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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Best Installation of Motion Sensor Lights

There are many reasons to install motion sensor lights according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. Whether they are business owners, or homeowners. However choosing the right system. And installing it correctly are important. To the overall function of these devices.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

Typically, most people will need a passive infrared radiation system. Also known as a PIR. There are many other types on the market. But they are much more expensive. And have very specialized uses.

Therefore, most homes and businesses. Will only need to worry about getting a PIR system. However, there are many variables that people will be faced with. Even if they do know this is the system that they need.

This is the first way that hiring a professional, such as electrical contractors in Edmonton. Can help people, make the right choice. One of the largest variables when it comes to choosing the right motion sensor light system.

Is considering what kind of light bulbs that people want to use. While people can still by motion sensor light systems with traditional incandescent light bulbs. As well as halogen, or fluorescent light bulbs.

People should be purchasing systems with LED light bulbs for many reasons. LEDs, which stands for light emitting diodes. Are the most energy efficient light bulb on the market. Even compared to fluorescent light bulbs.

As well, they will last longer than any of the traditional light bulbs. Which means people will need to replace LED light bulbs less frequently. Saving them time as well as money.

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LED light bulbs are also the brightest, light bulb. Which means they will be able to brightly illuminate the area. Whether it is inside a building. Or illuminating the exterior of home or business.

Another reason why electrical contractors in Edmonton recommend LEDs. Is because they have the lowest heat. The reason why this matters, is because the traditional light bulbs, not only get hot.

But they are also encased in glass. Which is fragile. As they heat up, especially outside. If there is any precipitation. Such as rain or snow. As the cold, wet waterfalls on the hot, glass light bulb.

There is a large risk that these lightbulbs will shatter. Which means that area will be unprotected until the business owner or homeowner. Notices that the lightbulb is broken and replaces it.

LED light bulbs on the other hand him it the lowest heat. But also, rather than being encased in glass. Light emitting diodes are encased in a very hard plastic shell. Which means even if rain and snow.

Or hail for that matter, hits this lightbulb. It is not going to shatter. It also means that this type of lightbulb is going to be protected from vandalism. Particularly criminals who want to gain access to the property.

Once people hear from their electrician. That they should be getting the LED lights in their motion detector. The next step will be getting them to install it properly, and increasing the safety of their building.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Best Installation of Motion Sensor Lights

It is not just important to have motion sensor lights according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. Installing them properly is extremely important. There are many different things that should go into proper installation.

For example, the best placement. Will ensure that these motion sensor lights. Can actually detect the correct motion. Of people entering a room. Or approaching a building if it is outside.

An improperly placed motion sensor light. May not turn on at all, because it is not detecting any motion. As well, an improperly placed motion sensor light. Might be triggered by traffic driving by.

Or by wind blowing debris. And small animals, negating the reason for having motion sensor lights. As well, they need to have the correct sensitivity setting on them. To ensure they turn on adequately for each application.

For example, when it is internal. In order to make it safer for people to enter darkened areas. Such as a stairwell, or utility room. Electrical contractors recommend having the sensitivity turned extremely high.

So that the light comes on very quickly. As well as stays on for a long enough time. To allow the people to finish what they are doing in the room and leave. Or to finish climbing the stairs for example.

In the exterior of buildings, if it is to deter crime. People should have a high sensitivity. However, if it is to put a light on when people are arriving home from work. Or illuminating a yard to let people take their dog outside.

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The sensitivity level does not need to be so high. Also, people might want motion sensors on their bathrooms. So that their young children, or elderly parents. Can get to the washroom safely in the middle of the night.

When they are tired and groggy. But also, without blinding them. By having the light come on extremely quickly. The electrical contractors in Edmonton will consult with the business owner. Before installing anything.

Therefore, when people hire electrical contractors in Edmonton. They will make sure that the motion sensor is pointed in the right direction. To turn on when people are approaching.

As well, they will also educate the property owner. About the correct maintenance. Such as every 1 to 3 months. They must take a micro fiverr cloth. And a nonabrasive cleaner. And wipe down the sensors and photocells.

If dust or dirt falls onto the sensors and photocells and settles. It may because the motion sensor lights to not work. Or, it could cause the lights to come on when it is not dark outside.

Rather than having to call the experts like Hauer power. To come and fix their motion sensor lights. They will learn what they need to do to maintain them. And avoid that scenario from happening.

If people have any questions, they should call for a quote. So that they can get help picking the right motion sensor system. And then properly installing it to that they can increase the safety of their property.

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