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Edmonton Electrician | Why Overloading Plugs is Dangerous

Many people believe there is no problem plugging a power bar into an outlet says Edmonton Electrician. And while technically that’s not a problem. If people have those electrical devices plugged in as well as turned on, that could spell disaster.

Each outlet is only rated for 15 amps. Which is quickly and easily reached with one or two appliances. Take curling irons, blow driers or straighteners for example.

Each one of those things will reach the outlet’s power capacity. Plugging in another device to the outlet will overload the circuits.

And while breaker boxes and surge protectors will theoretically protect the wires from overheating. Edmonton Electrician says people should not routinely count on these devices to protect their home. They should be aware of the amps each device requires. And not overload the outlets.

However, if people are going to be using power bars, or outlet extenders also known as octopuses. Edmonton electrician says that people should follow some rules to ensure that what they do end up getting is the best quality.

One of the first things that people should ensure as Edmonton electrician is that the power bar that they get is CSA approved. This means that ask the strict Canadian safety guidelines for electrical devices. And will be most likely to function properly or the life of the power bar.

The next thing that people should do is ensure that the Power Bar they do get as a built-in surge protector. Many people make the assumption that all Power Bars surge protectors and this is not true.


While many Power Bars do. Some do not have surge protectors. The people need to ensure that the kinds that they are purchasing is the correct time.

ultimately, getting a very well-equipped power bar is not the optimum solution for people who are running out of outlets in their home. However, many people are not aware that new Outlets can be added Lee and inexpensively. By calling their Edmonton electrician, people and get more outlets in whatever room they desire.

An electrician will add a switch to the breaker box, add wire and an outlet. And this will increase the amount of Electrical devices that people can utilize in their home. When they do this, not only are they ensuring that are not going to overload their electrical outlets. But while there, the electrician will be able to tell if their breaker box is in good condition.

They should think about replacing that very soon. And act responsibly about the electricity within their home. They can minimize the abuse of that electricity. And act safely. So that they don’t risk house fire just so that they can have more of their electrical devices working at the same time

By contacting their Edmonton electrician, people can ensure that not only are they acting safely and responsibly. But they are minimizing the instances of house fires. My acting responsibly about the electricity that they are consuming in their own home.

Edmonton Electrician | Overloading Outlets is Dangerous

Many people don’t think twice about bugging electric devices into their plugins is Edmonton electrician. And when they run out of outlets. All they do is buy an outlet extender also known as an octopus. Or they will buy Power Bar to be able to plug more things into their electrical outlets.

And while many people make the assumption that a Power Bar will safely increase the number of that’s an outlet can handle. Edmonton electrician says this is simply not true. That’s all outlets and accept approximately 15 amps before it starts getting overloaded.

Another assumption that people make is that their breaker box will turn off electricity to that outlet if it gets overloaded. And while that’s the job of the breaker box. If it fails for some reason, not only will it not prevent problems. But also, it will not alert anyone to the fact that it is not functioning. So the only time people will know is when a fire breaks out.

How fires start electrically with an overloaded circuit according to Edmonton electrician. Is when more electricity is being pushed through the wires than they are rated to be able to handle. What ends up happening is the wires physically yet hot as it tries to cope with the sheer amount of electricity coursing through the wires.


The wires get hot. And when they get hot and stay hot for long enough. That heat is what causes fires in a home. The reason why these buyers are so dangerous as Edmonton electrician. Is because they start and spread within the walls of the home.

Because they are inside the walls of the home, the fire typically will spread unseen from all parts of the home. And only when the fire finally breaks through the wall, does anyone realized something is wrong.. By that point, the entire house is on fire. Which is why these types of fires are so incredibly dangerous and destructive.

People can very easily avoid the scenario by contacting their Edmonton electrician to increase the number of outlets do they have in their home. However it’s very important that people are ensuring that I call a licensed electrical contractor.

Not only because these professionals will pull the correct permits for whatever work they are doing. And that they will get their work inspected when they are done to ensure to all homeowners that the work is extremely high-quality.

But one of the most important reasons why people should be hiring a licensed electrical contractor. Is because they will be properly insured. And well nobody wants anything to go wrong.

If something goes wrong with a licensed contractor. They will have the insurance to be able to fix the problem. If people hire unlicensed contractors. If they make a mistake. Then the problem lies with the homeowner to fix.

By contacting the professionals to help them increase the electrical outlets in their home. People can ensure that they are using their electricity responsibly. And that they are eliminating the fire hazard that overloaded circuits and cause.

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