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Edmonton Electrician | Why Businesses Should Have Emergency Lights

It’s very important for all businesses to have adequate emergency lights says Edmonton electrician. The reason why, is to help ensure the safety of all occupants of the business, whether they are employees of the business, or customers visiting the business. In the unfortunate event of an emergency, emergency lights will lead the path to safety. This is why all business should work to ensure they have adequate emergency lights in their building, whether it’s a new business building, or if a business owner has bought a building.

Not only does a business need to have enough emergency lights in their building, but they also have to be installed correctly, says Edmonton Electrician. They need to be installed in the optimal locations, and have the two lamps pointed in the right direction. One of the most common problems that occur with emergency lights is that they are pointed straight ahead, illuminating the walls, or pointed upwards, illuminating the ceiling. Both of these are incorrect. The lamps need to be pointed at the floor, in order to illuminate the pathways leading to the exits. This is because in the case of an emergency, people may not be able to look up at the walls or ceilings. For example, if the building is on fire, and smoke fills the hallways, people evacuating may have to crawl on the floor, which is why the path needs to be pointed downwards.

Business owners also need to ensure that these emergency lights are tested very regularly to ensure that when an emergency happens that they are able to function properly. This means monthly tests as well as annual tests. Monthly tests only need to ensure each unit can work for 30 seconds. But annually, each lamp needs to run for 90 minutes, which is the length of time they need to work in an emergency to ensure people can safely evacuate. If business owners are unable to do the tests themselves, they can very easily call on Edmonton electrician to take care of it for them. Not only will they be able to ensure the units are working properly. But if they need maintenance, then they can perform that maintenance seamlessly, helping business owners ensure that they are in complete operation at all times.

When business owners start their business, they need to ensure they are keeping all occupants of their building safe in the event of an emergency. By ensuring they have proper emergency lights that are in full operation is of utmost importance. With how important this is, business owners need to contact their Edmonton electrician to help them ensure the safety and well being of all their people, in the event of a worst case scenario. By doing this, business owners can have peace of mind. Therefore whether a business owner is buying an existing building, or if they are building one from scratch, they should contact the professionals to ensure that they have the proper emergency lights, enough of them installed, and that they are pointed in the right direction. However, business owners May hope that they never have to have them be used.

Edmonton Electrician | Why Businesses Have Emergency Lights

One of the most important things that a business owner can do when they start a business, is ensure the safety of all of their staff and customers says Edmonton electrician. In order to do that, business owners needs to ensure that they have the correct number of emergency lights in their business.

Emergency lights are the lights that are mounted on the walls or the ceiling, that have two lamps on it that can turn on in the event of an emergency in a building. the point of them is to help eliminate the pathways out of the building in case of an emergency. Often, emergencies will cause the power to be attached to the building, making it difficult for people to see their way out.

Also, emergencies can also cause vision to be obstructed, which is why these emergency lights are extremely important. Business owners should ensure that their office has the correct number of emergency lights, and that they are installed properly.

Many business owners think that today will be able to install these lights themselves, however this is ill-advised. Different emergency lights have different voltage factors, and if the ballasts that they are installed into can’t handle the voltage, it could either cause all of the electrical components inside the unit to stop working, and requiring a business owner to buy another.

Or worse, it could actually cause damage to the building, requiring an Edmonton electrician to come in and fix the problem. This can end up costing a business owner Farm more and money and time than if they hired a professional in the first place to install all of the emergency lights in their building.

Another thing that business owners needs to ensure of, is that they also have exit signs located in the appropriate places. Every single exit out of the building needs to have a lit sign indicating that it is an exit. No matter how seldom it is used, it’s very important that in the case of an emergency, people who are evacuating find the shortest route out of the building.

It’s also important that these signs are illuminated, and have their own power source. The reason why it’s important that they have their own power source, is it so that in the case of a power outage, the evacuees can still see that the exits are illuminated, helping them Escape.

It’s also important to note that exit signs must also be green and not red. Edmonton electrician says one of the most common exit signs used to be the red signs that said the word exit. However, they have discovered that the red cannot be seen very well in case of a fire, because it Blends into the flames.

In addition to that, the word exit is an English, meaning people have to be able to read English in order to understand that that is the way out. The new signs that are being used are green, and have a picture of a man exiting a doorway, so that nobody has to read any language first and that this is the way out.

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