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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Installing Motion Sensor Lights The Right Way

Motion sensor lights are great for security says electrical contractors in Edmonton. Because it helps illuminate darkened areas of the building. So that people can move about safely. As well as deter potential crime from happening.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

However, there are different motion sensors that can be purchased for interior use. Then exterior motion sensors. In fact, electrical contractors in Edmonton. Say that many people may not realize how many types there are to choose from.

Ultimately, for most residential and commercial uses. They are going to want a passive infrared radiation style. Also known as PIR for short. These are going to allow motion to be detected.

That will then turn on the lights. And while many people may think that it is prudent. To save money by doing these things on their own. It is not going to save very much money to do it themselves.

Especially if they have to eventually call on electrical contractors in Edmonton. To fix the mistakes that they have made. They may not place them in the right locations. Resulting in not picking up motion.

They may not buy enough motion sensors. To adequately a sense motion in all directions. Which is a huge concern. When people are trying to illuminate the exterior of the building.

They may not have the sensors pointed in the right direction. Or at the correct angle. And therefore, it will not catch the motion of people approaching the building. But instead, be triggered by cars on the road.

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The correct professionals, will be able to install them at the right height. On the wall, ceiling or roof. Whatever is going to be the best place. To capture the motion to turn on the light.

The next consideration that people will need to make. Is ensuring that the light that is shining. His pointed in the right direction. To illuminate the space. Or light up and exterior building.

As well, people who end up installing. Their own motion sensor lights themselves. May not understand the maintenance required. On these devices. As well as not understanding how often it must be performed.

Dust can settle on interior sensors. Resulting in the performance of the motion sensor. Being intermittent, or spotty at best. Eventually, enough dust can settle on the sensors.

That the motion sensor will stop working altogether. Usually resulting in people calling their electrician. To fix their motion sensor lights without realizing that. That they are working just fine, and need to be cleaned.

On the exterior motion sensors. Dirt can settle on the sensors. Brought in by the wind, rain and even snow. For both in door and outdoor motion sensors. People should be cleaning them.

With a soft, microfiber cloth. And a nonabrasive cleaner. To wipe best, dirt and debris away. To ensure that the motion sensor will work perfectly for years to come.

If people have any questions about motion sensors. Or they would like to install one in their building. All they need to do is call Hauer Power in Edmonton for a quote.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Installing Motion Sensor Lights The Correct Way

There are many different applications for motion sensor lights according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. From lighting up a room. So that people do not have to turn on a light switch. To determine crime, by making the building brightly lit.

Regardless of the application. There are important things to keep in mind. When choosing the right motion sensor system. One of the first, and most important considerations.

Should be choosing the right motion sensor system. That has the correct light bulbs, to do the job adequately. Many people may not even realize. That there is such a wide choice.

When it comes to choosing systems. They can choose motion sensor system that takes incandescent light bulbs. As well as halogen, fluorescent and LED light bulbs. Some people may choose the system that is the least expensive.

And believe that it is the most economical decision. Especially considering the expense of the light bulbs. Incandescent is often the least expensive. That has the least expensive light bulbs. But that does not mean it is the most economical choice.

Incandescent light bulbs. As well as fluorescent and halogen. Our less energy efficient than LED lights. And they are also made of glass. Which means they are more breakable as well.

When these glass light bulbs are outside. And they turn on, even for a few seconds. They will heat up so much. That if brain, or snowfalls on them. They could potentially break very easily.

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Therefore, any of these more traditional light bulbs. Is a poor option according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. For exterior motion sensor light systems. As well, they can get broken.

By things like hail, wayward rocks. Being thrown by moving vehicles. And even vandalism. By criminals who are looking for an opportunity. To gain access to a building. A better alternative by far.

Our LED light bulbs. They are much less breakable. Because the light emitting diodes, are encased in a hard plastic shell. Therefore, they are not going to break by rocks, or vandals.

They also emit the lowest heat. So if they are turned on, and exposed to the elements. They are not going to shatter. As well, they are the most energy efficient. Making this a more economic choice by far.

As well as they are the light bulbs that last the longest. Which means people will be purchasing far fewer LED light bulbs to go into their motion sensor lights. They are also the brightest option.

So fewer motion sensor lights will need to go into an area. Because they will be able to illuminate more of a space. Therefore, people should be consulting with an expert. Like an electrical contractors in Edmonton such as Hauer Power in Edmonton.

In order to find the correct motion sensor system for their needs. And then get them expertly installed. And have peace of mind. That they have a great system to keep them safe. And to deter crime for years.

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