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Edmonton Electrician | Why Overloading Circuits is Bad

Even though overloaded electrical circuits are most common at Christmas time says Edmonton electrician. Any time of year can actually be a risk for this. If people are plugging too many things into their electrical plug-ins.

Even if people only have two things plugged into their electrical outlet. But they exceed the amount of amps that the plug-in can safely handle. Can cause an electrical fire.

What happens, is that if more amps than an outlet can handle is plugged in. The wires that service that plug-in will get hot, as they try to handle the large amount of electricity that are coming into them. That they weren’t originally designed to take.

When the wires get hot enough for long enough says Edmonton electrician. They can catch the surrounding material on fire. This is extremely dangerous. Because electrical fires start inside the walls of the home.

As the fires start to consume the walls internally, the empty space inside the walls make it very easy for the fire to spread, having enough oxygen to feed it. By the time people are aware that there is a fire in the house. It typically has spread to every single room. Making it very dangerous. And needing to escape very quickly.

This can easily be avoided. By not plugging more than the plug-in can handle. This means anytime someone uses a power bar. Or a plug-in extender. They have to be very mindful of the amps of the things that they are plugging in to the power bar.


If they plug more amps in then the unit can handle. That’s going to be what puts there plugging at risk of starting a fire. This should be avoided, by not plugging in too many things into a plug-in. And avoiding power bars that are going to have things plugged in and turned on to every space in the power bar.

However, many people believe that their electrical breaker is going to protect them. By cutting power to any overloaded electrical plugin. And while this is the design of a breaker says Edmonton electrician. There is also no backup system to this. So that if it fails. It will start a fire without warning.

If people are going to use a power bar says Edmonton electrician. They need to keep several things in mind. The first thing is that all Power Bars should have the letters c a s a stamped on the side of it. Which means it passed important safety standards in Canada.

And if they are going to buy that power bar and use it says Edmonton electrician. They should ensure that they are not turning everything on at the same time. Or that everything that is plugged in and turned on at the same time are well under the maximum amount of amps that the plug-in can handle.

By doing this, people can avoid overloading their plugins. Whether it is at Christmas time, or any time of the year. So that they can avoid problems including electrical fires.

Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Circuits Are Bad

Many people don’t know how easy it is to start an electrical fire in their home says Edmonton Jen. And December is actually the time of year that more house fires happen then any other time of the year. This is often because people are overloading their electrical circuits. With Christmas decorations, lights outside their home, and yard decorations like Inflatables.

Many people think that it is completely safe to use a power bar says Edmonton electrician. And while it is safe to use power bars that have been approved by Canada safety standards. It is not safe to exceed the number of amps that an outlet can handle.

People can overload their Outlets even if they plug more than one thing into the units at a time. One of the best examples of this says Edmonton electrician. Is when people are using a flat iron or curling iron. That’s device is the maximum amount of amps that they can put into a plug-in.

Therefore, if someone plugs in anything else to that plug-in. Whether it is a blow-dryer, electrical razor, or even an electrical toothbrush. This could cause potential problems for the unit.

Instead of using a power bar in order to be able to plug more things in to a unit says Edmonton electrician. People can instead get more Outlets installed in their home. So that they can plug more things in. Without the danger of overloading the electrical circuits in there home.


It is very easy to do. And is less time-consuming, and less expensive than most people assume. All I have to do, is call there Edmonton electrician. And tell them how many more electrical plug-ins they would like in their home, and in what rooms.

All an Edmonton electrician has to do, is simply add as many breaker switches as they need. Run some extra wire in the home, and cut a hole in the wall for the electrical plug in to be.

Especially if people are using power bars or are overloading their electrical circuits at Christmas time. Summer is a great time to call the Edmonton electrician in order to get more electrical outlets put into their home.

One other important thing that’s their Edmonton electrician can do once they are there installing more electrical outlets. Is ensure that the homeowner does not have a federal breaker box in there home.

The reason why this is so bad, is because this brand of breaker box has been known to fail more than any other kind on the market. In fact, it is no longer approved for installation into people’s homes or businesses. And if anyone still has a federal breaker box. It should get replaced immediately.

They can get this done at the same time that they get their Outlets installed into their home. Ensuring that they won’t overload their electrical circuits. And that they will be able to keep their family safe not just over the holidays. But during the rest of the year as well.

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