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Edmonton Electrician | Why Upgrade Your Electrical Systems

There are many reasons why people may want to call on an Edmonton electrician in order to help upgrade their electrical systems. Whether this is in their home or business, it is important that they get this done as safe as possible.

Often, people would like to upgrade their electrical system. Because they simply do not have enough outlets for their needs. Whether they are upgrading their business, so that they can plug more computers in.

This is especially important in older buildings. That did not anticipate the power consumption needs of future tenants. And if many people think that they can get by simply by using power bars, that can be very risky.

The reason why people should not try to plug-in more than their outlet can handle by using power bars. Is because each outlet can only handle 15 A of power at a time.

Because of that, people need to be very careful of what things they are plugging into the outlet. And just because has a spot for two plugs, does not mean it is able to handle two things all the time.

Great example of this, is if people are using a space heater. On its own without anything else. That draws 15 A of power. Therefore, plugging anything else in is likely going to create problems.

This is where a breaker panel is supposed to come in and protect the building. By turning off the electrical current to that area. If they notice that more than 15 A are flowing through wire.


The reason why this is risky, and even a fire hazard. Is because as the wire tries to cope with more electricity than it was designed to handle. The wire will get physically hot to the touch.

The longer the outlet is overloaded with power, the more likely the hot wire is going to be able to start a fire. The design of the breaker panel is to stop the flow of electricity to that wire before that happens.

And if home or business has a breaker panel that is old, or needs to be replaced. They will not know that it is not breaking the current when it should. Until it is too late and a fire has started.

Therefore it is very important for people to take note of if there electrical breakers are tripping says Edmonton electrician. Because this means the circuit breaker is doing its job.

It is also important to take note of if the panel starts tripping out less often. Because as they circuit breaker wears out. It works less and less often. Until it no longer does is job.

This is why an Edmonton electrician will automatically check a breaker panel. Especially in older buildings. Even if that is not something that they were called out to quote on.

Because ensuring the safety of their work, means ensuring all aspects of the electrical services in the building are not only safe, but up to code.

Edmonton Electrician | Why Upgrade Your Electrical Systems

Many people find that if they are living in an older home, they do not have enough plug-ins says Edmonton electrician. And while some people try to compensate by using power bars. This is not a good habit for anyone to get into.

The reason why, is because this is going to cause people to very easily overload their electrical systems. And if they have an older home, their circuit breaker is also likely old. And may not be functioning properly.

One of the first things that an Edmonton electrician will do. Is a check the brand of breaker panel that people have in their homes or buildings. The reason why, is because while many circuit breakers need to be replaced as they age.

There is one brand of breaker panel that while it is no longer allowed to be used. This does not cover the many homes and businesses that potentially are using this brand of circuit breaker.

Not only is this brand known for an extremely high failure rate. That is known to fail between seventy and 80% of the time. According to a study done by Dr. Aaron Steen, this exact brand of panel is responsible for a lot of destruction and fires.

Not only is it attributed to approximately twenty-eight hundred house fires in the United States every single year. It also is attributed to thirteen deaths, and fourteen million dollars in property damages every year.

Therefore, it is very important that people find out if they have this type of breaker panel. So that their Edmonton electrician can place it immediately.


The reason it is important to have, is because of the job that the circuit breaker does. It will notice if any circuits are processing more power than they are designed. And then cutting power to that circuits. So that fires do not break out.

Because of that, people typically will not know that there circuit breaker is failing until a fire breaks out. And if they notice that there circuit breaker is tripping fairly regularly. While that means it is working.

Edmonton electrician says that also means that it is getting ready to fail. And a good reason to call an electrician right away. To get a quote on what it would take your place their breaker panel.

However, if people need more electrical outlets. They might end up getting a new breaker panel anyway. Simply because as people need more circuits, they need more spaces on their panel.

And if they do not have enough space, they have two options on how to rectify the situation. They can either install a subpanel, or get a whole new panel with more spaces.

The one that is recommended, is for people to get an entirely new panel. So that as they need more circuits, there electrician can continue adding more circuits because they have room and they can avoid another upgrading Bill in the future.

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