are closing their doors. And this leaves many customers without a reliable electrician. And with nowhere to turn when they need services, they’re just going to randomly call someone up.

That’s why we’re making these videos to try and get in front of you guys. Cause we need to show you what we can do. Uh, we’re happy to bring a high level of customer service in an otherwise unsaturated, uh, field with so many electrical contractors just not doing what they, what they should be doing for you. And you go to the McDonald’s down the street and you’re going to order a cheeseburger and they’re going to give you some level of customer service.

And, uh, we don’t want to give you the worst level. We want to give you the best level of customer service. And that’s what we aim to do. This is where we come in and help you with your electrical issues. Uh, so we’re going to ask her some questions that we get out off asked an awful lot about our business.

What city do we operate in? What’s our service area? People want us to work for them and we cannot blame them. Unfortunately, we’re not national. We are here in Edmonton and area. We service Edmonton, North, Edmonton, South, Edmonton, West, Edmonton, uh, East Edmonton, all levels of Edmonton electrical.

We serve as well as Sherwood park, Saint Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Stony plain, spruce Grove, Beaumont, miscue LaDuc. We have clients, happy clients in all of those areas and we continue to serve those areas for electrical services. Um, people ask, well, how, how do you get your customers?

Do you go to your customers? Do they come to you? Uh, both. We’re always ecstatic when a customer is referred to us and we are so happy to give them assistance and solve their electrical issue and give them either customer service that they deserve. However many times we like to act proactively and we’ll reach out to our customers around the areas that we serve.

In an effort to bring electrical services to more happy customers, we need to make you happy. Uh, and we need to give you the best quality electrical that we can do. So anything we can do for you, you let us know. Um, our ideal client, commercial maintenance, hands down, all of our commercial maintenance clients are so happy with us. They return time after time, any project that they need, we’re always happy. We jump at that. We jump at the opportunity to give them the best customer service and the best quality electrical service that we can give them.

We’re also happy to serve as residential community. And so all of your residential electrical services that you may encounter. Uh, we believe our commercial maintenance services stand out above the rest. We’re always on time. We always have the necessary troubleshooting skills to solve the complex electrical issues as discussed. The baby boomer generation, for lack of a better term, and they’re getting out of the field. Whether it’s retiring, whether it’s something else, they’re, they’re taking a lot of the skillset that they’ve, learned over the years and taking it with them.

We’ve established a team of young electricians and old to both merge together and train and teach each other these tricks of the trade so that we can bring them to our customers and bring them the best quality electrical service that we can possibly bring them. So the biggest need of our ideal customer that we help them solve is they need electrical services right then and there.

Sometimes they have an electrician and they’re happy with them, but they’re too busy for them. That’s not us. We’re too busy for you then we will just hire more people and train more people and get more people in front of you. This timer stream com sometimes can create an issue, but we’re always happy to accommodate and get someone out from our team to mitigate through needs, ASAP to give you the electrical solution that you need in Edmonton area.

When you need power fast, you can count on us. Uh, biggest areas of concern and shared irritation. Areas of our ideal buyers. Oftentimes renovation will be hit with add ons and nontransparent pricing change orders. We don’t do that. We give you a one big round number and uh, that’s it. We don’t have add ons, we don’t have non transparent pricing. We have honest pricing.

We’ll tell you how much it’s going to cost and what’s covered in that. And if you want more detail, we can give you more detail but give us a call, nine three five zero six two two here in Edmonton. And we’re happy to give you the detail that you need. We’d like to have our customers with a good understanding of what work is going to be done and at what cost it comes with it.

Many times commercial maintenance, electricians, double bill their clients or they triple bill their clients. And it’s not an honest way of doing business. That’s not something that we do. We’re only there to bill you once for that one job. And we’re not about to take advantage of you, even if you’re in a sticky situation. That’s, that’s not fair. We take pride in our honest values and it shows through in our work and it shows through in our happy customers.

Most importantly, um, some of the worries of our ideal clients that would, uh, cause them to need our services. Say maybe loss of power, maybe they’re running a system, a 24 hour set up and all of a sudden their power goes out, whether it’s through core, whether it’s their switch gear, maybe through Fortis, whatever it is, something’s failed and they need power back up right then and there.

Give us a call Saturday, Sunday, anytime of day 24, seven, we provide emergency services. If you call seven eight zero nine three five zero 62, you will be forwarded to our emergency hotline and that’s going to get to our emergency services right then and there. Our emergency fees will apply.

It will not be standard Bookout fees, however, we will solve your electrical issue. Uh, renovations oftentimes are our clients need renovations, additions, new circuits, grounding, new switch gear, new breakers, new panels, service upgrades, additional data lines.

Maybe our customers need sub panels, new feeder runs. If you have a business expansion, you’re going to need electrical expansion. That’s where we come in. All commercial maintenance, electrical services will be different, but we are happy to serve them all and to serve them all with the best level of customer service that we can possibly bring you.

Our business is the ideal solution for, for you guys as commercial, uh, project maintenance staff because we provide customer service and most important in your industry, we provide safety. We are core certified, we have our certificate of recognition and many commercial companies require that core certification.

It is costly to put in place. It is costly to train our employees in a safety program. However we have that when you’re ready to work safely. And it shows in all of our work, it’s a condition of employment to work safely here at Howard power electrical, uh, other competitors that we, we have professional electrical, pure way of electrical, green electrical.

Uh, while there are hundreds of other electrical contractors out there in the city, we don’t focus on them. We focus on us and we focus on our customers. That’s how we get our clients the best quality services that they can get. So when you’re asking about the other competitors, if you want to hire them, that’s great.

If you want to hire us, that’s great too. But as long as you can get the best possible customer service and the best possible electrical quality service, then give us a call, see what we can do for you. I’m sure we can come to a good agreement. If there was one thing we could improve, um, it’d be our number of clients reached. We’re happy to get in front of more clients, more customers, bring them the power and the customer service that they deserve. And we’re always looking to bring quality electrical services to more customers and bring people the professional electrical services that they need.

Our goal is to bring you the best possible customer service. And to do that, we need to serve more. We need, we need in the next five years to help a thousand more customers, whether it be residential, commercial, combination of both. That’s us here at Howard power electrical. We want to serve all of you, uh, the best possible level of customer service that we can serve at the most honest price with the most honest, uh, values here.

Give us a call, seven eight Oh nine three five zero six two to let us get in front of you. Let us sell you on what we can do for you, cause I’m sure we can come to an agreement and get you something that you need. Um, as always, email works to info@hauerpower.ca. That’s, that’s our webpage. Have a look at us. Have a great day guys, and stay safe out there.

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