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Edmonton Electrician | Overloaded Circuits Cause Fires

One of the most common reasons for an electrical fire is overloading the circuit says Edmonton electrician. This is so common, that in December, more house fires happen because of overloaded circuits than any other time of the year. And while this is very common place. It is also very preventable. And once people know how to prevent this problem, they can keep their family and their home safer.

First thing that people need to understand is that every single outlet in their home is only rated for 15 amps. What this means, is they need to check the amps that each device that my house that plugs in drawers. If they plug two devices that equal more than 15 amps into one outlet, they could cause problems of an overloaded circuit.

The problem is compounded because more people than ever before have more electrical devices. Such as their personal computers, tablets and cell phones. But also all of the other gadgets that they might have such as in the kitchen, or in their media room for example.

Because people have more need to plug things in than ever before says Edmonton electrician. they don’t have enough plugins and many homes. And so they buy a power bar in order to increase their capability. Unfortunately, our bar does not increase the amount of amps that a person can plug into the outlet. Therefore, this device makes it much easier to overload the circuits than ever before.

Not only that, but people may believe that their circuit breaker is going to step in and kill the power to that outlet if they go over the amped in that outlet. And while that is the function of the circuit breaker. There is no backup fail safe to this system.


So if the circuit breaker fails just one. It puts the whole house at risk of an electrical fire.

Also, Edmonton electrician says that when Steve wire gets heated up from the overuse. It could even cause the circuit breaker to not realize that there is a problem with that outlet. And so it won’t that’s the power that outlet.

Fortunately does Edmonton electrician there is a great solution to this dilemma. Rather than buying power bars with surge protectors, which is just a Band-Aid to the problem. People can all their electrical professional to install more outlets in their home.

They can calculate how many outlets they need additional In their house by counting how many Power Bars they have in use, and how many devices are plugged into that. For example, they might have only 3 power bars, but they have six devices plugged into each power bar. Which means they should actually have nine additional Outlet in their home.

And while this is a fairly simple solution. And Edmonton electrician can come in and install more Outlets within a single day. People should not let the cost deter them from doing this. Because they should think about what the cost would be if they did have an electrical fire, and their house burned to the ground.

Edmonton Electrician | Why Overloaded Breakers Cause Fires

More people than ever are using more electrical devices than ever before says Edmonton electrician. And because of this, many homes do not have enough Outlet to accommodate all of the devices. Many people compensate for this by utilizing Outlet extenders often called octopus. Or they use power bars, to be able to plug more things into a single outlet.

While this is a very common solution. Edmonton electrician says it is not a good one, because that doesn’t increase the amount of power that they’re home can handle. It simply overwhelms each of the outlets that they have a power bar plugged into.

The best solution would be to call an electrical professional to increase the number of outlets that they have in the home. This also has an additional benefit of allowing a professional to look at their circuit breaker. To see if it is still in good shape, or if it needs to be replaced.

In fact, many electricians want to see people’s circuit breakers no matter what work they are doing in their home. Because many people still have a type of circuit breaker by the brand Federal. And this is known to be one of the worst circuit breakers ever marketed. If they are constantly, and has been responsible for so many electrical fires in people’s homes.

Therefore, if anyone has a federal circuit breaker in their home. They should have their Edmonton electrician replace it right away. The while they have the electrician coming over to increase the amount of outlets they have and replace their circuit breaker. People should be very aware hiring the right electrician.


The first thing that they should look for is hiring an electrical contractor who is license. Having a license means that they need to carry insurance by law, either 1 million or two million dollars. The homeowner is covered in case something goes wrong. And while that’s typically not the case, that something is going to go wrong. If it does happen one, having Insurance can ensure that they can fix the problem quickly and easily.

If people do not hire a licensed electrical contractor and they make a mistake. Often the responsibility falls to the homeowner to fix that mistake out of their own pocket. That is a huge risk that’s most homeowners should not be willing to take.

Another benefits to hiring a licensed electrical contractor, is that they will be aware of any permits that needs to be pulled. And that they will also get their work in affected when they are done. So that it can give the homeowner peace of mind that it was done correctly.

A hiring the ranked licensed electrical contractor install more outlets in a home. People can enjoy all of the electrical devices that they want. Without having to worry that they will have to leave the house in a house fire at some point in the future due to overloading their circuits.

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