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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Common Motion Sensor Questions

When it comes to getting motion sensors installed, electrical contractors in Edmonton. Are the experts everyone can call on. Whether it is a residential property, commercial or industrial.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

They often have many questions, that there electrical contractors in Edmonton. Can illuminate, on their behalf. People often wonder why motion sensors are important. And how they can use them on their property.

As well as what kinds of motion sensor lights should they be getting. The first question, is that motion sensing lights. Can help ensure that all areas of the property. Whether it is a business, or residence.

Can be brightly lit, to allow people to move about the property safely. Often, people are arriving or leaving in the dark. And having these motion sensor lights. Means that the light does not have to be on all of the time.

In order to provide a safe path for people to go from their car into the building. Or from the building into their car. These motion sensor lights. Will be designed to brightly illuminate the area when needed.

And when not needed, are not wasting electricity. Or contributing to light pollution in the area. The second question, is how they can use them on their own property.

They can be used both internally and externally. Whether people want to light the way home, or to their car. If they are coming and going when it is dark outside. This is incredibly beneficial in northern climates such as Edmonton, Alberta.

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Where the sun can set as early as four clock in the afternoon. And will not rise the next day, and till nine in the morning. That means people are often coming and going to and from work completely in the dark.

People might want an exterior motion sensor light in their backyard. So that they are dog can have light when they are being let outside to do their business. As well as putting lights on in their yard.

So that people can have a well lit path going to their shed or their garden. But also, deterring criminals. From having a shadow we place to conduct their criminal activity. Or that may welcome them to try breaking in to the building.

Inside the building, there are many applications. Electrical contractors in Edmonton. Say that in stairwells, laundry rooms. And storage rooms. Our commonplaces to install motion sensor lights.

Often, people are travelling through these areas with their hands full. And may not be able to hit the light switch well. Therefore, lighting the way can keep them safe. Another area inside is a bathroom.

At work, it can ensure that the business owner. Is not paying a huge electrical bill. To light the bathrooms, when nobody is in them. And for residences, this is perfect to help keep people safe as they wake in the middle of the night.

In order to go to the washroom. Whether they are young children, people with mobility issues or seniors. Everyone can benefit from a well lit space.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Commonly Asked Motion Sensor Questions

Motion sensors are extremely important says electrical contractors in Edmonton. Unfortunately, any people do not know how to use them properly. They think they can buy, and install them on their own. And then wonder why the system is not working the way they expect.

There are many nuances that go into installing motion sensor lights. Such as the angles that they need to be pointed at. In order to sense people and cars that are arriving. However, without causing a nuisance.

Such as being triggered by a car on the road in front of the building. Who might have their eyes blinded by a poorly placed motion sensor light. Causing an accident, or at the very least a dangerous driving situation.

People might set the sensitivity to high. Causing the motion sensor to turn on when the wind blows a leaf past the sensor. Or, by a squirrel or a rabbit hopping by in the middle of the night.

Also, a poorly placed motion sensor. Can shine a very bright, and annoying light. Into a neighbour’s yard, or Windows. Not only intruding on their space, but invading their privacy and sleep as well.

Therefore, where they are located. Such as on a wall, on the ceiling, or rooftop. Must be determined by an expert such as electrical contractors in Edmonton. But also, be pointed in the right direction.

To detect the correct motion. And with the lights pointed in the right direction. That illuminates the area that needs light. Without adding to light pollution. Or annoying neighbours, or oncoming traffic.

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As well, if people purchase and install motion sensors themselves. They may not buy enough motion sensors. To adequately do the job that they are expecting. It might give them a false sense of security that they are being protected.

When nothing could be farther from the truth. Therefore, an expert will also ensure that they have enough motion sensors installed in the area as well. Another mistake that people can make.

If they are installing their own motion sensor system. Is buying a system that has an ineffective lighting system. People can purchase motion sensors with incandescent light bulbs, halogen light bulbs.

As well as fluorescent light bulbs, and finally LEDs. Which stands for light emitting diodes. While people might be tempted to purchase the most inexpensive kind, the ones that use incandescent light bulbs. This is a bad idea.

Because these bulbs are the least energy-efficient. They in it high heat, and are extremely breakable. Which means people are going to be replacing light bulbs more often than they would otherwise care to.

If people want more information on motion sensor lights. They should contact to their electrician, such as Hauer Power for quote. And getting help installing this very important safety system in their home.

Or if it is in their business. Regardless of whether it is commercial, or industrial says electrical contractors in Edmonton.

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