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Edmonton Electrician | Why Update Older Homes Electrical Systems

Many people like buying older homes to renovate according to Edmonton electrician. And many first-time home buyers. Purchase older homes because that is what they can afford.

And regardless of the reason why people are buying homes built in the sixties, seventies and eighties. They all need to call in Edmonton electrician to inspect the electrical components.

The reason why, is because not only are the electrical components out dated. And no longer up to today’s electrical code. But because they are often requiring fixing. So that they work properly as well.

When doing an electrical component inspection. The Edmonton electrician will look at parts such as the circuit breaker panel. As well as what the wires in the walls are made out of.

The also look at the wires going into the circuit panel. To see if they have degraded over time. And need replacing. As well as look to see if the house itself is grounded.

They will also want to know if people have enough electrical circuits and outlets in their home. Or if they find that they are running out of places to plug things in in some or all of the rooms in the house.

This entire assessment will allow the electrician to come up with not only a quote about what everything is going to cost. By taking everything into consideration.

But it will also allow them to make recommendations to the homeowner. On what electrical components needs to be updated first. Due to safety concerns. And what are some things that people can wait on. And save for in the future.


A great example of this, is it is very important that people upgrade the wiring in their home. If they have aluminum wires. And while this is important to do. If people are going to eventually renovate each room in their home.

The suggestion may be to upgrade the wiring as they renovate. Instead of all at once.

However, on the other hand. If people have a circuit breaker that is not functioning. That is going to make it to the very top of the list. Of things that people need to upgrade immediately. Due to safety concerns.

The reason why, is because the circuit breaker is designed to stop overloaded circuit from getting electricity. And that will prevent electrical fires from breaking out in the walls of their home.

While aluminum wiring has a tendency to overheat for example. That is going to cause less of a concern. If the circuit breaker is actually working. But if the circuit breaker is not working at all.

It will not protect the overloaded circuit. Even if they are made out of copper, which is the preferred material for wiring. Therefore, it is not only important that homeowners find out what needs to be upgraded.

But what their expert suggests needs to be upgraded as well. So that they can make a game plan on how they are going to bring their entire older home. Up to the current electrical codes of the day.

Edmonton Electrician | Why Update Older Homes Electrical Systems

Whether people are buying older homes to renovate says Edmonton electrician. Or if they lived in an older home for a while. It is important to upgrade the electrical components.

There are many different aspects of the homes electrical system that there electrician will want to look at. From the wires in the walls. To the circuit breaker in their basement.

And the circuit breaker is very important one to look at right away. Especially if people’s homes are built in the sixties, seventies or eighties. The reason why, is because not only can circuit breakers fail.

But because it very common a brand of circuit breaker. That weeds used not only in the United States of America. But also throughout Canada in the sixties, seventies and eighties. Is a Federal Pacific breaker panel.

And although this was very popular to use decades ago. It has now been shown to have an extremely high failure rate according to the research done by Dr. Aaron Steen.

In fact, it has shown to have a 70 to 80% known failure rate. That cause approximately twenty-eight hundred fires in the United States each year.

In addition to those house fires, it has been responsible for thirteen deaths and over fourteen million dollars in property damage in the United States alone.

Therefore, Edmonton electrician wants to get rid of as many Federal Pacific circuit panels as possible. Which is why they always recommend removing it as soon as they notice it is installed in a home.


What happens if a circuit breaker fails. Is that it does not stop the flow of electricity to an overloaded circuit. And when a circuit is overloaded. The wire can get physically hot to the touch. Each is how electrical fires are started.

Therefore, by getting a new circuit breaker panel made by different company. People can immediately make their home safer for themselves and all occupants of their home.

This is even true if people are purchasing and renovating an older building for their business or office. And it is very important that especially if their home was built in the sixties. That they get their electrical components upgraded.

In addition to that, their Edmonton electrician will also advise them. If they need a larger panel since they are getting a new one installed.

And one that not only allows them to add more circuit in their home now. But one that will have enough space to add more circuit in the future. Will allow them to add ability later on in their life.

And while it may be very difficult for homeowner to cable of these things in their head. They do not have to if they are hiring an expert such as Edmonton electrician.

Who is trained to look for all of these things. And then not only make an estimate. Make recommendations on what the most important thing to do first is.

So that while they might not be able to afford doing everything all of the same time. They should be able to make a budget. To bring their house up to current electrical code. So that they can sleep better at night. Knowing that their home is safe and secure.

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