Edmonton Electrician | Why Clean a Bathroom Fan?


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Edmonton Electrician | Why Clean a Bathroom Fan?

The design of the bathroom ventilation fan is to suck air out of the bathroom, and out of the house says Edmonton electrician. The reason why this is important. Is because bathrooms can have a lot of moisture buildup. Especially as people have steamy showers and baths.

There are many different factors that go into how efficiently a bathroom ventilation fan works. And one of the most important factors is the size of the motor. The air that the fan sucks up can be expressed as a cubic feet per minute, or CFM for short.

The larger the bathroom, the more CFM’s the bathroom ventilation fan will need to have. In order to suck all of the moist air out of the bathroom.

This can be calculated by figuring out the square footage of the bathroom, times how many air exchanges per hour that a person wants. Or, they can simply put that number into a CFM calculator online. Or by calling Edmonton electrician.

Once they know the approximate CFM they should have. Edmonton electrician suggests adding a few more CFM’s to the final number. Because while manufacturers will express the fans CFM based on a brand-new installation.

As the fan ages, and the motor wears out. As well as how it gets covered in dust and pet hair. Means that it starts slowing down, and is less efficient at sucking air out of the bathroom.

By buying a fan that has slightly more CFM’s then is recommended. Can ensure that no matter how old the bathroom ventilation fan gets. Or how much dust collects on it. It will still be effective at moving the moist air out of the bathroom efficiently.


Once a person has chosen the right bathroom ventilation fan for the size of bathroom that they have. It also needs to ensure that they are cleaning it.

Because although it is very common for bathroom fans to get clogged with dust and pet hair. It is also important to remove this occasionally.

While some homeowners take a vacuum brush, and use it on the grill of the ventilation fan. This can be a good way to clean the dust from the fan.

However, a much better way to do this. Would be to take the grill of the fan off. Wash that separately, and as its drying. Homeowner can take that vacuum brush. And get all of the dust off the fan blades. And anywhere else that dust has collected.

This can help ensure that the motor of the fan is working at its best. And that because it does not have to work harder due to dust buildup. Homeowners will prolong the life of their bathroom ventilation fan.

While homeowners will not need to replace their bathroom ventilation fans often. By purchasing the right size, a good quality. And by cleaning it often.

And can minimize the number of times that they ever have to purchase ventilation fans. To not only protect their home from moisture buildup. But also protect their family from the toxic mould that can develop as a result.

Edmonton Electrician | Why Clean a Bathroom Fan?

Many homeowners that do not think about their bathroom ventilation fans often according to Edmonton electrician. But the more they do think of them. The more often they can ensure that this important piece of equipment is working effectively.

The purpose of the bathroom ventilation fan. Is to suck all of the moist air out of the bathroom. That has a tendency to accumulate moisture very quickly.

One of the things that affects the ability of the bathroom ventilation fan to work. Are the air ducts that the moist air is blown in to says Edmonton Electrician.

As the bathroom ventilation fan sucks air out of the bathroom, it is blowing it into the air ducts. And good ducting will ensure that the air goes directly out of the home through a rated exhaust hatch.

However, Edmonton electrician says they have seen cases where it has not gone out of the house. Or has been directed into various places such as into homes soffit. Which does not work.

When it gets directed into the soffit, that air gets sucked directly into the homeowners addict. Where the moist air will be able to promote mould growth without detection.

The ducting needs to be in good working order. And that the exhaust hatch needs to have a flap or a damper on it. To ensure that it is properly sealed. So that air can get out of the duct. But not back into it.


Also, if there is any damage to the ducting, not only will the air not be sucked out of the house. But it could be sucked into various parts of the house. Where moisture can accumulate without detection. Because people do not know that that is where the moist air is going.

If people are purchasing a new home, or when they get their ducts cleaned. They should ensure that there are professional that they have hired can look at the ducting.

To make sure that it is working, and that it does not require any additional work. That can cause problems later on in the future.

Once they know how to clean the bathroom ventilation fan properly. And ensure that the ducting is in good working order. People can ensure that they are venting the moist air out of their bathroom as efficiently as possible.

However, this does not protect homes if people are forgetful of when they need to turn the ventilation fan on. Or if they are turning it off too soon.

This is why bathroom ventilation fans with built-in humidity sensors are so beneficial. They can sense when humidity levels have gone up. And will turn themselves on, until the humidity levels drop again.

This is great for people who are forgetful, to ensure that the fan is always coming on when needed. And staying on until their job is done.

By taking all of the most important things into consideration. People can ensure that their bathroom ventilation fans are doing their job. Of protecting their home from unwanted moisture.

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