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Edmonton Electrician | Why Look At Company Values

When people are hiring an Edmonton electrician for their job. They should hire company that they feel comfortable with. Coming into their home and business.

Edmonton Electrician

And while many contractors, and trades have a bad reputation. For poor customer service. Looking for a contractor that is dedicated to giving great customer service.

Can help people decide which company they would rather hire. Because it is someone that they would feel comfortable coming into their home.

This is why it is so important for our power to be very vocal about their company values. Because they want to stand out from their competition. And demonstrate that they truly are trying.

To bring customer service back to the trades. As their tagline suggests. And the reason why they want to be so vocal in their company messaging.

Is because they know that the reputation for trades is very poor. But also, if they are the only company that is vocal about their dedication to excellence in this way.

It can become very easy decision for customers to choose them, over other companies. That are not nearly as vocal about the values that they may or may not have.

And it is very important that when they get started. They share with their staff, all of their values that they have. So that the staff can work towards demonstrating those values as well.

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When they have values, that their staff can impart. And customers know about. Then it can be a lot easier to hire and Edmonton electrician. And feel comfortable about them coming into their home.

This is why the two most important values that this Edmonton electrician has is honesty and integrity. Because those are the fundamental building blocks to trust and respect.

Honesty refers to telling the customer the truth at all times. Such as when they are planning on starting. And they expect to get done. And anything that happens during the process.

Integrity is important, because it is how they are going to work, with accountability. Working hard. And bringing the best level of customer service to the customers.

The next important value that this Edmonton electrician talks about is being on time. Because punctuality is going to ensure that they can service their customers the best.

When the staff does not arrive to the job on time. There is no way they can get themselves organized, and off to the customers jobsite on time.

And when they are not punctual, they may not hear important information from the owner, or the managers of the business. Therefore, it is important that they import punctuality as a value on their staff.

Ultimately, there are many other values that they uphold at Hauer Power. And if people want more information, or if they want a free estimate. All they have to do is reach out to them.

They can phone them at 780-935-0622 or contact them through email at info@hauerpower.ca and get all the information they need, to get an estimate. And hear more about their values.

Edmonton Electrician | Why Look At Company Values

When people are looking to hire and Edmonton electrician. It does not matter it is for a commercial, industrial or residential job. Hiring based on values, will ensure that they get a company that cares.

Such as Hauer Power for example, not only do they know that there is a poor reputation for trades. Not delivering the best customer service to clients.

But they are actually actively working to fix that. In their tagline, which is bringing customer service back to the trades. And by focusing on values. Are hoping to set themselves apart from their competition.

One value that they want all their customers to know they hold in high regard is continual learning and growth. This is because not only does the Canadian electrical code change every three years.

But it is mandatory for every electrician on staff at Hauer Power. To go to the code update the courses. So that they can learn all of the information they need to continue to be able to do things to code.

They will learn updated techniques, and things that are no longer done. Because they have found a safer way to do them. But also, because technology is increasing and growing so fast.

That the electrical code is updated to reflect those new changes. Such as solar panels, and charging stations for electrical cars. That people often want in their garages when they buy an electrical car.

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When customers know that it is mandatory for all of the electricians on staff. To go to this upgrading course. They can feel a lot better about hiring them to come into their home, and business.

Another value that they have at Hauer Power is teamwork. And while this might seem like a light and fluffy value. Actually is out of interest of safety.

A safe team can work well together, and communicate. And it is important that they keep a safe job site. Not only because electricity is inherently dangerous. And working on it represents many dangers.

But because they do not want to have a safe work site just for themselves. Because they recognize that they are working in a customers home, or in their business. Keeping it safe for them is important to.

Therefore, teams that are hired, need to demonstrate that can they can work well together. And if they do not, they will mix the teams up, slipped people can work well together.

Another value that they have at this Edmonton electrician is a positive attitude. And again, this might seem like a value that is pure fluff. However, it is in place for safety reasons.

People need a positive outlook, to ensure that they can problem solve and overcome challenges. But most importantly, a positive attitude is needed for teamwork.

It is very difficult for people to work well together, when one person is always negative. And this is one thing that they look for in all team members, before they are hired at this Edmonton electrician company.

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