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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Proper Planning For Basement Suites

If a homeowner has an unfinished basement, that is huge potential says electrical contractors in Edmonton. While they might decide to renovate, in order to add functionality and space themselves.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

Many other homeowners, see it as an opportunity. To make money in an easy way. For their family by creating a basement suites. And then renting it out to a tenant. And earning passive income that way.

While there are many things that people need to keep in mind. When they are renovating their basement. Basement suites require whole other level of electrical requirements.

Which is why it is even more important. For homeowners to consult with electrical contractors in Edmonton. Before even starting their renovations. They will be able to help the homeowner.

Understand important considerations, such as if they will need service capacity upgrade. Typically, most basement suites will. Simply because the electrical draw coming from the basement. Will be so much greater.

Then what the home is capable of at the current moment. If they add a kitchen, that has a refrigerator, microwave and stove. Just to name the bare minimum. That typically is enough.

To require a service capacity upgrade. But even if they add other things, such as a washer and dryer. Or a dishwasher in the kitchen. They will definitely need service capacity upgrade. In order to manage all of the electrical requirements.

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In order to get a service capacity upgrade. There electrical contractors in Edmonton need to contact the city. In order to get a current capacity calculation. Every thing that they do electrically in their basement.

Will be contingent on getting this calculation. And it may take a lot longer than a homeowner expects. Which is why it is very important that the electrician get started on that even in the planning stages.

So that it does not become a delay, later on in the process. Once they get this, they can start working with the electricians. About how many electrical outlets they need in each room.

While it may be very tempting for homeowners to save money. By putting the minimal amount of electrical outlets into the space. They should consider if this is truly a good idea.

If they think about their own experience. In that say the kitchen. Which is the most electrically used room in a house. What would happen, if they did not have enough outlets.

To run things like their toaster, coffee pots and blender. They would probably end up getting an extension cord and run it through the house. Or, get one of those devices.

That allows someone to plug more devices into a single circuit. Which can end up being a risk. Because it can lead to overloaded circuits. And if the breaker fails even once. It will start an electrical fire.

Therefore, putting in the right number of electrical outlets can be a way to keep the space not only usable. But safe, for the tenant. And the people in the rest of the house.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Effective Planning For Basement Suites

Homeowners may not realize that a basement suites renovation is going to be so complex says electrical contractors in Edmonton. And before they get very far in the planning process.

By speaking to an electrician. They may gain an idea of the scope of the project. And except the help, to ensure that they plan the renovation properly. So that not only can it be done well.

It can add value to the home. So that tenants will be willing to pay what it is worth to stay there. Earning homeowner passive income. Which is the whole goal of creating a basement suite in their house.

One of the first things that their electrical contractors in Edmonton are going to ask them. During the planning stage, is finding out if they need a second electrical metre for the basement suites.

While this can be a very large project, and an unplanned expense. This electrical metre, will be what allows the tenant. To receive electrical bills directly from the utility company.

So that if they ever stop paying their electrical bill. They are not saddling the homeowner, with hundreds of dollars of unpaid charges. If the homeowner decides to not get the electrical metre put in place.

They will have to share the electrical bill with their tenant. Typically, splitting the bill in half. In order to share the expenses. But if the tenant does not pay the homeowner.

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All of the risk falls on the homeowner instead. The metre will mitigate that risk. And if the tenant ends up running up a larger electrical bill. Then and might turn into a fight, of why they are paying.

More than 50% of the bill. And often, it is not worth the headache or the hassle. Which is why homeowners rather get a metre and not worry about it.

However, if a homeowner is putting in the basement suites. In order to move elderly parents closer to home. While they maintain their independence. They may not even care about having a metre.

And are happy to even pay their parents electrical bills. All of these things are very important to discuss with their electrician upfront. So that they know if they will need to add a panel for the basement suites.

Which will be needed, if they have a second metre. As well as add a second furnace to the home. One, for the basement suites. Which will require having its very own enclosed furnace room.

That will need to have space in the plan ahead of time. This is why it is important to meet with the electrician first. So that the rest of the renovation, can be smooth. Because all circumstances have been considered.

When homeowners are looking for electrical contractors in Edmonton to work with on their basement renovation. How are power can be the expertise that can help them. Plan the right renovation, for all their needs.

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