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Edmonton Electrician | Why Add More Outlets

There is a very important reason why Edmonton electrician recommends. Homeowners to add more outlets, in nearly every room of their home. Whether the home was built recently, or is older.
Edmonton Electrician

Most houses are not built with enough outlets. In any of the rooms. But particularly in the kitchen. It is a way that many homebuilders save money. By only adding the bare minimum. Number of outlets in each room.

And many homeowners believe, mistakenly. That they can plug more devices in. As long as they purchase a certified power bar, or extension cord. There is simply no device on the market.

That can safely increase the amount of electricity. That can be run through any electrical outlet. As well, most electrical outlets can only handle 1500 W. And for many electrical devices, that is more than enough.

However, there are many different electrical devices that people use regularly. That use almost that much, or draw that amount of power. Which means they cannot be used. With even the smallest electrical device.

People should consider their blow dryers, hair straighteners. Air-conditioners and space heaters for an example. And in the kitchen, the amount of appliances. That use close to that amount of electricity is extensive.

A slow cooker, and air fryer. A pressure cooker, an electric kettle, toaster. A coffeepot are just some of the appliances. That will come close to exceeding. The amount of electricity that can be used on a single circuit.

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And then, people should consider. How many of these devices. They often want to use at a single time. A person who wants to make coffee, cook eggs on their electric frying pan. And make toast at the same time.

May not safely do that in their kitchen. Because of overloading the circuits that they have. Therefore, this is why homeowners. Should call Edmonton electrician to do a walk-through of their home.

Not only will they be able to see the number of extension cords. Outlive extenders, and power bars that are in use. They can also help homeowner understand. Which devices draw more electricity.

And should not be used with any other electrical devices. As well, if a homeowner is not using power bars or outlive extenders. Except for certain times of the year. This is also an indication.

That their Edmonton electrician can add outlets. To be used at those times of year. Think of summer time, people may only want to use. Their portable air conditioner for one or two months. But for those two months, they may be at risk.

Of overloading there circuit’s, and having a risk of an electrical fire. They might use a space heater in the winter. And have a lot of Christmas lights outside. And on their Christmas tree inside. That could overload their circuits as well.

If homeowners have any questions. The experts at Hauer Power will be more than happy. To answer those questions. And do a walk-through to see if there is any areas. That can be made safer.

Edmonton Electrician | Why Add More Outlets Today

The reason why Edmonton electrician says most homeowners need. More electrical outlets in their home, is because most people. Are overloading the circuits in their home unnecessarily.

Each circuit is only designed to handle approximately. 1500 W of electricity at a time. Many people believe that since they can plug to electrical devices. Into an outlet at a time, whatever they plug-in can be handled by the circuits.

But this is not true. If two devices exceed 1500 W, they will overload their circuits. For example, a hair straightener on its own will utilize 1500 W. Without any other electrical devices at the same time.

Therefore, even if a person uses a hair straightener. On the same circuit that they are plugging in their cell phone. They will easily overload the circuit. What happens when a circuit is overloaded says Edmonton electrician.

Is that the wire that provides electricity to the outlets. Heats up, as more electricity than it is designed to handle flows through it.

This wire will heat up until the electrical current. That is flowing through it is turned off. Or and it catches fire. The hotter the wire is, the more likely it is going to start a fire. And ignites the flammable surfaces that surround it.

Since these wires are inside the walls of a home. The drywall, the wooden studs that make up the house. And other debris inside the walls. Are certainly flammable. And the wire will easily ignite those things.

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But so dangerous about an electrical fire says Edmonton electrician. Is that the fire can spread very quickly. Using the walls as conductors. As well as all of the empty space in a wall, provides a lot of oxygen for the fire to use.

The fire can spread very quickly, and completely undetected. Within the walls, hitting to all rooms of the house. Without anyone realizing that the house is on fire yet. By the time people realize that the house is burning.

Escaping this can be very dangerous. This is why overloading circuits should be avoided. And one comment that Edmonton electrician gets from homeowners. Is from people who think that circuit breaker will protect them.

While circuit breakers are designed. To stop the flow of electricity to an overloaded circuit. So that the wire does not heat up. And ignite surfaces around it. Circuit breakers are also not hundred percent fail safe.

And when circuit breakers do fail, the consequences are house fire. Which is why people should not count on circuit breakers alone. To prevent electrical fires in their home.

If people are using extension cords, outlive extenders or power bars. On a regular basis, that is a good indicator. That they are overloading there circuits. As well, if people are experiencing. There circuit breakers being tripped frequently.

This is another indication that they are overloading there circuits unnecessarily. And the easy solution. Is simply adding more outlets, and more circuits to their home.

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