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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Is Three Phase Power Always Needed

It is very important, for people to hire electrical contractors in Edmonton. When they are doing a residential, or business renovation. They will be able to ensure it is done properly and safely.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

As well, it is very likely. That there electrical contractors in Edmonton. Will be able to think of things. That they would not have thought of on their own. Such as upgrading the number of outlets.

That they have in each room. While there already upgrading the wiring. They may not realize it, but they might need to upgrade their electrical panel. Or upgrade the gauge of their wiring.

Especially if they have an older building. And, many people may not realize. But they need to upgrade to split phase, or three-phase power. Three-phase is more likely needed and a business setting.

However, many people. Both business owners, and homeowners. Do not know the difference between any of them anyway. For the most part, most electrical devices that people operate. From their home computer.

To their television, stereo and speakers for example. As well as their kitchen appliances. Like their refrigerator, stove and oven, dishwasher and microwave for example.

Even their deep-freeze, and washer and dryer. Are likely going to all need, to draw up to a maximum of 120 V of power. This is all covered under what is called single phase power. However, if they buy a piece of equipment.

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Or an appliance, that uses more than 120 V. That is when they need to get their electrical contractors in Edmonton. To upgrade to split phase, or three-phase power. In a residence, it is most likely.

They will only have to upgrade to split phase. Which, just like the name suggests. Means splitting the power between two different transformers. In order to be able to run. Equipment that draws 240 V of power.

This is typically all home as ever going to need. And even then, the types of equipment. That they will get, that have those requirements. Include things like a dry sauna, hot tub. Or a large air conditioning unit for their home.

Therefore, even if they are planning a very large renovation. Such as adding a basement suite to their home. It is not likely that there going to have to upgrade the power. To split phase system.

However, businesses are entirely a different story. They often run equipment. That is much more powerful, even then the 240 V, of the split phase. The types of equipment, that usually draw more energy.

Our machines, that have motors inside them. Such as an industrial sized fan. Used to suck fumes, or smoke out of a large room. Or a water pump. That is moving a large amount of water. All day, every day.

Even things like an actual motor, will draw more than the 240 V. And will then require their electrician to upgrade to three-phase power. Ultimately, they do not need to know the difference.

Just need to know, that this is a reason. Why they should be hiring the experts. Like Hauer Power, when they are located in Edmonton.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Three Phase Power Is Not Always Needed

Most people never need to know what three-phase power is says electrical contractors in Edmonton. And even if they need to upgrade to it. It is not likely that they are going to need to know more than just the basics.

Most places, are wired to be able to handle what is called single phase power. Which is pairing devices. That draw up to 120 V of power. Most homes, are wired for this. And never need to upgrade.

However, electrical contractors in Edmonton often recommend. That this is upgrade to what is considered three-phase power. Due to the machines that they are running.

One of the best things, would be for business owners. Simply contact their electrical contractors in Edmonton. To do a walk-through of their location. If they are either renovating. Upgrading the space, or purchasing new equipment.

They will be able to look at the existing electrical system. And figure out if it needs to be upgraded. Just to bring it up to current code. With the right gauge of wires. Which is very important.

Especially they are in an older building. But also, so that they can talk to the business owner. About making all of the electrical upgrades that they want. If they are going to be there anyway, upgrading the power.

Many business owners are opposed to upgrading to three-phase power initially. Especially when they hear. That it is more expensive. Due to the increased materials. Such as more copper, and additional wires required.

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However, it is beneficial. For business owners to make this upgrade. Even though it is more costly. It will be able to justify that expense. Because will help them operate their business more efficiently.

That will allow them to earn more money. And the larger power ability. Will ensure that their power is much more reliable. So that they do not ever lose power. And stop being able to make money for a time.

Therefore, business owners should always be of the justify the expense of three-phase power. Especially if there electrician recommends it. As well, if a business owner is ever going to upgrade.

In the future, and will need three-phase power. Best time to do it. Is when there electrician is already there. Doing other electrical upgrades. So that they are not inhibited in their growth.

By having to wait for an electrician. To do their upgrading, sometime in the future. Even businesses that might not ever need larger equipment. Can benefit from having three-phase power.

Because it will allow them to add more devices on a single circuit. So that they can add more workspaces, more lights. And more equipment. To make even more money.

When businesses are ready to buy new equipment. Or renovate, the electrician that is their best call is how are power, when they are located in Edmonton.

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