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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Motion Sensor Lights Need Maintenance

One thing that many people forget according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. Is that there motion sensor lights. Whether it is in their home, or business. Require regular maintenance and upkeep.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

Obviously, the first thing that people might think of. Are the light bulbs, when it comes to their motion sensor lights. And while this is very important. This is going to be the most obvious thing that will go wrong with their motion sensor system.

People can purchase many different kinds of motion sensor systems. That use many different kinds of light bulbs. From the most common, and cheapest. Incandescent light bulbs. To motion sensor systems that use halogen light bulbs.

And even fluorescent light bulbs, are used in many motion sensor systems. Motion sensors are now being made. With LEDs, which stands for light emitting diode. And are far and away, the most efficient.

With the other, traditional style of light bulbs. The light bulbs are fragile, and made of glass. This makes them susceptible to things like breaking in the storm, a wayward rock. That might be thrown by vehicle peeling out of a gravel parking lot.

Even vandals, that are trying to create an opportunity for crime. Might throw a rock. To smash this lightbulb, and gain darkened access to a business or residence. However, the most common way.

That incandescent light bulbs get broken. Is due to the elements. It does not take very long, only seconds. For these light bulbs to get very hot from being turned on. If there is any precipitation in the air.

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Such as rain, or snow. This cold water touching a very hot lightbulb. Can shatter it instantly according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. Which will leave the area vulnerable until a lightbulb can be replaced.

However, the problem with this. Is that homeowners, and business owners may not notice. That the lightbulb is smashed and not functioning. For many weeks, or even longer, shockingly.

This is why a regular maintenance schedule is so vital. To the upkeep of motion sensor systems. But also, why incandescent lightbulbs are losing popularity. When it comes to motion sensor systems says electrical contractors in Edmonton.

The same can be said for halogen and fluorescent light bulbs. And while fluorescent light bulbs are known for being very economical to run. And not getting very warm. Anyone who has touched a fluorescent light bulb while it is on.

Will know that it does in fact get hot to the touch. This is why LED light bulbs are gaining popularity. In types of motion sensor systems that can be purchased. There are many reasons why.

From being the most energy efficient lightbulb on the market. To the longest lasting lightbulb. The brightest, lowest heat. And least breakable lightbulb. Solves the problem that other lightbulbs leave.

If people would like more information on getting, or upgrading their motion sensor system. All they have to do, is call Hauer Power in Edmonton for quote.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Motion Sensor Lights Need Regular Maintenance

There are many things that people need to keep in mind according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. To ensure that their motion sensor system. Is in good, working order. Whether it is inside their building, or outside their building.

One of the first things that people should know. Is that motion sensors come with two different types of sensors. One, is the actual sensor. That used for sensing motion. And the second one is a photocell.

Which is responsible for ensuring. The light does not come on in the light of day. Both of these sensors can be impacted by dust and dirt. Which is why a regular maintenance schedule. Requires cleaning off of these sensors.

Ideally, with a microfibre cloth. And a nonabrasive cleaner. Anywhere between one, and three months apart. Depending on where these sensors are located. And how many of them home owner, or business owner has.

This may be a very easy task. Or very difficult and time-consuming one. If people are looking for help, they can contact their electrical contractors in Edmonton. Such as how her power, in order to help them accomplish this task.

For a small monthly fee. They will be able to come out and not only clean the sensors of their motion sensor lights. But test, and replace any lightbulbs that are not working properly anymore.

As well as check any emergency exit lights, and smoke detectors in the building. This way, people can have true peace of mind. That their property is being protected. Instead of a false sense of security.

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Thinking that this system is protecting them. When it actually is not. Another reason why regular maintenance of motion detector systems is important. Is because it can help people figure out.

If the system is malfunctioning. And help figure out exactly why. A great example of this, is a motion sensor system. Can actually give false detections. What this is, is a system that turns the light on.

When nothing is in the area, and it is not being triggered by anything. This actually is more common than many people realize according to electrical contractors in Edmonton.

The most common culprits of this scenario, will be a wireless signal. Being emitted by the properties electrical metre. Utility companies, such as epic or or fortis. Puts a wireless device on their metre.

So that the company can remotely read to the metre. Without having to send a metre reader to every business physically to do the same job. The problem with these remote devices.

Is that they can give a false detection, but it is not the fault of the motion sensor system. All people have to do, is call their utility company. And asked them to turn the digital signal of their device down.

By turning the signal strength down. People can eliminate their false technicians. And have a well-functioning system for many years to come. If people have any questions, they can reach out to Hauer Power who will be happy to help.

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