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Edmonton Electrician | Why Grounding and Bonding Is Important

Grounding and bonding refers to protecting the electrical system says Edmonton electrician. And while many people may not know exactly what it means. Hiring the right person can ensure it is done properly.

The reason why it is so important to get the grounding and bonding done properly. Is because it will protect the electrical system from being overloaded.

And in overloaded electrical circuit can either cause a power surge to happen. Which can damage devices that are plugged into the system.

Or, it can cause the wires to get overloaded. And the breaker will not trip, which can put the house at risk. For having an electrical fire, when the wires get too hot from being overloaded.

And according to the Canadian electrical code. There are many commercial applications that do not necessarily require grounding and bonding. However, any residential building or property.

Needs to be grounded and bonded properly. Especially because the risk of an improperly grounded and bonded building is to its inhabitants.

When people hire Edmonton electrician to work on any aspect of their electrical system. Whether they are building something new. Or they are doing renovations to the system.

The first thing that they should keep in mind, is that the electrician always needs to pull a permit. This again is required by the Canadian electrical code. And all electricians should be aware of this.


In fact, the code changes every year. And if they are not using the most current code. They may be doing things incorrectly, or in a way that is now known to be unsafe.

The next thing that people should take into consideration. Is that because electrician may be working on many different job sites. People who are hiring them should feel free to ask them if they have the systems in place.

That will help them not overlook important aspects of the job that they are working on. For example, Edmonton electrician uses checklists for every type of job that they are on.

To ensure that they do not miss any part of the job. No matter how big or small it is. And while they are extremely good at what they do. They recognize that they may not have every aspect of every type of job memorized.

And using the checklist, can help them know that they got every important part done. Did not forget, or overlook something. Because they were using the checklist, and checked things off as they were completed.

Because electricians that do not use a checklist. Even if they are extremely good at what they do. Could accidentally miss something, or forget to do something.

Which causes the grounding and bonding to not work properly, and put the building at risk. The matter what job a person is hiring an electrician for. They should feel free to ask them as many questions as they feel is necessary. To ensure that they can do the job correctly and safely.

Edmonton Electrician | Why Grounding and Bonding Is Important

There are many important things for people to keep in mind, when hiring an Edmonton electrician. Especially when they are working on a residential site, because they have different specifications as outlined in the Canadian electrical code.

And while many people who are not in the electrical trade may not know exactly what grounding and bonding refers to. It is an important way that they can ensure that the electrical system is protected.

Whether it is protected from power surges, or overloaded circuits. This is an important way of protecting not only the property, but the inhabitants of the building. Which is why all residences need to have the grounding and bonding done.

The next thing that people need to understand. Is that when they are hiring an Edmonton electrician. They are going to have to pull garment, whether they are working on a new job, or an existing electrical system.

Therefore, if they hear that it is not going to be necessary to pull a permit. Or if the job has started, and the electrician has not pulled a permit. This is a good indication that they should get off the jobsite.

The reason why grounding and bonding is so important. Is because it will help safely discharge an overabundance of power. Which is the reason why power surges happen.

As well, they grounding and bonding will help the circuit breaker do its job. By ensuring that when there is an overabundance of electricity in the system. That the circuit breaker can trip, causing power to be shut off to that circuit.


What will happen if there is power surges. Is that equipment that is plugged into electrical sockets. Can get damaged, as their hit with to much electricity at one time.

And this is the reason why most electricians suggests that every computer have a surge protector. So that it can help be a buffer in case a search does happen. Because it can end up not only destroying the computer.

The power surge can also wipe a computer of its memory. Which can be frustrating, or cause people to lose a lot of information by accident.

And if there is too much electricity in the system. And the grounding and bonding is not done properly. The breaker does not trip when there is an overabundance of electricity.

Is that the wires in the house could get very hot.  If they are hot enough for long enough, Edmonton electrician says that can start electrical fire. And electrical fires can be very damaging to a building.

The fire start off inside the wall, and can spread in different rooms. And by the time people are aware that their home is on fire, it can be very bad, and difficult to evacuate.

This is why it is so important that residences have the proper grounding and bonding done. So that they can protect their home, their property and themselves from injury or worse.

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