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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Properly Maintaining Motion Sensor Lights

It is not just enough to install motion sensor lights says electrical contractors in Edmonton. And then hope that people will be kept safe. And that the building will deter crime. They also must be maintained properly.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

Just like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers. And even emergency exit lights. Motion sensor lights should be checked, and cleaned periodically. To ensure that they are in good working order.

So that they can do the job that they were purchased and installed for. Often, electrical contractors in Edmonton are called to a property. It was just purchased. And the property owner thinks.

That the motion sensor lights are not working. They have changed bulbs, and the lights are still not working. Therefore, the contractors come out onto the jobsite. Only to find that it is not that the motion sensor lights are not working.

It is just that the sensors are dirty. If they are external, wind, rain and snow. Can allow a thin layer of dirt to settle on the sensors. And the longer it is left uncleaned. The more dirt can accumulate.

Until the sensors are no longer doing the job. And turning the light on when it is needed. Therefore, instead of installing a brand-new motion sensor system. Electrical contractors in Edmonton will simply clean them.

This can be done by the property owners themselves. By getting a non-abrasive cleaner. Along with a microfibre cloth. In order to gently wipe the dirt away. If they are internal motion sensor lights.

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The process is the same to get rid of any dust. That has settled on the sensors. Causing them to be ineffective. Another reason why people may call an electrician to replace their motion sensor lights.

Is because they think it is broken, because the lights are coming on at all hours of the day. And not just when it is dark outside. This is not indicated of a damaged or broken motion sensor light system.

Instead, all it indicates is that the photocells need cleaning. The photocells are actually responsible for ensuring that the lights only come on at night. However, if the photocells are clogged with dirt or dust.

They will allow the lights to come on any time. Again, a cleaning will ensure that the photocells continue working properly. While electrical contractors. Have no qualms about installing an entirely new motion sensor system.

They will want to educate the property owner. Because they will also need to maintain. The new system that they get. And if they do not have to replace the motion sensor lights. Can save them a lot of money.

Something else that homeowners should be aware of. Is that this cleaning needs to be done every 1 to 3 months. Just like checking their smoke detectors, fire extinguishers an emergency exit lights.

But coming up with a schedule that they, or they can hire someone to take care of. Ensures that they are keeping the motion sensor lights in working order. And keeping their property safe with working smoke detectors and clearly marked exits.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Maintaining Motion Sensor Lights Properly

Often, people are unaware of the maintenance that their motion sensor lights require says electrical contractors in Edmonton. Therefore, they find that the system is not working the way they expect.

And are either upset that they spent so much money. And the system is not working properly. Or, they are upset that they have to buy a new system. When that is actually not the case at all.

One scenario that causes many people. To be frustrated with their motion detectors. Is that the motion detector lights are coming on even when nothing is triggering them specifically.

They might have neighbours complaining. That the light is coming off and on every few minutes. Many people might be very frustrated. In thinking that they will need a new motion sensor light system.

And call electrical contractors in Edmonton. In order to an upper placing it. However, many people may not be aware. That these false positives, are not caused by a broken system.

But can be caused by electrical interference. The usual culprit of electrical interference. Causing motion sensor lights to come on unnecessarily. Our by People’s electric metres, on their properties.

The utility company has installed wireless devices on each of the electrical metres. So that they can remotely read the metre. Instead of sending a person into the yards of every home and business.

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In order to find what this metre reading is. Unfortunately, this wireless device uses a signal. That causes motion sensor lights to work erratically. The easy fix is simply to call whichever utility company looks after that electrical metre.

And asked them if they can turn the electrical signal of their wireless device down. More often than not, this will stop the false detections from happening. All without causing the home business owner to spend any money.

Another thing that people should consider. Whether they have a motion sensor light system. Or they are purchasing one for their home or their business. Is what light bulbs they are choosing.

Any people may not realize. That there are many different options. From traditional incandescent light bulbs. To halogen, and even fluorescent light bulbs. However, the most popular and economical choice currently.

Our LED light bulbs. LED stands for light emitting diodes, and they are very popular for many reasons. They are the most energy efficient light bulb on the market. Which means people are going to spend less money.

On the electricity to run these motion sensor lights. When they purchase and LED than any other kind, even fluorescent. Another reason these are so popular is because they are the most cost efficient option.

This is because LED lights last longer than any other type. Add in the fact that they are the brightest, lowest heat. And less breakable option on the market. Means that people when choosing a brand-new system, should get the LED lights says electrical contractors in Edmonton.

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