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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Cleaning Motion Sensor Lights

Many people may not realize according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. That their motion sensor system. Will need regular maintenance, just like their smoke detectors and emergency exit lights.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

In fact, they may have purchased a building with a system in it. That was working when they got it. Or purchased a brand-new system, only to find. That it worked for a few months.

And then stopped working intermittently. Or altogether in some cases. This can be extremely frustrating. Especially if people have spent significant amount of money on this.

Because they are trying to save money on their electrical bill. While making their building safe. As well as deterring crime from the area. Therefore, out of frustration they contact electrical contractors in Edmonton.

And want the system fixed, or removed altogether. More often than not, electricians discover. That it is not the fault of the motion sensors. It is, the fact that they have not been properly maintained at all.

It is important for property owners to manage and clean these sensors. In order to ensure the system is working. Whether it has stopped working altogether. Or it is only working intermittently.

The likely cause is dirty or dusty sensors. Whether the motion detectors are inside a building. Or if they are outside, dust or dirt can land on the sensors. Impacting this sensor to detect motion properly.

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Inside, depending on how dusty the building is. It can require building owners. To clean off the dust every month, or every three months. They might even find that over time.

The lights come on less often. Until the system stops working. Therefore, by gauging how long it takes for the lights to become spotty. Property owners can figure out approximately how long they have. Until these sensors need to be cleaned.

By cleaning them proactively. Before they start working intermittently. Can ensure that these sensors will work properly. And keeping the area well lit, and safe for everyone in the building.

Outside, dirt can and landing on the sensors. Usually by inclement weather. Dust being blown around by wind. As well as rain, and even snow. Can cause a fine layer of dirt to accumulate on the sensor.

Over time, this dirt will accumulate so much. That it blocks the sensor from being able to work. Depending on how much increment whether an area gets. Electrical contractors in Edmonton recommend.

Cleaning the sensors every to three months. In fact, a motion sensor system is a much like a smoke detector. Or an emergency exit light. Where it needs regular testing, and cleaning.

In order to ensure that it can do its job properly. However, some people might find that their system is not working. Because it comes on too often. Or it seems to turn on, when it is not being triggered by anything at all.

This is most likely caused by electrical interference. And what is causing this electrical interference, is a wireless signal. That has been put on their electrical metre. This is put on by the utility provider.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Cleaning Motion Sensor Lights Is Necessary

Many people are unaware that motion sensors need to be cleaned according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. Therefore, they become dirty and stop working. Causing property owners to call them to come and help.

There are two types of sensors on motion sensor lights. One, that is called the photocell. And is responsible for the light come on. Only when it is dark outside. If property owners are discovering.

That their motion sensor lights are coming on. At all hours of the day. Even when it is not dark outside. This is a very easy fix by electrical contractors Edmonton. Will usually can simply instruct property owners.

To simply take a microfibers cloth. As well as a nonabrasive cleaner, and gently wipe any dust or dirt off of the photocells. At the same time, they will recommend property owners clean the main sensors as well.

If the property owner is discovering that their motion sensor lights are not working consistently. It is usually because of dirty, or dusty sensors. If it is inside the building, it is usually caused by a buildup of dust.

If it is outside the building. The culprit is usually a thin layer of dirt. That accumulates over time. Dirt can be carried in by wind. Or rain and even snow can cause this to happen.

The recommended period of time that property owners. Should be cleaning their motion sensors. Is every 1 to 3 months. They can actually set on alarm to remind them to do this.

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As well as to check their emergency exit lights and smoke detectors as well. If a property owner, whether it is a business owner. Or a homeowner. Is simply too busy to do this.

Or, they know that they will always forget. This is something that they can hire electrical contractors in Edmonton to do for them. For a small yearly fee. They will come in, check all of the systems. Keep them clean and in operation.

Especially when it comes to the light bulbs in the motion sensors. They can also replace those when they are needed. So that property owners do not have to worry about burning out a light bulb. And affecting the safety of their building.

Another problem is often with false detections. Which can be caused by wireless signals, put on electrical metres. This is done by the utility company, such as epic or or fortis for example.

And is used to remotely read the electricity usage of the building. Instead of sending a metre reader to manually read all of these devices. And record the information back to the company.

And while these wireless signals. Make it much easier for the utility company to read the electricity usage. It also interferes with motion sensors. All people will have to do, is contact their utility company. And asked them to turn the wireless signal down.

By properly maintaining their motion sensors. People can ensure that they are saving electricity. While keeping their property safe, and deterring crime as well.

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