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Edmonton Electrician | Why Add More Electrical Outlets

Despite what many people believe says Edmonton electrician. They typically will need a more electrical outlets in their home. Especially if they have gotten into the habit. Of adding power bars, or outlet extenders.
Edmonton Electrician

Each outlet in a home is typically designed. To handle approximately 1500 W of electricity. At any given time, and many devices. That people are using regularly. Our using close to that amount on their own.

They often believe that they should be able. To plug in to devices. Regardless of the amount of electricity they drop. Into an electrical outlets, because that is how many spaces there are. For things to be plugged in.

However, this is not true. And if they exceed 1500 W. Of electricity usage, no matter how many devices they have plugged in. It is going to overload circuit’s. It is will cause a risk of an electrical fire.

The wire that is used to bring electricity to the outlets. Can only handle 1500 W of electricity at a time. And if a person plugs in. More wattage then they wire can handle, it heats up in response.

As long as the device is continuing to be used. The wire will continue to heat up. Unless of course, the circuit breaker. That is designed tacked as a failsafe kicks in. The circuit breaker is designed to turn off electricity.

To any circuit that is being overloaded. However, circuit breakers are not completely infallible. And the problem is when they do fail. The consequence is an out-of-control electrical fire.

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As well, the older a electrical panel is. The more likely it is going to fail when an outlet or a circuit is overloaded. Which is another good reason for people to contact their Edmonton electrician. To ensure that their panel is in good working order.

The best rule of thumb says Edmonton electrician. Is that homeowners should be aware. Of the wattage of each of their electrical devices. That is in use in their home, and avoid plugging in. Devices that will exceed 1500 W.

Many people tend to believe. That as long as they can plug to devices in. They can use them. But the wattage of each device is written. Either on the electrical device somewhere. Or, on a sticker on the cord.

Some devices that are commonly used in a home. That will use either close to. Or the entire amount of electricity. That can be handled by an electrical outlet. Include hair straightener, a blow dryer.

An iron for clothes, or a steamer for clothes. Frying pan, a coffee maker, a toaster oven. A blender, an electric kettle or a hot pot. These are just some of the devices that must be used individually.

On a circuits, or a single outlet. By understanding what can be plugged in with other devices. And what must be plugged in alone. Can help people prevent the risk. Of electrical fires in their home.

But if they need more devices plugged in then what their home can handle. Calling their Edmonton electrician. To add more electrical outlets can help them avoid certain disaster.

Edmonton Electrician | Why Add More Electrical Outlets In Your Home

Many people may not realize says Edmonton electrician. That there home does not have an adequate number of electrical outlets. They often believe that especially when it is a new home. That the number of outlets will be adequate for their needs.

This is not true, homebuilders typically. Only install the bare minimum of outlets. As a way of saving money. Therefore, it is common for people. To move into their new home. And then require more circuits and outlets.

Edmonton electrician recommends people living in their new home. Whether it is a brand-new build. Or a previously built home that they have moved into. And see if they have enough outlets.

Or if they find themselves needing more outlets. Or using a lot of extension cords or outlet extenders. This is a good indicator that they need more outlets. And one mistake that people should avoid.

Is thinking that and a lit extender or power bar. That has been inspected by the Canadian safety Council. Will safely increase the amount of electricity. That an outlet can handle. This is not true at all.

And these devices simply will allow person. To plug more devices in to a single circuit. Whether or not it is safe to do so or not. They might want to plug in a radio, and a lamp. And charge their cell phone.

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Which will not be a problem. But when they try to plug devices in. That when combined, exceed 1500 W. That is when the risk kicks in. Once they lived in their home for a few weeks or months.

They can call Edmonton electrician to come back. And walked through the home, to see how many outlets there likely going to need. At the same time the electricians will also look at the electrical panel.

To see if there is room to add circuits and if not, if they need to upgrade the panel. To something much larger. Or if they can simply add a subpanel. To give them the room that they need now.

They will also look at the age and the shape that the electrical panel is currently in. Older models should be upgraded. As the circuit breakers start to get worn out. And start to fail in older models.

By having a knowledgeable professional like Hauer Power look at all the electrical systems in a home. Can not only give peace of mind to homeowner. But help them learn how they can avoid overloading circuits.

In their home, and not count on a circuit breaker working correctly. To save them from an electrical fire happening in their home. By understanding how many watts they can plug-in. To each outlet at a time.

How to figure out how much electricity each of their devices draws. And that they can safely increase the number of outlets in their home. Should help all homeowners avoid the risk of an electrical fire in their home.

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