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Edmonton Electrician | Professional Installation of Emergency Exit Lights

Ensuring the safety of the building’s occupants should be one of the primary concerns of a business owner says Edmonton electrician. And how they can do that, is ensure that they have up-to-date and functioning emergency exit signs and emergency lighting in their building.

The reason why this is so important, is because this is going to be how people will be able to safely evacuate the building. Therefore, if an entrepreneur is constructing a building. Or if they are purchasing a building to house their business. They should call an Edmonton electrician to take a look and verify that they have up-to-date, functioning and well-placed emergency lighting.

Many entrepreneurs are not sure how to tell if their emergency lights are placed properly. Also, many people misunderstand the use of the emergency lights. Thinking that the lamps on them must Point Straight Ahead, at the wall or on the ceiling. However, the purpose of the emergency lights, is to illuminate the path way to the exits.

Because of bath, the lights must point at the floor, and there must be enough of them to allow people to follow the path even if they’re having a hard time seeing. Perhaps because the room is full of smoke. Therefore, calling in an Edmonton electrician to ensure that they are installed correctly will help ensure that the lights can actually help people evacuate.

Many business owners are very tempted at trying to save money by installing the lights themselves. However this is not a good idea. While each light can cost anywhere between $100 and $200. If they are installed incorrectly and damaged the lighting, or the wiring in the building.

Or worst of all, if they don’t work properly when they are needed to help people evacuate. The cost will be much higher to a business owner if they’re not functioning. Therefore, business owners should call an Edmonton electrician when it comes to picking out the emergency lights, figuring out how many are needed.

And then ensuring that they are installed correctly. Many entrepreneurs don’t even know that difference emergency lights will have different voltage factors. If the voltage requirements are larger than their ballast can handle. What will end up happening is it will create problems like frying the equipment and rendering is inoperable. Or, damaging the ballast and the wiring of the building.

any damage that’s a business owner does to their own building while trying to do some wiring themselves. Is not going to be covered under insurance. And will require an Edmonton electrician to come in and fix. Therefore, business owners should save the money and ensure that it gets done correctly the first time.

If a business owner wants to ensure that they can have the emergency lights installed properly. In order to protect the occupants of the building where they are customers or employees. Then they should ensure that they are calling the experts to install correctly. The safety of everyone accounting on a business owner to do the right thing.

Edmonton Electrician | Hire a Professional to Install Emergency Exit Lights

Weather an entrepreneur owns a commercial business or an industrial business. And even if that is just a warehouse for housing equipment or inventory, Edmonton electrician says they need to have emergency lights and exit lights properly installed.

These are the lights that are going to come on in a building, if the power goes out. Their purpose is to help people safely evacuate the building in case of an emergency. The emergency could be things like a storm such as a hurricane or a tornado. Or in case fire engulfing the building.

The emergency lights will help people find the Escape Routes. And the exit lighting will ensure that people know exactly where the closest exit to escape from Ms. Edmonton electrician says that both the emergency lights and the exit lights must be wired into the building. But also have their own Battery pack.

The battery pack will ensure that the lights can come on and stay on in case of an emergency. And they are wired into the building. In order to ensure that the lights can detect when the power goes out, and trip the switch to enter the lights come on.

One of the first things that business owners should look for in the Building that they’ve purchased. Is that they’re not using the exit lights that are red and has the word exit on it. While these signs were standard for many years across the country. They are no longer legal in Canada.

The reason why the red exit signs are no longer illegal, is because red can be very hard to see in a fire. And it also requires the ability to read the English word exit to know that that’s where people needs to leave the building.

Instead, business owners should call their Edmonton electrician to replace any and all exit signs that’s are red. With the exit signs that are green, and have a picture of a figure exiting a doorway. This pictograph helps ensure that everybody knows that this is the door to exit. Whether they can read English or not.

The next thing that business owners need to do, is ensure that they are testing them on a regular basis. Edmonton electrician says that just like a smoke detector. Emergency lights also needed to be tested on a monthly basis. This means turning each light on for 30 seconds. To ensure that it is in complete working order.

Annually, and Edmonton electrician must also test the lights for an hour and a half. This is how long they are required to work in the case of an actual emergency. So by allowing them to work to their full capability once a year. Give us the owner peace of mind that they will be able to function if there is an emergency.

Not only is this required by law, but Edmonton electrician says it also should give business owners peace of mind. My understanding that their employees and their customers will be protected. No matter what emergency may happen in the area. So they will be able to evacuate the building safely.

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