Edmonton Electrician | Why Grounding Is Required?


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Edmonton Electrician | Why Grounding Is Required?

It is very important that homeowners understand Alberta did is to get their electrical work inspected by Edmonton electrician. Because if the grounding or the bonding is not done correctly.

There can be a lot of problems in their home. One of the first things that they will see. To tell them that the electrician that they hired is doing things correctly.

Is the fact that they will say that they need to pull a permit in order to do any changes to the electrical work. And if people hire an electrician that says they do not need to pull a permit.

This should be the first indication that they need a different electrician. Because this is required by law. To ensure that the electrical work can get done properly, to code. And that the electrical work can get inspected when it is done.

The reason why this is so important. Is because doing electrical work is very complex. And no matter how knowledgeable the Edmonton electrician is that does this work.

There may be small things that could have been forgotten or overlooked. So hiring the right people is important. And ensuring that all work is inspected when it is done is just as important.

In addition to ensuring the electrician is properly pulling permits properly. Home owners should also ask the electrician before they hire them. What systems and processes they use.

To ensure that they do not miss anything. And to ensure that they get everything done that they need to. Any electrician should be able to explain the systems and processes that they use quite clearly.


For example, Edmonton electrician uses checklists for every process on every jobsite. The reason why this is so important. Is because they need to guarantee that they do not miss any step.

The matter how simple or complex the job is. Whether it is commercial, industrial, or residential. And whether it is a quick job like adding a breaker. Or something more complex like completely wiring a brand-new build.

The checklists ensure that the electrician is not forgetting an important step. As they go from one jobsite. To a completely different type of job site the very next day.

Ensuring the electrician has a safety program is also very important. Because while it is not required by law. The best electricians that can be hired will have a program to ensure they are working as safely as possible.

People should also check with their electrician. To find out what Canadian electrical code they are using. And this is extremely important, because the code updates every single year.

Once they are satisfied that the electrician that they have chosen is the right one. Then no matter what the project is. Whether they need to add a breaker, wire a garage.

Or if they are hiring an electrician for a commercial or industrial job. They will know that the electrician is going to be able to do the job effectively and safely as well as correctly.

Edmonton Electrician | Why Grounding Is Required?

Often, homeowners will have some renovations done says Edmonton electrician. And then realize that there lights are now flickering, or dimming when they did not before. And they do not know how to solve that.

When they call an electrician to come in and check to see why this is happening. The electrician may discover that the grounding electrode was either faulty or installed incorrectly.

This is something that is easy to overlook when an electrician is busy. Or if they are going from a commercial jobsite to a residential jobsite. And they are not paying attention to every task that they are doing themselves.

However, the grounding in the bonding is extremely important to do. Because this is going to protect the home from electrical surges. That could either cause damage to their electrical equipment in the house that is plugged in.

Or even worse, create an overloaded circuit. That will not trip the breaker. It could cause an electrical fire, putting the house and the occupants at risk.

This is why it is very important that the Edmonton electrician has checklists in place to ensure that the grounding and the bonding is done correctly. So that they do not inadvertently put people at risk.

While grounding and bonding both protect the wiring in a home. The difference between the two is the fact that grounding happens before and including the electrical service.


Where bonding refers to anything after the electrical service. And the purpose is to help the overcurrent device, whether it is a breaker or fuse operate correctly.

For example, the ground fault will have the electrical current flowing back to the source that it originally came from. And that is what causes the breaker and electrical unit to trip, openness circuit stop the flow of electricity.

When the ground fault is not done correctly. This causes the breaker to not work properly. And it can become much easier to have an overloaded circuits. Because there is nothing in place that will stop that circuit from being overloaded.

The idea behind grounding and bonding according to the electrician. Is to limit injury and reduce property damage. Which is why it is very important to have the grounding and bonding done correctly in a residence.

And while commercial and industrial jobs sometimes require grounding and bonding. Such as schools, hospitals and laboratories. All residential units, whether it is a home or an apartment high-rise.

All require the grounding and bonding done. To protect the people, and protect the building. To ensure people can live safely, in the building that they are in.

This is why it is important to hire the correct Edmonton electrician. To ensure they have systems and processes in place. To ensure the grounding and bonding get done correctly.

If anyone has any concerns that they have in properly grounded or bonded residence. They can always call an electrician to come in and inspect the work. To see if there is anything that needs to get fixed.

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