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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Learning About Motion Sensor Lights

Some of the most common reasons for people to install motion sensor lights according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. Is to keep their building safe and to deter crime.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

However, in order to achieve those objectives. The correct motion sensor light system. Needs to be chosen. And installed properly. So that the sensors can detect the correct motion and turn on the light.

Avoiding triggered by things that are not necessary. Such as cars passing on a nearby road. Or wind blowing debris across the parking lot. instead of being triggered by people or vehicles approaching the building.

But also, having the correct level of sensitivity chosen. So that it can turn on as quickly as it needs. And stay on as long as is required. To make the area safe at that time.

While many property owners. Commercial, industrial and residential. Understand that they can simply leave lights on in their home or business. Or on the exterior of their building indefinitely.

And achieve the same results. However, they do not want to waste electricity. And increase their electrical bill. Which is why they are choosing to use motion sensor lights.

Lights can come on when they are needed. And turn off when they are not. To increase safety, and deter crime. Without wasting electricity unnecessarily. The first thing that they need to do, is choose what system they are going to use.

Often, people buy a building or home. And it comes with motion sensors. They discover that the motion sensors are not working properly. And that causes them to call electrical contractors in Edmonton.

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They either want the motion sensor system removed. Or replaced. So that it will actually function. Electricians say more often than not. These motion sensor lights are working completely fine.

They just need maintenance. Maintenance will involve cleaning the sensors. Ensuring the photocells are cleaned. And ensuring that the light bulbs are working. And are installed correctly.

One scenario is often that an electrician is called. Because the property owner wants the motion sensor system removed. Because they keep getting all positives. Which is wasting electricity. And upsetting neighbours.

This is not typically caused by a malfunctioning motion sensor system. Instead, by the properties electrical metre. Utility companies have actually put a wireless device onto each electrical metre.

This is designed to allow the electrical company. To read the metre remotely. And without sending people into the yards of properties. To read the metre. Unfortunately, this wireless signal.

Can often interfere with motion sensor lights. Causing them to turn on unnecessarily. All people have to do. Is call their utility provider. And request them turning the strength of their wireless signal down.

That way, homeowners and business owners. Can benefit from having motion sensor lights on their property. And no what to do, in order to maintain them says electrical contractors in Edmonton.

And stop any false detections from happening. This can increase safety and deter crime for their property and neighbourhood.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Understanding Motion Sensor Lights

Many people are unaware there motion sensors need maintaining according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. And they are often called, to replace a system that is actually working just fine.

There are two sensors located on most motion sensor systems. One is the photocell. Which is responsible for ensuring that the lights will only be turned on. When it is dark outside.

If this photocell is dirty, or has a layer of dust on top of it. Property owners may find. That there motion detector system. Is turning the light on, all of the time. Not just when it is dark outside.

Rather than assuming that this means that the motion sensor system is broken. All they need to do, is take a microfibers cloth. And a nonabrasive cleaner. In order to wipe the sensor clean.

Can sensor that is located on motion sensor lights. Is the motion sensor and self says electrical contractors in Edmonton. Whether the system is inside or outside. These sensors can become blocked.

Inside, the usual culprit is dust. And depending on how dusty the building is. Will need to be wiped clean every month, or once every three months. This can be accomplished the same way as cleaning the photocell.

By taking a nonabrasive cleaner. As well as a microfibers cloth and gently wiping off the sensor. Outside, the sensor can become full of dirt. From inclement weather, such as wind. But also rain and snow as well.

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Property owners may find through a period of particular bad weather. Where there is a lot of rain. Or when there has been a snowstorm. That they need to check, and clean the sensor more often.

While this does not seem like a very difficult job. Property owners should consider how many motion sensors they have on their property. And where they are located. Such as if they are on the roof.

Or if the property owner will need a ladder to reach these areas. Because while it does not seem like a hard or time-consuming job for one. If they have twenty, fifty or a hundred motion sensors.

Doing this every month. Can be a rather large chore. Something that electrical contractors in Edmonton will be happy to help with. At the same time, they can check the buildings emergency exit lights.

And smoke detectors, to ensure they are working fine. So that the property owners can have well-functioning motion sensor lights. Without any of the maintenance that may impact their function.

Whether people are buying a building that has motion sensors already installed. Or if they are purchasing a new system. They should be aware of where they are located.

The level of sensitivity that has been set. And if they have a system. That has older style lightbulbs. Such as incandescent, halogen or fluorescent. They may want to consider getting a more economical, and party system using LED light bulbs.

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