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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Questions About Three Phase Power

When homeowners, or business owners are upgrading their power, hiring electrical contractors in Edmonton. Is very important. To ensure that they get the right electrical upgrades done correctly.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

Depending on what their plans are for the space. In a home, what kind of renovations they are doing. And what they are adding to the space. It is very important. And for a business owner.

The same questions are important. To know exactly what they are going to do with the space. And what machines they are going to run. Because not only will the electrician need to figure out.

If they need to increase the gauge of the wires. Increase electrical outlets. And lights. Or if they need to upgrade the power completely. From single phase, to split phase or more.

In a home, people are typically going to only have to upgrade their power. To split phase power, and only if they are going to run some very powerful machines. Because most residential power requirements.

Our still under 120 V. For example, even in the kitchen. With all of the high energy use appliances. Such as refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. They still are not likely going to need.

To upgrade to split phase power. However, during a residential renovation. They might be bringing in equipment. That is more powerful. Such as a stove, that has two convection ovens. And an entire flat top grill.

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Or, they are going to add a hot tub to their backyard. Or an air conditioning unit. To cool down their entire home. That is when they may need to get their electrical contractors in Edmonton.

To upgrade from single phase power. To what is called split phase power. Where they will split the electrical current, between two different transformers. In order to increase the voltage capabilities. From 120 V, to 240 V.

However, they will let the homeowner know. If, and when this becomes needed. Because it is an additional cost. And takes additional material. And they will not want to have the homeowner.

Spend more money than they actually need. As well, their electrical contractors in Edmonton are going to want to walk through the entire space. And look at the existing electrical panel. And ask the homeowner.

If they are going to increase the number of electrical outlets that they have. In the house, both inside and out. When they are already upgrading their electrical components.

This is a great opportunity, to add additional plug-ins. Or lights, because they are already doing work. And it can save them money. For example, some people may not think of it.

But they will benefit from additional plug-ins. During Christmas time. When they have lights on the outside of the home. As well as a Christmas tree, with many strands of lights on the inside.

However, these are questions that there electrician will ask them. When they are ready to talk to an electrician. About the upgrading in their home. They can contact Hauer Power in Edmonton. Since they are the experts in this field.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Common Questions About Three Phase Power

It is quite exciting, for business owners to be buying or building a new space, but working with electrical contractors in Edmonton. Is going to be very important. To ensure that they get the correct upgrades.

And that it is installed perfectly. They will want to come to the space. Soon after the business owner buys it. Or even before they start building it. To ensure that the business owner has thought.

Of all circumstances. And needs that they might have. Not just now, but in the future. Some business owners may not realize. That there going to need to upgrade their electrical. Very quickly in the future.

Within a few years. But the electrical contractors in Edmonton. Can ask all of the right questions. To ensure they make the business owner think of that. So that they can do all of the upgrading.

That they will need now. But also in the future as well. That way, they can save money. From not having to bring the electrical contractors in Edmonton back. To do upgrading, that could have been done a couple of years earlier.

Chances are quite good. That they will recommend. That the business owner upgrades to three phase power. Because they are more likely to need to run. Large pieces of equipment.

That will require a lot more voltage, then what the building currently has. Even if they are not running that equipment yet. Electrician will make an argument, that if they are planning.

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On getting new and larger equipment. Any time in the future. It is much more cost-effective to upgrade to three phase power now. Then call them back a different time. To upgrade the power than.

As well, it is more common. For businesses to upgrade to three phase power. Because even though it is more expensive. It is an expense that is justifiable in a business.

As they will need to ensure that their large machines. Can continue to run to make money. And if they do not have adequate power. They are going to lose money, as they will not be as efficient as they should.

Some business owners might ask their electrician. Why would not they will upgrade to four, five or six phase power. And ultimately, it comes down to simple math.

The additional power they would gain from increasing the phases. Simply would not be worth the cost of the materials. And is something, that Nicola Tesla actually researched many years ago.

Therefore, three phase power is about the most powerful electrical components. That a business owner can get. And if they are ever going to need three phase power. Upgrading it when they have their electrician.

Working on other things. Is going to be the most cost-effective way of approaching it. When they are ready to get electrical work done in their business. They can contact Hauer Power, for an estimate on the work.

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