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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Bathroom Fans Need Maintenance

While many homeowners know the regular maintenance they need says electrical contractors in Edmonton. Such as replacing their furnace filters. Cleaning out their gutters.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

And winterizing their home. Most people tend to forget. That their bathroom fans need regular maintenance as well. It is highly recommended. That the fan grates get vacuumed out.

Every 3 to 6 months. Or more often, if the home is particularly dusty. Or if the home has pets. Because the pet hair, will cause the bathroom fans. To clog even faster.

As well, the recommendation. Is that homeowners should pull off the bathroom a great fan. And dust the fan blades, every six months. This is more than just keeping the home dust free.

But it will help keep the fan. Working efficiently. As noiselessly as it was designed. And also, help the fan work longer as well. Dust clogging the great and the fan blades. Do several things at the same time.

It causes the fans motor. To have to work harder. To suck up the same amount of air it was designed. This means that the motor is either going to work harder. And wear out faster.

Or, that it is simply not going to move the amount of air. That it was designed, and it will not and up. Sucking out all of the humid air. From the bathroom, which means it is going to increase the chances.

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Of mould and mildew settling in. And destroying things like the drywall. And posing and health risk, that black mould represents to the people in the home. Therefore, regular maintenance is needed.

Unfortunately, people often forget this. Until it is too late. And electrical contractors in Edmonton often get phone calls. From people wondering why their bathroom fan. Has suddenly stopped working.

This is likely because the bathroom fans motor. Has burnt out. From trying to move so much air. Through a clogged and dirty filter. However, at this point it is too late.

To fix the problem. The only thing that electrical contractors in Edmonton can do. Is install a new bathroom fan. And educate the homeowner. About how important it is. To do the regular maintenance.

However, when they do install the fan. They will educate the homeowner as well. On what size fan they should be installing. So that if they forget to clean once in a while. It is going to cause less problems.

For example, 50 ft.³ per metre. It is the smallest fan that should be installed. In a bathroom, if it is on the small side. But Hauer Power in Edmonton recommends. Installing a bathroom fan. That is seventy or 80 ft.³ per minute.

Because they recognize, that as soon bathroom fan is installed. It is going to start accumulating dust. And they will want to ensure. That it can always move 50 ft.³ per metre even with dust.

So that the bathroom fan can continue to protect the home. Even if the homeowners get busy. And forget their maintenance once in a while.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Bathroom Fans Need Regular Routine Maintenance

People often do not think about their bathroom fans according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. Unless that is of course. If people have a very noisy fan. Then they think about it all the time. And that is the problem.

There are a couple of reasons. Why people might have noisy bathroom fans. In the various bathrooms throughout their home. First of all, it is because whoever build the home. Or whoever sold the home.

Decided to save money. And install a very inexpensive bathroom fan. That while it does the job properly. It is also loud, which can cause problems. Especially if people are having baths or showers.

While other members of the house or sleep. Or if the bathroom is close to the living areas. And the noise disturbs people, such as children doing homework. It can just simply be irritating as well.

Taking away the enjoyment. Of a relaxing bath. Or causing a person. To not be able to hear their music. As they are having a shower. And getting ready for the day. Therefore, many people simply want.

To install a brand-new bathroom fan. That makes less noise than the one that they currently have. They can call electrical contractors in Edmonton. And find out the different options. For noise levels in their fans.

As well as other options. That bathroom fans currently come with. Such as mood lighting, and Bluetooth speaker hookup. They can install the bathroom fan, that will make them the happiest.

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However, the second reason. Why people have noisy bathroom fans. Is because they are not working properly. Most often, they are clogged with dust. And the motor has to work harder.

Than it was designed, in order to pull the humid air. Out of the bathroom, and vented out of the home. When a fan that was previously noiseless. Starts making more noise.

Electrical contractors in Edmonton recommend. Doing some maintenance. Such as vacuuming the fan great. To get rid of the dust and pet hair that has accumulated. As well as vacuuming.

The fan blades, so that the motor. Does not have to work so hard. To move the air out of the bathroom. However, by the time the fan is making noise. It is often too late. And a new fan is going to be needed.

So this is the perfect time. For a homeowner to choose. Which type of bathroom fan they truly want. Such as a high efficiency, low noise model. And energy efficient model. Or even fancy model.

That comes with a Bluetooth speaker, or mood lighting. So that people can have the bathroom experience that makes them the happiest. Although most people do not think about bathroom fans.

A little bit of thought according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. Can make for a happy, as well as harmonious home. Anyone looking for more information about bathroom fans. Should call Hauer Power in Edmonton.

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