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Edmonton Electrician | Why Grounding is Important?

If there is even the smallest thing wrong or missing from grounding or bonding says Edmonton electrician. Not only can homeowners experience problems in their electrical systems.

Such as flickering lights, or lights that damn occasionally. Without an immediate solution to the problem. And when this is the case, their problems are much larger than flickering lights.

Typically, wet homeowners will find. When they contact an Edmonton electrician to inspect their electrical system. In order to find the cause of their flickering lights.

Is that some aspect of their bonding or grounding is faulty. Or if they have recently had renovations, some aspect of the grounding or bonding could have been missed or overlooked.

The first thing that homeowners need to take into consideration. Is that grounding and bonding work needs a permit. So even if they were getting certified renovators to do renovation work on their home.

The first of all need a permit, and if they say that they are not going to need to pull one. Either because the job is small. Or the job is straightforward enough.

Edmonton electrician says homeowners should not utilize that renovator. The reason why, is because whether people are building something brand-new. Or if they are making alterations to an existing electrical system.

Electrical permits are required, no matter how big or small the job is. And when someone indicates that they will not needs to pull a permit on this job. That is an indication that they may not do things correctly.


And even if they have every intention of doing things absolutely correctly and to code. They still need to pull a permit. To ensure they are doing things correctly on the jobsite.

And while not all commercial applications require grounding and bonding. Every residential job will require this. Because of how important it is to protect property and its inhabitants.

The commercial applications that require grounding and bonding include hospitals, laboratories and schools. Not only because they have very important machines being plugged into the electrical system.

But because in the case of the schools in the hospital. The people inside the buildings are vulnerable. And therefore need protecting, by ensuring the electrical system is always able to work properly.

This is why it can be very helpful for many homeowners to ask their electrician. Not only what their safety program is. So that they can be sure that the electrician is going to work carefully and safely.

But also ask the electrician but systems and processes they have in place. To ensure that every aspect of their jobs will get done properly. With nothing overlooked.

A great way to ensure this, is by using checklists. So that every time an electrician finishes the job, they can go through the checklist. To ensure every aspect has been taken care of.

Once people know what to look for when they are hiring an electrician. The way to be able to have a lot more reassurance that they will do the job correctly. And keep the people in the home as well as the home itself safe.

Edmonton Electrician | Why Grounding is Important?

The reason why grounding and bonding is so important says Edmonton electrician. Is because it protects against surges in electricity. So that it ensures the breaker will be able to work.

There are several things that happen when there are surges in electricity in a home. and instead of getting discharged out of the electrical system. If there is a surge in electricity.

It can continue going through the electrical system where can cause problems. Such as electrical shock. Or damaging electrical equipment that is plugged into the electrical sockets.

Many people have heard how important it is that they get there computer plugged in with a surge protector. Because if there was an electrical surge.

It can end up damaging the computer and wiping the memory from the device. But computers are not the only electrical device that can be damaged during a power surge.

No matter what device is plugged in. It can be damaged from an electrical surge. For everything from a television, or gaming device.

To electronic devices such as electrical appliances, such as fridges and dishwashers. Therefore, the grounding is very important to protect people from electrical shocks, and to protect their property.


But there is another reason that the grounding and bonding is so important says the electrician. And that is because when the grounding or bonding is not done correctly. Or if it is old and faulty.

It can actually cause the breaker to not function properly. Which means if there is a surge in electricity. What will happen, is that the breaker will not turn off the flow of electricity to the overloaded circuit.

And when the wire tries to cope with the flow of electricity it was never designed to handle. The wire itself gets physically hot to the touch. And if it is hot enough for long enough.

It can start an electrical fire. And electrical fires are especially dangerous. Because they start and travel inside the walls. Spreading throughout the house, before people are aware of it.

By the time people are aware that the house is on fire says Edmonton electrician. It is already an extremely dangerous situation to escape from.

Therefore, people need to ensure that they hire the right electrician. So that they can be assured that even the smallest details are cared for. And they do not put themselves, their house or their family at risk.

If people are concerned that they grounding our bonding is not done correctly. Or if they start to see warning signs that it might be faulty due to age. They should contact an Edmonton electrician.

They will be more than happy to come in and inspect the entire electrical system. And let the homeowner know what needs to be upgraded or change. To ensure the safety of the home for all.


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