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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Install Motion Sensor Lights For Safety

There are many reasons why motion sensor lights increase safety says electrical contractors in Edmonton. However, having them properly installed. Means that they will do their job properly. Instead of giving people a false sense of security.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

Whether it is keeping the interior of the building safe. Or the exterior of the building safe. Regardless of if it is a residential property such as a home, condo or townhouse complex. Even if it is a business.

Such as an industrial, or commercial property. It can help keep people safe. By properly illuminating the area. Without a business owner having to have the lights on all the time says electrical contractors in Edmonton.

Or, keep people safe. By deterring criminal activity. Whether that criminal activity would be breaking and entering to rob the home or business. Or, just a darkened place. For criminals to carry out a variety of other nefarious activities.

Because motion sensor lights are paramount for the safety of buildings. And the people within them. Whether it is residential or business. Having the lights installed properly and maintained is important.

Most motion sensors. That will be used for residences or businesses. Would be called a passive infrared radiation, or PIR for short. These are the most common motion sensors. That are used for most common activities.

There are a wide variety of other types of motion sensor lights. However, those uses are highly specialized. And would not apply to most scenarios. What would apply to most scenarios however.

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Our things like how and where these motion sensor lights should be installed. Should they be installed on a wall, the roof or ceiling? If so, where should they be installed. The installation should ensure.

That they capture the range of motion, such as people approaching the building. So that they can turn on when someone is arriving. To turn on the light. To either deter crime, or keep people safe as they arrive in the dark.

As well, electrical contractors in Edmonton. Say that the sensitivity levels. Are going to play a very important role. In how these motion sensor lights work. And the sensitivity settings will be different.

Based on what people are using the motion sensor lights for. A great example of having the sensitivity turned extremely high. Would be in a stairwell, to ensure that as soon someone is entering the stairwell.

The lights will come on. An example of the sensitivity being turned extremely low. Would be for homeowner, wanting to have the light turn on when they are letting their dog outside at night.

Or, in their bathroom. So that the light comes on at night. Without having to grope for the light switch. Having a very high sensitivity in the wrong location. Can cause the lights to come on unnecessarily.

Such as being triggered by wind blowing garbage too close to the sensor. Or, having it being triggered by a squirrel, or a passing car. Blinding the driver. This is why having them professionally installed such as by Hauer Power in Edmonton is vital to their function.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Installing Motion Sensor Lights Increases Safety

Many people want to keep their building safe says electrical contractors Edmonton. Whether it is their business or their home. However, the proper installation it also maintenance will ensure this can happen.

There is no sense in spending a lot of time, money and energy. Choosing the right motion sensor lights. And having them installed. If property owners are not going to be properly maintaining these devices.

Just like a smoke detector and fire extinguishers. These devices need regular maintenance. To ensure that they are in working order. So that they can function properly for years to come.

One call that many electrical contractors get. Are from property owners. Who have newly purchased their building. And are complaining that there motion sensor lights are not working properly, or at all.

And would like them to come. In order to take down the motion sensor lights that are not working. And install new lights so that they can function. While electrical contractors will be more than happy to do this.

Typically, they find that the motion sensor lights are not broken. And are functioning well. They just need some maintenance. Electrical contractors in Edmonton such as Hauer Power.

Will be more than happy to perform this maintenance, so that people do not have to buy an entire new system. Or, they can educate the property owner. About the importance of regular maintenance.

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But still install a brand-new motion sensor system. That has more efficient lighting, such as upgrading to LED light bulbs, instead of incandescent lightbulbs. That might exist in their current system.

For maintenance, the most important thing to do. Is to clean off any dirty sensors. This is true whether it is an internal or external motion sensor. Inside, dust can easily settle on the sensor.

Affecting how well it can be used. To detect motion, and turn the light on. In external sensors. Elements like rain, snow and even wind. Can blow a fine layer of dirt or dust onto the sensors. And the longer the they are left uncleaned.

The greater the likelihood is. That the sensors will stop working correctly. And eventually, stop working at all. The maintenance that is recommended would be to take a nonabrasive cleaner. And microfibre cloth.

And gently clean the dirt away from the sensors every 1 to 3 months. This does not seem like a very large job. However, depending on how many motion sensor lights they have. It might take more time.

Requiring someone to climb up on ladders every month. In order to maintain. Or, they can simply call electrical contractors in Edmonton like Hauer Power to manage the maintenance for them.

While they are cleaning the sensors. This is a great opportunity to check their smoke detectors, emergency exit lights and even fire extinguishers. To ensure that everything is functioning properly to keep all occupants of the building safe at all times.

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