Edmonton Electrician | Why You Shouldn’t Install Safety Lights Yourself


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Edmonton Electrician | You Shouldn’t Install Safety Lighting Yourself

Business owners need to understand how important it is to have safety Lighting in their business says Edmonton electrician. But also, it’s so important that they should not be installing themselves.

If business owners try to install emergency lights themselves. What might happen, is that they don’t install them correctly. Since the voltage of each of the emergency lights as they can purchase are different. And they might not know what the voltage capability of their ballast is.

They might end up overloading their ballast. Which could damage their wiring and need an Edmonton electrician to fix. Or they might end up damaging their emergency lights. Which would require them purchasing all new ones. Since they are 100 to $200 each. This is an expense that they could have avoided by calling the professionals.

Another reason why it is unwise for business owners to try to install the emergency lighting themselves. Is because they might not install the correct amount. Which will leave gaps in the exit routes that they are supposed to be Illuminating.

But also, if business owners aren’t aware of where the lamps on the emergency lights are supposed to be pointing. Even if they have the correct amounts of lights. They still might not be pointing in the right direction to help people evacuate.

Another reason, is business owners may not be installing them in the best locations either. And Edmonton electrician will be able to help with all of those problems. Installing the correct amount, pointing the lamps down to the floor so that’s the safety wrote can be highlighted. And so that they are installed in the best locations.

Once they have installed them, the Edmonton electrician can offer to come back on a monthly basis to test them. They need to be tested for 30 seconds every single month, each individual lamp. In order to ensure that they are in good working order. If business owners are too busy to do this themselves. Then they should let their Edmonton electrician help them with that.

Also, the emergency lights also must be tested on a yearly basis for 90 minutes. The reason why, is because this is the amount of time that they need to be operating in order to ensure people can evacuate the building a safely.

Business owners who gets an Edmonton electrician to help them installer lights, can get the same electricians to help them at test them monthly and annually. To ensure that all of the hard work that they did in putting the lights in. Can continue to ensure the safety of the buildings occupants years later.

Business owner should understand how important it is to ensure the safety of everyone in the business. Whether they are staff or whether they are customers. I installing emergency lights. A business owner is doing just that.

Ensuring that the safety of their staff and the safety of their customers are always being looked after, even in the case of an emergency.

Edmonton Electrician | You Shouldn’t Install Safety Lights Yourself

When it comes to safety lights, business owners need to be calling in the professionals with Edmonton electrician to ensure that they are being installed correctly. not only can incorrectly installed emergency lights impacts the ability of the building’s occupants to safely evacuate in case of a fire Or other emergency. Ensuring the safety of the building’s occupants should be one of the primary goals of any business owner.

Business owners need to keep in mind that if they are not purchasing the right amount of emergency lights or exit lights. They are compromising the safety of everyone in the building. He needs to have enough emergency lights. And an exit lights at every single door way out to the building.

They can always ask an Edmonton electrician to do a walk-through of their building. In order to ensure that they have the correct number I’m safety lights. And in the best location. It’s not enough for a business owner to Simply have the lights, They needs to be enough lights, and in the right location as well.

Also, business owners need to keep in mind that the exit lighting needs to be up to code as well. Many people may not realize how important it is to have the correct exit lights. And if they are red and say the word exit on them then they are no longer up to code. Depending on the building inspector that they have, they might have grandfathered these ones in for the business owner. But they are unsafe for a variety of reasons.

The first reason why it is unsafe to have the red exit signs. Is because the red is much more difficult to be seen in the case of a fire. Therefore, green is now the colour of the lights that are legal to be used. Also, Edmonton electrician says that it’s also no longer up to code to have exit lights that have the word exit in English.

Because if people cannot read English. It is affecting their ability to evacuate safely. Therefore, the most current up to code exit lights. Have a stick figure pictured on it walking out a door way. Affectionately known as The Running Man sign.

This is the one that’s business owners should ensure is in their business and should be used. If they have red exit signs. They can call their Edmonton electrician to replace them with ones that are up to code that business owners can ensure that no matter who they have in their business. They can safely evacuate.

Business owners need to understand that this is important to ensure no matter what business they have. Whether it is a commercial business or industrial. And even if they have a home-based business. If they have customers, or c other business people in the course of their day.

They might want to consider putting up safety lights and exit signs in their home based business. In case the unthinkable happens. And they have to evacuate because of an emergency.

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