Edmonton Electrician | The Importance of Properly Installed Safety Lights


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Edmonton Electrician | The Importance of Emergency Lights

Whether a business owner owns a commercial or an industrial business, Edmonton electrician says having emergency and exit lights is extremely important. Therefore, a business owner needs to ensure that the building that they own not only has these features. But that they are installed properly. So that they can help ensure the safety of customers and staff in the building.

One of the first things that business owners need to keep in mind, is that they need to be properly installed as well as built to code. The best way that they can do that, is my calling Edmonton electrician to help ensure that they are not just correctly installed. But that they are in the best location to ensure the safety of people should they ever need to evacuate.

One of the most common mistakes that people make when installing these lights. Is that they don’t ensure that they are pointed at the ground. They think that’s the emergency lights are for Illuminating the room if they have to evacuate. But this is not the case. Edmonton electrician says they are for Illuminating the Escape Routes on the ground. In case people cannot see in the room because it is filled up with smoke.

Not only do they have to be pointed at the ground. But people need to ensure that there are enough emergency lights. So that people who are trying to evacuate. Can easily see where they are supposed to go. If there are not enough lights. When an emergency does happen, people may not adequately see the Escape Route. And take longer to evacuate.

This is why business owners should be calling Edmonton electrician in order to install their safety lights as well as their emergency exit lights. Not only Do they need to be installed correctly to allow people to see. And there needs to be enough of them in order to provide an exit route. Business owners may not be the most qualified to understand where they needs to be placed, or how many they need to install. To ensure a safe evacuation routes.

Also, because they must be tied in with the buildings wiring. Because they need to know when that wiring is not working, so that they can turn on. If an entrepreneur tries to install these lights themselves. And they don’t have the correct ballast for the voltage that they’ve purchased. They run the risk of overloading the ballast and destroying the light itself. Or damaging the building itself.

Therefore, business owners should do what they can to ensure that not only do they have the right emergency lighting. But also that they have enough of them. And that they are installed correctly, to help people in the event of an evacuation.

The last thing business owners would need is for their to be an emergency in their building. And not realize that they didn’t have an adequate evacuation route to. Because of improperly installed or inadequate emergency lights. To avoid that scenario, business owners should definitely call Edmonton electrician to get them to install the light correctly

Edmonton Electrician | The Importance of Safety Lights

There are many things that business owners needs to do to ensure the safety of their staff and their customers in the building that they get says Edmonton electrician. But this also includes ensuring that they have properly installed emergency and exit lights.

One of the first things that business owners need to keep in mind that when it comes to exit lighting, they need to ensure they have the green signs. Instead of the red signs that say the word exit. Not only are red signs hard to see in an emergency such as a fire for example. But also, the exit signs should not be in English. Because people who don’t speak English would have a much more difficult time evacuating.

According to Edmonton electrician, the signs that are legal are green and have a picture of a man exiting out a door. These are often referred to as the green Running Man signs. And while the red signs might get grandfathered in buy a building inspector. The best thing is for us to Simply ensure that they have the green signs in their building.

Also, the exit lights need to be installed correctly in order to ensure they stay on in the case of an emergency. Because of this, they’ll have their own Battery Source. And it’s best for Edmonton electrician to install them. Therefore, a business owner can guarantee that they’re going to be installed correctly, and that’s they will help people evacuate and know exactly where the exits are in case of an emergency.

Also, if business owners guess Edmonton electrician to install these lights on their behalf, they will also be able to ask Edmonton electrician to test them on behalf of the business owner. These lights need to be tested on a regular basis in order to ensure they will work.

Business owners should have them tested once a month for 30 seconds, just like a smoke detector. But also, they needs to be tested once a year for a full 90 minutes. The reason why says Edmonton electrician. Is because this is the length of time that they are going to be expected to work in an emergency. Therefore, testing them once a year to make sure that they are still going to be operating at their full capacity is important.

If business owners do not have the time once a month and once a year to ensure that every single emergency lights can be tested for 30 seconds. And every single emergency lights be tested for 90 minutes once a year. They should call Edmonton electrician to take care of that for them.

Business owners have a lot more important things to do with their time. Which is why they should ensure they have someone looking after that for them. So that they can guarantee that they have working emergency and exit lights in their business to keep their staff as well as their customers safe.

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