Edmonton Electrician | Why Is Grounding Needed?


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Edmonton Electrician | Why Is Grounding Needed?

Many people may not understand what the terms grounding and bonding referred to says Edmonton electrician. Even though they are a vital part of an electrical system in a residence.

In fact, while it is extremely important in the electrical system of residences. Only a few commercial applications require grounding and bonding. Such as hospitals, schools and laboratories.

What grounding and bonding does, is protects the electrical system from power surges, and an overabundance of electricity. By helping it discharge safely.

And while grounding and bonding are two different terms. And they affect to different parts of an electrical system. They both work together in order to protect the electrical system from this additional electricity.

Essentially, they both work together to help the overcurrent device, whether it is a breaker or fuse operate. And while bonding refers to anything that happens after the electrical service.

And grounding relates to anything before and including the electrical service. And the fact that they both use different techniques, in order to protect the flow of electricity.

Without the grounding and bonding done. People’s electrical systems a be at risk, and they do not even know it. However, some people might complain that they are experiencing flickering lights, or lights that dim and get brighter from time to time.

And these are signs says Edmonton electrician. That the grounding and bonding was either done incorrectly. Or that it is the which potentially can be caused by age.

What the grounding and bonding will do says electrician. Is it ensures that the ground fault can flow back to its original source. And that is what causes the breaker to trip.


This is what helps stop the flow of electricity to an overloaded circuits. Because when an overloaded circuit is not stopped from being overloaded. The actual wires get hot.

And when they stay hot for a long enough period of time. Than those wires can actually burst into flames, which can help catch everything that is in the same vicinity on fire as well.

The problem with an electrical fire says Edmonton electrician. Is the fact that it can spread very quickly and very easily between the walls of the residence.

And before people are even aware that their house is on fire. The fire has often spread throughout the entire house. This is why grounding and bonding is so important.

To protect the residents, and its occupants from an electrical fire. That could potentially cause injury or worse to the people who are trying to escape.

Another way that grounding and bonding protects the home and its occupants. Is by preventing power surges from happening. Because if there are power surges, that could not only discharge an electrical shock that can injure people.

But a power surge can also damage electrical devices that are plugged into electrical system. Such as computers, that might have their memory wipes when they get a power surge. To televisions, gaming systems and more.

With help grounding and bonding is. People should ensure that they find the right electrician. Who will be will to do the work properly, and correctly.

Edmonton Electrician | Why Is Grounding Needed?

When it comes to the electrical system of a home, Edmonton electrician says homeowners usually want the absolute best. So that they can protect their home, but more importantly their family.

And even if people are not aware of what grounding and bonding is. They need to hire the right electrician. Because they will know what it is.

And can ensure that they are doing things correctly when it comes to this important part of the electrical system. There are many questions that homeowners can ask when they are hiring an electrician.

To ensure that they hire the best company, and the most knowledgeable people. So that they do not need to know what grounding and bonding is. In order to keep their family in their home safe.

One of the first things that they should ask in Edmonton electrician before they hire them. Is what version of the Canadian electrical code they are using.

And this is incredibly important. Because the Canadian electrical code actually gets updated every year. The code needs to be followed, in order to do things correctly as well as safely.

If people are not using the most current code. That is good indication that they are not the right people to work on a family home. Whether it is a new build, or simply making amendments to an existing system.


The next thing that people should ask when they are looking for an electrician. Is ask if they need to pull a permit for the work that they are planning on doing.

While the answer to this question is always yes. Because whether or not something new is being billed. Or if the electrician is simply making alterations to the electrical system. They always need to pull permits.

This will ensure that the electrical work can get inspected. And that will guarantee to the homeowner that it is being done properly and safely.

Therefore, if an electrician says that they do not need to pull a permit. They should not be allowed to work on a residential site, no matter what they are doing.

Something else that homeowners should keep in mind. When they have some electrical work that needs to get done. Is that they should ask their Edmonton electrician. What systems and processes they have in place.

That will ensure that they can get things done properly. Electrical work is extremely complex and even the best electricians cannot commit every aspect of the job to memory.

And expecting them to, is a set up to disaster. By using checklists and templates. Electricians can ensure that they are doing all of the correct steps in the electrical job.

Without being forced to commit everything to memory, and then potentially making mistakes. Even emergency room doctors have found benefits of checklists while they are saving someone’s life.

Therefore, when an electrician does the same thing. It can help ensure that they are doing all of the right things. And not missing any important parts of their electrical job.

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