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Edmonton Electrician | Always Hire Qualified Trades for Kitchen Renovations

No matter how big or small kitchen renovation is planning on being, homeowners should contact an Edmonton electrician. And asked them to do a walk-through. To ensure that they are not missing something important.

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Typically, even if people do not think that there going to need their electrical system upgraded. There eventually going to need that in the long run. Even if all they are doing, is buying a new appliance.

The reason why homeowners may need to hire and Edmonton electrician. Even if all they are doing is buying new appliances. Because of the way the home builder in the first place.

Wired the electrical outlets when they were building the home. What they would have done, is ensure that all of the electrical appliances. Such as the refrigerator, stove and dishwasher.

Were put on their own circuits. Because of that, the wiring and the amps that they put in for that outlet. Was specific to the appliances that were going to be installed in that house.

Therefore, if the electrical appliance only needed a twelve, or 14gauge wire. That is all they would have installed. And if it needed a fifteen, twenty, or twenty-five amp breaker. That is also what they would have installed.

Which means if a person is going to purchase a brand-new electrical appliance, whether it is a stove or refrigerator or anything else. By not upgrading their electrical system when they purchase that device.

They will end up with an overloaded circuit. Just by plugging that device into their outlet. And they will eventually have to call the Edmonton electrician to come and help them.

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It will end up costing them more, if they wait the end of the renovation to find this out. Therefore, they should contact an electrician first. In order to see if they are needed.

However, chances are quite high. That during a person’s kitchen renovation. Not only are they buying new kitchen appliances. But they might be doing things like adding a sink, or creating a kitchen island.

And chances are quite high that they do not have enough electrical outlets in their kitchen to begin with. And since they are doing changes. They will want to add electrical outlets. So that they can plug all of their devices in.

Therefore, when the electrician comes to do the walk-through of the house. In order to offer their recommendations so that they can get an estimate. They will want to know how many outlets are already there.

But also, they will want to know how many electrical appliances the homeowner has. Aside from the fridge, stove and dishwasher. That they will likely want to have plugged in.

So that they will know how many outlets they will need to install. And how many of them will need to be on their own breaker. By doing this important due diligence first.

People will ensure that they have the right information, to do the electrical work properly. So that they do not have problems with their kitchen later on down the road.

Edmonton Electrician | Why Hire Electricians for Kitchen Renovations

When homeowners are ready to renovate their kitchen, they should hire and Edmonton electrician to help them with that. It may be very tempting to hire a handyman to do all of the different trade work that they need done.

However, while that might help them save money initially. In the long run, it will most likely be far more expensive. The reason why, is because if they have problems later on.

If they did not hire a certified or insured electrician. Such as hiring a handyman. They will not have the appropriate insurance to cover any problems that happen.

And if an electrical contractor, or handyman makes a mistake with the electrical work. Not only could they cause problems with the electrical system. And cause breakers to trip.

Ultimately, the worst that could happen. Is that they would overloaded circuits. In such a way, that the breaker does not trip. And it will start an electrical fire in their house.

Whether this causes a little bit of damage. Or causes the entire house to burn down. This is a possibility. Which is why people should always hire a certified. And insured Edmonton electrician to do any work on their electrical system.

If handyman did the electrical work, and it caused an electrical fire. They would not have insurance to cover them. Which means not only would they be in trouble. But the homeowner would be in trouble to.

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For allowing someone who is not certified to work on the electrical of their house. As well, they homeowner would be out of luck, because their insurance would not cover the damages as well.

This is just one of the reasons why so important to hire and Edmonton electrician. Instead of trying to cut corners, the hiring a handyman, that might know some electrical skills.

But they would not know things like what the most up-to-date electrical code says they need to do. They may not realize that they have to upgrade the gauge of wire on a certain electrical outlet.

Since kitchen renovations are going to be the most expensive renovations that a person does in their home. And it is going to add the most value to their home. They should get it done well, and correctly.

Not just so they can add value to their home. But so that they can avoid causing problems. That would impact the value of their home in the long run. This is white so important to hire the right professionals.

And if homeowners are planning on doing things like adding electrical outlets. Or wanting to be able to plug more devices in. And upgrade the lighting in their home. All of these things need to be done by a professional.

When they are hiring an electrician for their kitchen renovation. They should ask them if they are certified. And ask for a copy of their insurance. And then ensure that they are going to get their work inspected.

As well as ask them what version of the Canadian electrical code they are using. To ensure they have the right person for the job.


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