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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Maintaining Motion Sensor Lights

Whether property owners are getting motion sensor lights to reduce crime, or for safety reasons electrical contractors in Edmonton. Recommend maintaining these devices to ensure they have a long, useful life.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

There are many different parts of the motion sensor lights. That property owners should be aware of. So that they are able to maintain them, and keep them in good operating order.

The first, and most obvious are the light bulbs. This is something that property owners should take into consideration. When they are choosing which motion sensor lights to install in the first place.

They can get motion sensors with LED light bulbs, halogen light bulbs, incandescent light bulbs. As well as fluorescent light bulbs. While many people still like the older style motion sensors.

More people than ever. Our choosing motion sensor lights. With LEDs as the light source. There are many reasons why people are making this choice. The first one, is that they are extremely energy efficient.

They will let out extremely bright light. And will not raise the energy bill, even if they are on for an extended period of time. However, the idea of having motion sensor lights installed.

Will be so that people can have lights on when they are needed. But are not wasting energy, illuminating an area. That does not need lights on at that time. This is why the energy efficiency of LED light bulbs, are so popular.

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There also more cost-efficient. Because the last an extremely long time. They will not burn out as quickly as any other lightbulb according to electrical contractors in Edmonton.

Not only is this cost-efficient. But it is also going to help ensure. That property owners will have light when they need it. Without having to constantly be replacing bulbs, because they are bringing out quickly.

Another reason why electrical contractors in Edmonton recommend LED light bulbs. Is because they are far less breakable. These lights, our small light emitting diodes. That are encased in a very hard plastic shell.

When the motion sensor light is outdoors. The elements are going to be less likely to break them. Even if they get hit by rocks, or hail. But truly, the biggest concern when using glass light bulbs in a motion detector outside.

Will be the inclement weather, and precipitation. Once those light bulbs turn on, they get hot very quickly. And if they are hit with a cold raindrop, or snowflakes. They are more likely to break the bulbs.

Therefore, the LED light bulbs that people might choose instead. Will not break whether there is a wayward rock that hits them. Or when they are turned on, and it is snowing or raining heavily.

If property owners are interested in getting motion sensor lights installed on their property. Whether it is residential homes, commercial or industrial businesses. They should contact the experts.

Such as how power, to give them a quote on installing, and even maintaining these devices. They can keep their place safe, minimize crime. And keep their electrical bill low.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Keeping Motion Sensor Lights Maintained

Many people get motion sensor lights installed according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. Without realizing, that they will have to maintain these devices. To ensure that they are working properly for many years to come.

Not only do they need to have the sensor cleaned every 1 to 3 months. Which can be accomplished, by using a microfibre cloth. As well as a non-abrasive cleaner. To gently clean any dust, dirt or debris from the sensor.

But also, electrical contractors in Edmonton recommend. Property owners a clean the photocells on these devices as well. The photocells are the sensors, that ensure the light will turn on only when it is a dark outside.

So that property owners do not have to worry. About motion triggering the sensor, when it is daylight. Therefore, keeping these photocells cleaned, and free of debris. Will ensure that they are also saving money with these lights.

A great idea will be since property owners are going to have to clean the sensors, as well as the photocells. Every 1 to 3 months. This is a great opportunity. To check all of the devices in their home or business.

That should get maintained on a regular basis. From smoke detectors, to fire extinguishers. And emergency exit lighting. Property owners can contact electrical contractors in Edmonton.

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In order to find out what other maintenance items they should include. Or even, to find a price on what it would cost them. To hire these professionals, to maintain all of these devices on their behalf.

That way, they know that they will be kept clean, and operational. Without the property owner having to climb a ladder every few months. In order to do these maintenance chores themselves.

If a property owner gets busy, or they forget. Then they may impact the life of this device. Or, will find out that it is not doing its job properly. However, if property owners are discovering that the devices are already not working.

By going off, when nothing is triggering them. This is less about maintenance. And more about finding what is causing the false positives. Often, this is caused by the electrical metre on their property.

These devices are managed by their utility provider. Who have put a wireless signal on the metre. In order for the company to be able to remotely read the metre for each property.

These wireless signals unfortunately, have a tendency. To give false positives. And property owners may discover this to be true. All a property owner would have to do, is called utility company. And asked them to turn the wireless signal down.

If property owners would like help. Either installing, or maintaining these devices. All they will have to do is call electrical contractors in Edmonton. Such as the experts at Hauer Power. And get the help they need in installing these important devices. And keeping their property safe and crime free.

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