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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Picking The Right Bathroom Fan

The choices are enormous when it comes to bathroom fans according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. However, while most homeowners. Do not need to choose new bathroom fans every day.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

It can be very overwhelming, when they have decided. That the time to replace their current bathroom fan. Is now, and they do not know which ones to pick. There are several different options.

Not just in the features that are offered. But in things like size of fan. Energy efficiency, and noise level. One of the most important considerations says electrical contractors in Edmonton. Is how much air the fans move.

The function of a bathroom fan. Is actually to suck up all of the humid air. And vented out of the home. So that the humidity. Cannot cause problems, such as mushy drywall. Mould, mildew and rot.

Therefore, the amount of air. That the fan moves, is the most important thing to ensure. This is why people should call the experts, such as the crew at Hauer Power in Edmonton. Because they will help homeowners.

Calculate what size, or strength of fan. They should be getting. Bathroom ventilation fans start at about 50 ft.³ per metre. And go up to a maximum period of about 150 ft.³ per metre. The larger the bathroom is.

And the larger fan size they are going to need. That does not necessarily mean however. That the 150 ft.³ per metre. Is going to work. In an especially large bathroom. For example, one that has a hot tub.

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As well as a shower, two toilets and three sinks for example. Ultimately, electrical contractors in Edmonton. Will be able to install multiple bathroom fans. If that is what is needed. To move the air. Out of a larger bathroom.

But if people need a commercial or an industrial size fan. They will be able to get a price for that, from the experts at Hauer Power as well. However, for the smallest size bathroom.

Homeowners should not necessarily choose the smallest cubic feet per metre. While this might be adequate initially. For moving the humid air out of this room. Hauer Power recommends.

Installing a size of fan. That is 70 to 80 ft.³ per metre. At a minimum. The reason why, is because as the fan operates, and gets clogged with dust. It will move less air less efficiently.

Therefore, having a slightly more powerful fan. Means that with time. Even as it wears out, or gets clogged with dust. The fan will still be able to do the minimum job. Of moving the humid air out of the room.

And protecting the home, from mould, mildew, rot and other problems. From humidity. There are a whole host of other features. That a bathroom fan comes with these days.

Therefore, instead of a homeowner. Going to the hardware store, in order to try and choose one on their own. They should call the experts. Who will discuss all of the options. Let them know their best recommendations. So that people can get the right bathroom fan.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Selecting The Right Bathroom Fan

Bathroom fans are often things that homeowners do not think of says electrical contractors in Edmonton. That is however, until they stop working. Or at least, the fans stop working properly.

Many people are not even aware. Of how important a bathroom fan is. And that its job. Is not just keeping the bathroom free. Of the steam that can accumulate. From a hot shower or bath.

But is actually designed. To pull the humidity. Out of the bathroom. And vented out of the home. To keep the home from getting damaged. From an accumulation of moisture.

Not only can it rot the drywall and the studs in the home. It can damage the insulation. And cause mould to form. It is not only destructive. It is also a huge health hazard. Many studies have been done.

To show how damaging black mould is to a person’s lungs. Which is why it is incredibly important. To have a well-functioning bathroom fan. And that homeowners, turn it on every time they use the shower or tub.

But also, why it is important. To maintain it properly. By vacuuming out the great. Once every three months. And actually vacuuming out the fan blades. Every six months.

However, even if homeowners do all of the maintenance. There bathroom fan is eventually going to wear out. And the cheaper it is, the sooner it will be. Leaving them to call electrical contractors in Edmonton.

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In order to find out, how much it will cost. To replace their fan. With the new model. When they contact Hauer Power in Edmonton. The experts will also be able to share with them, the various models they can get.

Not just the size of fan. The energy efficient models, and the noise levels they can get. But also, they can get bathroom ventilation fans. With Bluetooth speakers it built in. So that they can listen to their favourite music.

Or, mood lighting. With the help of LED strips. People can choose a bright white light. To help them with their makeup application. Or, choose a colour. To set the mood for a relaxing bath for example.

While there are fans that come with built in heat lamps. Electrical contractors in Edmonton advise against of this. Simply because a bathroom fan is dusty, because as it sucks up the humid air.

It will also suck up dust, and pet hair. Putting a very hot heat source. In this dusty environment. Is a perfect catalyst for a house fire. If people do want a heat lamp in their bathroom.

They should get a heat lamp installed. But in a separate location as their bathroom ventilation fan. So that they can have the fan they want. And a beautiful heat lamp. To have their favourite bathroom experience.

All without risking a fire hazard in their home. When people are ready to replace their bathroom fan. They should call the experts. To find out all of their options.

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