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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | How to Choose A Motion Sensor System

People who are looking for motion sensor system, often call on electrical contractors in Edmonton. To help them make the right choice. There are many factors that go into making this important decision.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

First of all, there are many different types of motion sensors on the market. And many, for most in fact. Have a very specialized use. Since most people only want the motion detectors. To turn a light on.

When it detects motion. Then what most people, homeowners and business owners. Should be looking for is a passive infrared radiation system. This is called PIR for short, and is the most common and most economical style.

What is most known about the passive infrared radiation system. Is that it contains two sensors. The first sensor, is the actual motion detector. That will see motion, and trigger the light to be turned on.

The second sensor is called a photocell. And is the sensor responsible for ensuring. That the light does not turn on. Unless it is not bright outside. Or in the room that people are in.

If either of these sensors get covered by dust, debris or dirt. Then they will stop functioning. If the photocell stops working. Electrical contractors in Edmonton say that what will happen.

Is that the light is going to be turning on, in the daytime. Causing many property owners. To think that the system has failed. And that there is a wiring system, causing it to be haywire.

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Fortunately, this is not the case at all. And it is just a matter of the photocell needing a cleaning. This can be accomplished by using a microfibers cloth. And a nonabrasive cleaner to gently wipe any dirt or dust away from this sensor.

The sensor that detects motion. Can also get covered in dust, dirt and debris. When this happens, the motion sensor will stop turning the lights on. When it senses motion. Because it is not sensing motion quite simply put says electrical contractors in Edmonton.

Therefore, if people notice. That there motion sensor is not working. When there is clearly motion in the area. This is a great time, to take that same microfibers cloth. And a nonabrasive cleaner to this sensor as well.

In fact, many people might not even realize. That there motion sensor system needs to be maintained on a regular basis. For example, every month, or every three months.

People need to climb up on a ladder, and wipe clean the sensors. In order to ensure that these motion sensors are working properly. If they have many motion sensors to deal with.

Or, they are very busy and they feared not having enough time to do this. They can always call on an expert, like Hauer Power in Edmonton. To do this for them, for a low monthly fee.

When people are interested in getting motion sensors. Not only do they have to find the right ones. But they have to ensure that they are maintaining them properly.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Choosing A Motion Sensor System

There are many variables says electrical contractors in Edmonton. When people are choosing motion sensor systems. Typically, they will always end up with a passive infrared radiation system. Unless they have a highly specialized need for something else.

But that does not describe most business owners, or homeowners. Therefore. A PIR for short system. Will be the one that they need. When they are getting the motion sensor system.

While they can go to the hardware store to choose the system that they are going to use. The reason why electrical contractors in Edmonton suggested against this. Is because even if they know they need a passive infrared radiation system.

They may not know what size to get. Or how many they need to purchase. To accomplish their goals. When they do get these systems home, or to their business. They are going to have to install them.

And they will either install them themselves, and poorly. Or they will have to call electrical contractors in Edmonton. And find out the hard way. That they did not buy enough. They bought too many.

Or they bought the wrong kinds. To avoid this, electricians suggests. Calling them from the start. It will cost no extra to include them from the beginning. But it might cost them extra.

If they have to fix mistakes that could have been avoided in the first place. They can also help owners avoid making a mistake. Such as choosing a motion sensor system that uses fluorescent light bulbs.

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Halogen light bulbs, or incandescent light bulbs. People might think that these are very efficient systems. However, this is not the case at all. These lights are all very fragile and can be easily broken.

The most common way that these types of lights get broken. Is simply by precipitation. Since all of the lights are encased in glass. And all of them in Mitt heat once they have been turned on for just a few seconds.

These hot, glass objects. When they get hit with rain or snow. Shatter on contact. That means that people who purchase these types of motion sensor systems. Or actually replacing light bulbs or frequently than they realize in the beginning.

As well, inclement weather. Hail, and even vandalism can shatter these fragile glass light bulbs. Which is why electrical contractors in Edmonton recommend purchasing a motion sensor system. That uses LED light bulbs.

LED stands for light emitting diode. And is the most energy efficient. The most cost effective, because they last the longest. They are the brightest light. And in Mitt the lowest heat.

In addition to all of that. They are also the most indestructible. Because the light emitting diodes. Are encased in a very thick plastic. That hail, and even vandalism cannot shatter.

When people are in the market for motion sensor lights. It will cost them nothing extra to consult with an expert. In order to get the right kind.

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