Edmonton Electrician | Why You Shouldn’t Install Emergency & Exit Lights Yourself


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Edmonton Electrician | Never Install Emergency & Exit Lights Yourself

In order to ensure the safety of everyone in an entrepreneurs business, Edmonton electrician since that business owners need to have proper emergency lights. The reason why this is so important. Is to ensure the safety of all occupants of the building in case there is an emergency.

The emergency lights as well as the exit signs should have their own built-in battery pack. So that they can come on. And stay on for 90 minutes in the event of an emergency.

It might be a fire, or a storm that’s coming. And it knocks out all of the power to the building. Hopefully, everyone will be able to evacuate within 90 minutes. Which is why that battery must last that long.

Therefore, even if the emergency lighting has existed in the business long before the entrepreneur purchased it. They also needs to be checking this on a monthly basis as well as annually. To ensure that fee lights are still functioning properly.

Just like a smoke detector, Edmonton electrician says that business owners needs to test the emergency lights for 30 seconds every single month. And to save time they might want to group it with checking their smoke detector as well.

However, on a yearly basis. The emergency lights need to be tested for a full 90 minutes. And if they are not functioning. The business owner will need to figure out what’s wrong with them, and get them fixed. To ensure that the safety of all occupants. In case they need to evacuate the building.

However, an easier way of dealing with this would be to hire an Edmonton electrician to come to the business every month to test the system oats. And then come every year to give it its annual test.

By doing this, if there are any problems with the equipment, or with the light bulbs. The Edmonton electrician will be able to fix it quickly. To ensure that their ability to work remains uninterrupted.

Even before an entrepreneur opens the door to their business. Or after they are done the construction. They should call in Edmonton electrician in to verify that they have the correct emergency lighting. Not just in the right quantity. But in the right places.

Business owners need to realize that the emergency lights should be pointed at the floor. So that’s the Escape Route to can be illuminated on the ground. Even if the room is full of smoke and people cannot see and must drop to their knees.

There for the Edmonton electrician can come in, and verify that there is enough emergency lights. And that they are pointed in the right direction to help eliminate the Escape Route to properly.

When’s the business owner has taken the time to ensure that not only do they have emergency lights and exit signs. But that they are in the right location, and pointed in the right direction.

To help ensure that in the case of an emergency. And all occupants of the building have to evacuate. Whether they are familiar with the building or not. They can safely find the exits. And leave the building safely.

Edmonton Electrician | You Shouldn’t Install Emergency & Exit Lights Yourself

Business owners should always ensure that they have the correct emergency lights and exit signs says Edmonton electrician. However, if they don’t business owners may feel that they can save money by installing them themselves.

Only if an entrepreneur is a electrician should this be tried. If a business owner isn’t 100% certain that they can install the lights correctly themselves. They should avoid doing this. So that they can ensure that if the emergency does happen. That they will be able to verify that they will work to help in an evacuation.

There are several different types of emergency lights on the market. And a lot of them have a bunch of different voltage requirements. Edmonton electrician says that if entrepreneurs are not sure of the requirements of the ballast. And how much volts the ballast can handle

Then business owners may end up installing the emergency lights. And damaging the ballast, as it tries to manage too much voltage. Or, they won’t install it correctly, and they’ll end up damaging the lights themselves. Since these lights needs to work in the event of an emergency. Entrepreneurs needs to ensure that they can always count on them.

Also, business owners must ensure that what they are using is up to code. And they may not be able to get that verification unless they do call Edmonton electrician. Especially the exit lights. If they are the red lights that say the word exit on it. Is there actually no longer legal in Canada

The reason why, is because it’s determined that red is a very difficult color to see in an emergency. like in the case of a fire for example. But also, the word exit being an English is problematic as well. Because if people cannot read the English language. It can be difficult for them to find the exit because they don’t know what it says.

The signs that are now legal for use in Canada will have a pictogram on them. of a person standing in a doorway. Not only are they a pictograph. Which means that people do not have to know how to read English in order to know what they say. But also the signs are green, which will ensure they are much more easily seen in the case of an emergency.

Business owners also needs to ensure that they are testing their emergency lights on an annual basis. To ensure that they are still able to work when an emergency does happen. They need to be tested every month for 30 seconds says Edmonton electrician. But then tested for a full hour and a half once a year.

If a business owner hires and Edmonton electrician to do this on their behalf. They will ensure that it gets done. But also, if any units are no longer working. Or if the light bulbs needs to be replaced. The Edmonton electrician can get those things done. And a business owner doesn’t have to worry about trying to maintain their system at the same time.

The safety of everybody in the building depends on being able to evacuate safely. Therefore, business owners needs to keep that safety in mind. And ensure that they have functioning emergency and exit lights.

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