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Edmonton Electrician | Wiring Should Be Done By a Pro

Even though many people may think that the electrical job they have is simple, it should still be done by a professional says Edmonton electrician. Because people may miss subtle intricacies. That impact the safety of the job that they are doing.

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Even something as simple as switching out a light switch. Or adding an electrical outlets. Can be more complex than people realize. Requiring things like adding an extra circuit to their panel.

Which may not even have enough room. To do the things that they want, requiring either a subpanel installed. Or an entirely new panel to be installed instead.

One call that Edmonton electrician is getting more often than ever before these days. Or people who have purchased a smart doorbell, or a smart thermostat, and tried installing it themselves.

And realize, after they have already made mistakes. That they are unable to do this themselves. Despite the fact that the instruction pamphlet, looked very simplistic. They may have even gone on to YouTube.

In order to find helpful videos, about how people can do this in selves. However, they may not realize how difficult it is. The doorbell for example, is more than simply wiring a new doorbell attachment to existing wiring.

Because the smart doorbell has a camera built into it. Which means it will need additional wiring. And if a person does not have this capability. It can be very difficult to do themselves.

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The smart thermostat as well. Requires an extra wire to go from the thermostat to the furnace. Which means running cable says Edmonton electrician. While someone might look up how to do this, and see that it is simple.

Such as going up to the attic, and dropping a wire to the main level, or the basement. Wherever the furnace is. They may not realize, that every home is different. From the style of framing used.

To the variety of obstacles that may be in the way. Causing a very difficult time to feed the wire through the wall. And when it comes to furnaces, many homebuilders have actually added a safety feature.

In the form of a 2 x 4, that runs perpendicular to the vertical studs. The reason why this is a safety feature. Is because it is designed to slow an electrical fire down. By cutting off oxygen to the fire.

Therefore, if a person thinks that there going to simply get through this obstacle, by drilling a hole through it. May help them feed the wire through it easier. But causes this safety feature to be non functional.

If an electrician was going to do the job, they would probably drill through the fire stop. However, what they would do differently. Is used insulating foam, to seal the holdback up. Once the cable was fed through.

When people are ready to do any type of electrical project in their home. No matter how big or small it is. They should hire an electrician. To ensure that it gets done properly and safely.

Edmonton Electrician | Wiring Should Be Done By a Pro

Many people think that it is going to be money savings to do their own electrical work says Edmonton electrician. However this is a very bad idea for many different reasons.

First of all, they could make mistakes. That could impact the safety of the electrical system. And impact the safety of the building, and the people in it. For example, they may have made a mistake.

That impacted ability for the breaker to turn off an overloaded circuit. Therefore, instead of the breaker tripping, and turning off the electricity to that circuit. Instead, the wire will simply get hot.

For as long as the circuit is overloaded. If it is a device that is only used temporarily. It might not be on long enough, to overload the circuit to the point of the wire catching fire.

However, if it is something that is used a little bit longer. It does not actually take a long time. For an overloaded circuit to get hot enough to catch fire. And electrical flyers can spread very quickly.

First of all, walls are hollow. And full of oxygen, which a fire needs to spread quickly. As well, it will start burning up the inside of the walls, and travel to all of the other walls says Edmonton electrician.

Where it can very easily catch the entire house on fire. Before anyone realizes that there is fire throughout the entire house in the walls. This will put all of the people in the house at risk of significant injury.

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And making it very injurious for people to evacuate a home that has fire in all of the walls. This is just one of the risks that people take. When they try to do their own electrical work themselves.

Another problem that could occur. Is if people do their own electrical work. And because the grounding to no longer function. Grounding is what helps the home get rid of excess electricity safely.

Grounding typically goes into the ground, hence the name. And when the grounding does not work properly. That build up electricity stays in the circuits, waiting for a chance to get released.

And it usually will happen, when people use electrical devices. Turning on a microwave, using a hair dryer, or turning on a television. Can be enough to cause that electrical discharge to happen.

Causing damage, to the device that it surged through. As well as causing potential injury to the person who is using that device. Depending on how close they were when it was turned on.

Many people may not realize all the inherent risks to doing their own electrical work. Therefore anything big, or even small electrical jobs. Should be done by the right professional.

When people are looking for the right Edmonton electrician to hire. They should contact Hauer Power, as they are experts in electrical jobs, commercial, industrial and residential.

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