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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Do All Businesses Need Three Phase Power

Many people are not aware of the difference between three-phase power and single phase power says electrical contractors in Edmonton. But that is not necessary to know at all.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

As long as they are calling the experts. Whenever they are going to do a renovation. Upgrade their space, whether it is a home or business. Or by new equipment to put into their business.

For residential spaces, most people are ever going to need single phase power. Unless they buy high-powered equipment. Like an air conditioner, hot tub. Or put a dry spa into their home gym.

For residences, that have electoral devices. That draw more than hundred and 2 V. They can always call their electrical contractors in Edmonton. To increase that, by upgrading.

To what is called split phase power. Splitting the power between two transformers. So that they can double the amount of voltage that they can utilize in their home. This is why it is very prudent.

For any homeowner, to look at the power requirements of any big devices, or appliances. They are buying, to put in their home. So that they can verify, if they need to upgrade it to split phase.

And factor that into the cost of the device that they have. However, for businesses. This is incredibly different. Because they are more likely. To have equipment, and electrical devices. That use more power.

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Whether it is a large industrial fan, and actual motor. Or something like a water pump. Any equipment that has a motor. Is typically going to draw more than 120 V. And unlike a home.

That is never going to have equipment that use over 240 V. This is quite common in both commercial and industrial businesses. Therefore, rather than just upgrading to split phase of power.

Electrical contractors in Edmonton recommend. Upgrading to three-phase power. Which will triple the voltage they can operate. From single phase power, of 120 V.

Even if business owners are not using that high-powered equipment just yet. But are thinking that they will upgrade that the next 1 to 5 years. There is a case to be made for upgrading now.

While it is an additional cost. It is advantageous for business owner to get this before they needed. Rather than stall the growth of their business. By now having to wait. To have their electrician come in.

To upgrade the power before they can bring the machine in to their business. Even if they are not sure. That they are ever going to need to when equipment that large. Electricians can easily make a case. For upgrading to three-phase power.

So that they can run more devices on a single circuit. Such as lights, so that they can have a well lit business. Or additional outlets. So that they can put more workspaces in. So that they can add employees, computers. And make even more money.

When business owners are ready to upgrade their space. Or renovate, the electricians they should call will be the ones at Hauer Power, located in Edmonton.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Not All Businesses Need Three Phase Power

It is not important for business owners to understand what three-phase power is according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. But that if it is recommended. That they upgrade to this. It is important that they listen, and upgrade their business.

The reason why, is because three-phase power is effective and efficient in the business. Single phase power, allows people to operate electrical devices and equipment. Up to a maximum of 120 V.

However, many types of business equipment. Both in commercial, and industrial applications. Require more voltage than that. Which is why they will need to call their electrical contractors in Edmonton. To upgrade the power.

When business owners are planning a renovation. Or they are adding new equipment to their business. They should be calling their electrical contractors in Edmonton. To do a walk-through of their space.

Not only will they be able to see all of the current electrical systems. They will also ask the business owner. Several questions, and help them think of the circumstances.

Or that they would not have thought of on their own. Such as do they need to add emergency exit lights. Motion sensors, or additional electrical outlets in any room. That way, they can do all of the electrical upgrading.

Of the business is going to need both now. And in the future, at once. And save money. By not having to have the electrician come back in the future. They are going to ask the business owner.

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About the types of equipment that they run. And voltage they are likely going to need. Because quite often, they will recommend. That a business upgrade to three-phase power.

What that is, is the ability to run equipment that will draw up to 347 V. Which is three times the typical voltage. Of hundred and 20 V. Which means they will be able to operate larger, and more efficient equipment.

Some business owners may not want to do this. Because of the additional cost. Which is based on the increased materials. Both the copper and the wire. However, it will help their business be more efficient.

By being able to run more powerful equipment. More reliably, and make them money. Not only is this going to help them make more money. But the additional cost is justifiable, and will be paid for. Through the business owners efficiencies.

Therefore, any time the electrician recommends. That a business upgrades to three-phase power. This is not done lightly. And it is going to be in the business owner’s best interest to do so.

When business owners are ready to renovate their space. They are buying a building. Or they are simply buying new equipment. The electrician that will help them upgrade their business properly.

Is how are power, located in Edmonton. Whether they have a commercial or industrial business that they operate.

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