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Edmonton Electrician | Why Replace a Bathroom Fan

Bathroom ventilation fans only have a useful life of several years says Edmonton electrician. And because of that, needs to be replaced from time to time.

However, many homeowners are not aware of this, and only and up replacing the fan when it stops working. Unfortunately, it will have stopped sucking moisture out of the bathroom for a long time before the motor completely dies.

This is why it is important for homeowners to be keeping an eye on their bathroom ventilation fan. And doing the proper maintenance on it on a regular basis. To prolong the life of the motor.

The best way to clean the bathroom ventilation fan. Is to take the grill directly off the fan. And wash that and let it air dry to get rid of all of the dust buildup on it. And then take a vacuum with a brush attachment, and clean off the blades of the fan. And as much dust in the surrounding area as possible.

This will help ensure the motor does not have to work as hard to suck the moisture out of the air. Which will not only prolong the life of the motor. But will ensure that when it is turned on, it will be able to move the air it is designed to move out.


When homeowners are purchasing a bathroom ventilation fan. They need to take several things into consideration. To ensure that they purchase a fan that will be able to work efficiently at protecting their home from moisture buildup.

The size of the bathroom should dictate the size of the motor in the fan that they buy. The larger the bathroom, and the more powerful the motor is going to be. There are online calculators for figuring out how large the bathroom is, and what size fan they need to purchase.

However, whatever number the homeowners come up with. Edmonton electrician recommends purchasing a slightly more powerful fan. This way, even as the fan ages. And even as it gets a layer of dust and pet hair on it. It will be able to move the right amount of air that is required for that room.

If homeowners are simply buying the exact right size of fan that they need for their bathroom. As the fan ages, or gets a buildup of dust on it. It will not be moving as much air as when it is new. Causing moisture to build up in the bathroom.

Also, the higher quality fan homeowner buys, the longer it is going to last. And will be protecting the homeowner from moisture and mould buildup according to Edmonton electrician.

Buying a less expensive fan might seem like cost savings at the time. But having to do repairs for mould, are not only expensive. But can compromise the health of the family living in the home. Which is why it might be less expensive in the long run. By the higher quality fan initially. And protect their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Why Replace a Bathroom Fan

It is very important to ensure that the bathrooms in the home have the right ventilation says Edmonton electrician. Because this is going to be what prevents moisture buildup from happening. And moisture buildup can cause a wide variety of problems. From rot, to mildew and mould.

Whether they have owned their home for many years. They are buying a new home that has been previously owned. Or if they are building a brand-new home. They should take the bathroom ventilation fans into consideration.

Since many homeowners do not think about the bathroom ventilation fan. Fences are quite high that if they are buying a previously owned home. The bathroom ventilation fan may be several years old. And already be in need of replacing.

If it has already been replaced. Chances are quite high. That the previous homeowner will not have put the best quality fan in. Simply putting the basic fan in. To sell their home.

And also, if they are building their home, their bathrooms often will only have builder grade fans in says Edmonton electrician. Because this is the cheapest option. But it does not mean that is going to work efficiently for a long time. Usually having a useful life of only 2 to 5 years.

When homeowners are going to replace their bathroom fan. To ensure they are replacing it with a high quality model. That will be able to work for a long time. They should consider the size of the bathroom. So that they can get the right size motor in their bathroom ventilation fan.


This is expressed as cubic feet per minute, or CFM. And refers to the amount of air flow. Bathroom ventilation fans will come between fifty CFM and one hundred and fifty CFM.

And once they know what size of a motor they need to purchase. They can consider all of the various options that bathroom ventilation fans come with.

One of the most popular options is a low noise fan. Not only so it can increase the enjoyment of people using the bathroom. But so that the ambient noise does not affect people elsewhere in the house.

Other options that bathroom ventilation fans come with include additional lighting. Whether homeowner needs more light in their bathroom because it is dark. Or they want to add fun, different coloured mood lighting.

Bathroom ventilation fans can come with built in the humidity and motion sensors. Turning on the fan whenever someone walks into the bathroom. Or whenever it senses that the humidity has increased.

And even bathroom ventilation fans with Bluetooth speakers can be purchased says Edmonton electrician. To help ensure that homeowner has music, no matter what room of the house they are in.

By understanding all of the various options that they can choose from. Can help homeowners not only pick the right size and quality fan for their needs. But that they are considering all other options. To increase the functionality, or fun of this room in their home.

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