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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Common Questions About Motion Sensors

Many people may not know exactly what their motion sensors should do says electrical contractors in Edmonton. Or that they get them installed, and they are not properly maintained.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

A common scenario that happens. Is that electricians are called. In order to replace a non functioning motion sensor system. Only to find out that the system is fine when they get there.

More times than not, there is either dirt and debris. On the sensors. That are used to detect motion. That will turn on the light. Or, there is dirt or dust on the photocell. Which is responsible for ensuring.

That the light only turns on when it is dark outside. Therefore, property owners are frustrated. Because their motion sensor system is not functioning. And have many questions for their electrician when they arrive.

A common question that electrical contractors in Edmonton get. Is how often should they be cleaning those sensors? Ideally, regardless of whether they are indoor or outdoor sensors.

Electricians recommend property owners clean them every 1 to 3 months. Depending on what area in the world they are living in. And how much precipitation, or inclement weather they get.

They may need to clean them every month. Or they may not need to clean them that often. Climbing a ladder to wipe the sensors down, every 3 to 4 months. Or, people may find that certain times of the year.

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Because more dirt to accumulate on the sensors. Such as a period of heavy rain, or heavy snow. The next question that electrical contractors in Edmonton get. Is how to properly clean these sensors.

The recommendation is to take a soft, microfibers or cloth. And in non-abrasive cleaner. And simply wipe them down gently and carefully. While they are doing that, they should also wipe down the photocell as well.

In fact, electricians recommend. That if the system is not working. The matter how recently they wiped down the sensors. To try cleaning them again. Before calling an expert to come in and fix the system.

Another question that electricians get, is about false detections. They may have discovered. That their motion sensor lights are coming on intermittently. Even when nothing appears to be triggering them.

Or, neighbours who are noticing this. Inform their neighbour, quite angrily. That they are being disturbed by these false detections. Rather than call an electrician right away.

The recommendation is to call their utility provider. Utilities often put a wireless signal on the electrical metre. So that they can remotely read the metre. Without sending a person into each yard.

Unfortunately, these wireless signals. Can often give motion sensor lights false detections. Property owners can simply call their utility company. And asked them to turn the signal of their device down.

And most property owners will find. That this is enough. To eliminate the false detections. When people are ready to get a motion sensor system. They should find out about maintaining it as well.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Typical Questions About Motion Sensors

Many people understand the importance of motion sensors says electrical contractors in Edmonton. To keep their building safe. Not only from crime. But safe to navigate in and out of the building as well.

One of the first questions that many people have. Is wanting to know what type of light bulbs they should get. When they are buying a new motion sensor light system.

Hands down, electrical contractors in Edmonton recommend LED light bulbs for many reasons. The first reason, is because LEDs, also known as light emitting diodes. Are the most energy efficient on the market.

When compared to incandescent, halogen or fluorescent light bulbs. LEDs use much less electricity. Since most people want to install motion sensor lights. So that they can keep their property safe.

While ensuring that they are not wasting electricity. Choosing the most energy efficient option. Will help them waste less electricity. But also save money on their power bill as well.

Another reason why they should choose an LED lightbulb over the other traditional light bulbs. Is because LEDs last longer than any other lightbulb as well. Requiring less lightbulb changes.

Saving people money over time, from having to replace fewer light bulbs. But also, another reason why electrical contractors in Edmonton recommend this style of lightbulb. Is because it is going to be the safest.

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This is because it is going to be the brightest bulb, when compared to fluorescent, halogen or incandescent. And emits the lowest heat. It is important when looking at the inclement weather these light bulbs will go through.

Other light bulbs will get hot when they operate. And when snow, or rain lands on the heated bulbs. They can quite easily shattered. LEDs will not only emits the lowest heat. Reducing the risk of shattering.

But also, because the light emitting diodes. Are actually encased in a hard, plastic shell. Which means not only are they protected from the elements. They are also protected from things like vandalism.

Another question that property owners have for electrical contractors in Edmonton. When there choosing the correct motion sensor lights. For their application. Is wanting to know what kind of system they should get.

The most common is a passive infrared radiation. Also known as PIR for short. And while there are many different types of motion sensor lights on the market. This one is that the most widely used for most businesses and residences.

With the other motion sensor lights. Being used only in the highly specialized areas. When property owners are ready to install this system. They can contact their electrical contractor, such as how her power.

To help them choose the right system. Figure out how many motion sensors they are going to need. As well as get expert help in installing them correctly.

Since motion sensor lights are installed for safety and to deter crime. Proper installation, and proper system chosen. Are going to ensure that these devices work properly.

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