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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Planning Renovations The Right Way

Instead of taking on the expense of moving, electrical contractors in Edmonton. Are deciding to renovate their existing space. Either to finish a basement. Or make their basement space more usable.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

In order to add function. People often have specific requirements for the rooms they have in the basement. Either wanting to add bedrooms. To accommodate their growing family.

Or they do not need additional bedrooms. So they want to rip out bedrooms that are there. And add things like home office, theatre or gaming room, home gym or craft room. Or whatever else suits their needs.

However, before they start any renovation. Such as drawing up plans. Ripping out existing walls. Or hiring other contractors. The best place to start, is with the electrical work.

The reason why electrical work is an important place to start. Is because when it is done first, before many other trades. It can be done very well. For example, placing the cables, and wires.

In the walls, from the electrical panel. To every outlet in the basement. Is better done, before the drywall is put on. Rather than waiting until the renovation is complete. And asking electrical contractors in Edmonton.

To pull cable through wall, and cutting holes in the drywall. That has already been finished. Just before the electricians showed up on the job. Therefore, talking to the electricians first.

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Can help ensure that all of the planning is cared for. And then, they can help the homeowner. Figure out what order, to call and the rest of the contractors. To ensure that there basement renovation gets done well.

They will talk about important details. That might seem small to the homeowner. Such as how many electrical outlets each room needs. Because there is no sense in having a room like a gaming room.

That does not have enough outlets for the computer, and everything that goes with it. And understanding the Internet needs for each room. Is important, to ensure that the right cables get installed into the right locations.

For example, having a gaming room, that has wireless Internet. Is not going to allow people to have as fast Internet speed. As they need to play their game. This is why this should all be discussed ahead of time.

If they are adding bedrooms, electrical contractors in Edmonton say. That they need the right number of smoke detectors in the basement. And if there are going to be children in the rooms.

It is important that they are installing tamper-resistant outlets. To keep the children safe from accidentally injuring themselves. At putting something into the outlets. If they are adding bedrooms.

There electrician might point out that they should have bathrooms down there as well. To prevent people from having to run upstairs, and through the house. To brush their teeth or go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

When people are ready to start their basement renovation. Calling Hauer Power in Edmonton. As their electrical experts. Help ensure they end up with a great renovation.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Doing Renovations The Right Way

While renovating a basement for increased comfort and function is popular according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. These days, people are also adding basement suites. In order to add additional income to their home. By getting money, from the tenants living in their basement suites.

When it comes to adding a basement suite. Many people do not know all of the requirements. which is why it is very important to consult with electrical contractors in Edmonton.

Especially, because they are likely going to be requiring a service capacity upgrade. Due to the increased electrical appliances. That they are putting in the basement. That draw a significant amount of power.

There electrician will be able to arrange a current capacity calculation. Which is done through the city. However, these can take time. So homeowners should avoid wanting to delay their renovation.

By asking for the current capacity calculation late. So consulting with electrical contractors in Edmonton. Can help ensure that they do not stall any part of the renovation. Or waste any contractor’s time.

Another important consideration, that homeowners should make. When creating a suite in the basement. Is if they are going to be requiring a second metre for the basement.

So that their tenant can receive their own electrical bills and pay for them. Or if the homeowner is comfortable sharing utilities with their tenant. And splitting the bill in half, and either adding their electrical cost to their rent.

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If they are renting it out to a stranger. Homeowners are typically uncomfortable doing this. Because if their tenant does not pay. Then they are out the money. However, if they are doing the basement suite renovation.

In order to accommodate family member. Such as an aging parent. They may be just fine to leave it unmetered. And pay for their family members utilities. Or split it with them.

Since adding a second metre is a large job. The electricians will want to know that that is what they are doing upfront. As well, it is going to influence the rest of the renovations.

It will require the contractor putting in a panel for the basement. As well as a furnace, dedicated for the basement suites. And of course, anytime there is a furnace. The furnace needs its own room, with the door that can be shut.

If homeowners do not consult with electrical contractors in Edmonton first. They may even have the drawings for the basement renovations complete. Or even the framing done.

Which will be expensive, to rework the plans. In order to add a furnace room. These are just some of the reasons why homeowners need to hire an electrician first. And consult with them to create their renovation plans.

They will often think about considerations that they are not aware of. Such as the number of bedrooms will influence the number of smoke detectors. So that not only the renovations can be done well. They can be done to code, and to keep their tenants safe.

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