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Edmonton Electrician | Why Upgrade Older Electrical Systems

Thinking about their homes electrical systems is not something that people typically do says Edmonton electrician. And even if they are purchasing an older home to renovate. Or planning on renovating home that they have lived in for a while. It still might not be top of mind.

However, if people have a home that was built in the sixties, seventies or the eighties. They might not only have electrical services that are not up to code.

But they also might have electrical systems in their home that are downright dangerous. And the sooner they replace them. The sooner they can ensure their family and their home was kept as safe as possible.

When example of this, is if people have a federal Pacific circuit breaker in their home. While this was an extraordinarily popular brand of panel to have in homes during that time.

People have found over time that it is an extremely dangerous circuit breaker. Due to how often it is known to fail. According to research, the federal Pacific circuit breaker has a 70 to 80% failure rate.

And since it was installed often in the sixties, seventies and eighties. Not just throughout the United States of America, but in Canada as well. It is also left a path of destruction.

Approximately twenty-eight hundred house fires a year in the United States alone. Can be attributed to homes that still have a federal Pacific circuit breaker. In addition to thirteen deaths on average, and fourteen million dollars in property damage.

Therefore, Edmonton electrician says it is of the utmost importance. That if people have this type of circuit breaker in their home. That it should be replaced immediately. Whether or not people are planning on renovating.


At the same time, when they call their Edmonton electrician in. They can decide if they need additional circuits in their home. In order to guide what size of circuit breaker panel that is installed.

People can determine this, by letting their own electrician know. How many power bars or octopuses they are using in each room of their home.

The more power bars they are using, typically means the more energy needs they have that are not being met by the current electoral services. And can help the electrician figure out how many new circuits they need in their home.

The reason why people should not be using power bars to increase their electrical capacity. Is because that is very easy way to overload the circuits of their home.

And especially if they have an older home, if there circuit breaker is older, and prone to fail. People will not realize that they are overloading their circuits. And when there circuit breaker fails, a fire will break out.

Therefore, it is extremely important for people to understand. That if they do not have enough outlets in their home. To service their current electrical needs.

That they should call an electrician to add circuits to their home. And at the same time, see if they need to upgrade their breaker panel. So that they can protect their home from electrical fires.

Edmonton Electrician | Why Upgrade Older Electrical Systems

If people own older homes says Edmonton electrician. Especially from the sixties, seventies and eighties. They typically will need to upgrade their electrical services.

Not only have the electrical codes changed significantly since those decades. But because those codes have changed due to safety reasons.

Therefore, should bring their home up to current electrical codes. In order to help keep their family in their home safe. And protect themselves against potential electrical fires in their home.

While an electrician should automatically check to see what brand of circuit breaker panel people have. Because the Federal Pacific brand is known to fail very often.

But even if people do not have a federal Pacific circuit breaker. There breaker might be failing to break the circuits. Which is putting their family at risk.

If they have been living in their home for a while. They might start to notice that there circuit breaker is tripping, that is turning off. A lot more often than it typically had been.

Especially if people find that their electricity have not increased recently. This could be an indication that the circuit breaker is starting to wear out.

This is the right time for people to call an electrician to get a quote on what it would cost to a place that circuit panel.

However, if after the panel starts tripping the breaker more often than usual. If it suddenly stops tripping circuits. This typically means that the panel has stopped working altogether.


And is very important that people recognize this, and call their Edmonton electrician to come right away. So that they do not leave their house and family vulnerable to an electrical fire.

At the same time, they will be able to install a new panel that has more spaces to add more circuits. And it is important that they have one that they can add more circuits to in the future.

So that as their family grows, and their energy consumption needs change. They can add circuits as needed.

In addition to that, they can upgrade the wires going into the panel. Because most homes have an 8gauge wire ground going into their electrical panel. But current electrical code requires a 6gauge wire.

And just to be thorough, their Edmonton electrician should also check to see if there wires are aluminum. Because those wires will need to be upgraded as well.

Because aluminum wires heat up faster and hotter than copper wires. Which means people that have aluminum wiring in their house. Are more prone to house fires.

By calling in the expert anytime people notice something is not acting right there electricity. The expert income in, and to do a thorough job of checking up their entire electrical system.

In order to make the right recommendations of exactly what needs to be upgraded and why. So that people can end up protecting not only their home and their assets. But ensure that there keeping their family safe from any potential problems with their electrical system.

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