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Edmonton Electrician | Why Surge Protectors Are Important

There are several things that people can do to protect themselves from an electrical fire says Edmonton electrician. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the need to know this information. And because of. End up putting themselves at risk for an electrical fire needlessly.

How this will work, is because people believed that they can simply plug a outlet extender into their power outlet. Or plug a power bar into the outlet. And are able to bug more appliances in this electrical outlet. And while they can do that. Edmonton electrician says the risk of that is overloading the circuit

well breaker boxes are designed to turn off the power to an outlet that’s being overloaded. Breaker boxes sometimes fail. And that leaves the family and the house at risk. However, people can minimize that risk if they are using a surge protector.

One of the first things that people should keep into consideration. Is that not all power bars or Outlet extenders like an octopus. They don’t often come with that surge protector built into it. While devices do have a built-in surge protector. People need to be very aware of what they are looking for. To buy the model that they need. To protect their family.


Something else that people should take into consideration. Is if they are buying their surge protector from play such as a dollar store. It may not do its job properly or at all. Edmonton electrician says people should always keep in mind that any surge protector or power by they purchase should come with CSA written on the device somewhere.

Ccsa logo communicates to the consumer that the device in question has been safety tested and inspected by the Canadian governing body of safety. That the device is working properly. And will be safe to use. Edmonton electrician says this is very important. Because if people are utilizing electric devices that don’t have a CSA logo on them. They are potentially putting their family at risk.

Therefore, Edmonton electrician says that people can protect themselves by choosing use a power bar that is CSA approved. And has a built-in surge protector. What the surge protector does does Edmonton electrician. Is if there are more than 15 oz going into the electrical outlet. The power bar will cut power, in order to avoid overloading the circuits.

However, this is not Fail-Safe either. And the best plan of action will be for people to completely avoid overloading any of their circuit ever. All they can do this does Edmonton Electric is if people are routinely needing an extender or a PowerBar have enough electrical outlets in their house. They should simply get more installed.

Is can be done easily and quickly by an Edmonton electrician. And can help ensure that as long as people are not plugging in devices over 15 amps.. This will be the most Fail-Safe option. Not only protecting the home. But protecting the people within it.

Edmonton Electrician | Surge Protectors Are Important

If people think that they have a surge protector that’s going to protect them says Edmonton electrician. They should be ensuring that the surge protector is CSA approved. And that they replaced it every few years. However, if people are routinely using a surge protector because they are plugging too much into a power outlet. They should fix the problem rather than try to compensate for it.

Instead of trying to stop overloading the outlet. People should simply add more Outlets their house. It is a very easy fix. That people can do by calling their Edmonton electrician. Not only that, but the electrician will be able to inspect their breaker box. To ensure that it is still in good working condition.

When people are calling an electrician to increase the number of outlets in their home. A great suggestion would be for them to choose a licensed contractor. Contractors who are licensed, no matter what industry they are in. Airy their own insurance.

This insurance means that if there is a mistake made. The contractors insurance will cover the cost to fix it. And while nobody wants there to have something go wrong. The insurance will protect both the homeowner and the contractor. So that things can be fixed easily and quickly.

Something else that a licensed contractor will be able to do so is Edmonton electrician. Is all the correct permits if necessary. And know which permits are needed and then at the end of the project, they will get their work inspected. So that the homeowner is guaranteed that the work was done equality degree.


Don’t have to hire a licensed contractor. However, if they do hire an electrician who is not licensed. They may not be getting a high-quality product. And if a mistake is made, it’s likely that the homeowner is going to have to pay to fix it.

People should take electrical inventory. And look at all of the different rooms in their house. How many of those rooms have a power extender like an octopus or a power bar. And that should give them some idea about how many electrical outlets they need to increase in each room.

The next thing that people should do, is consider what their house looks like during the holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or drink party. If I have enough Outlets for the rest of the year. But Christmas need even more. They should get those Outlet installed as well.

Adding additional outlets and just help ensure that people are keeping up with their electricity demands. And avoiding putting their family at risk of a fire. People will want to ensure that they have this work done before they have their next celebration. So if people are preparing for the Christmas holiday season.

Now is a good time contact their Edmonton electrician. To get a quote to see how much it’s going to cost them to keep their family safe this Christmas.

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