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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Regular Bathroom Fan Maintenance

Despite the fact that they are used every day says electrical contractors in Edmonton. Most people do not think about their bathroom fans at all. And while that is kind of the function of them.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

That is also a bit of a problem as well. Many advances in technology. Have allowed people to not have to think. About their bathroom fan. From extremely noiseless options. To keep peace in their home.

As well as fans that only turn on. When people enter a room. Or fans that come with humidity sensors. So that they only turn on. When the humidity levels in their bathroom rise to a certain level.

Unfortunately, this set it and forget it mentality. Can be bad when it comes to the maintenance of a bathroom fan. And many homeowners admit. They have never heard how important it is.

To regularly cleaning out their bathroom fans. The reason this is important according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. Is because the fans job, is to suck all of the humid air out of the bathroom.

And vent it out of the home. Which means along with the humid air. All of the dust, and pet hair. That is also floating in the air. Will get sucked into the fan. And get stuck to the fan blades.

The more dust and pet hair. That get stuck to the fan blades. The harder the fan will have to work. To suck the humid air. Out of the bathroom. Causing the fan motor to work harder. Causing more noise.

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But also, degrading the motor as well. Shortening its lifespan. And before long. The thick layer of dust that has now accumulated on the fan. Means that the fan can no longer move.

The amount of required air out of the bathroom. While homeowners, continue to use the bathroom. Assuming that the fan is working. It is moving less humid air out of the room.

Giving them a huge risk in the home. Of accumulating moisture. That can cause problems like black mould, rot. And destroying things like the drywall, causing it to become mushy. This is ultimately a larger.

And more expensive problem to fix. That could have been avoided. By simply vacuuming out the fan blades. Two to four times a year. More often, if the home has pets for example.

However, people tend to notice. That the fan is now noisier. Then it ever was before. And it is irritating. Which is why they call electrical contractors in Edmonton. At this point, it is often too late.

To solve the problem. By vacuuming the fan. And the fan will simply need to be replaced. Their experts, can help them choose the right fan. Such as the size of the motor. To suck out the humid air from the bathroom efficiently.

But also, other options that they should consider. Such as energy efficient models. Models that have different levels of noise. From low noise to know noise. And other fancy bells and whistles to consider.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Regular Bathroom Fan Maintenance To Perform

There are many different things to maintain in a home says electrical contractors in Edmonton. And while most people remember a lot of them. Such as checking their smoke detectors. Once a quarter for example.

Or, replacing the furnace filters. Other maintenance activities. That are just as important, such as cleaning their bathroom ventilation fan. Are often forgotten about, or simply overlooked.

The reason why bathroom fan maintenance is important. Is because as the bathroom fan functions. By sucking out all of the humid air from bathroom. It inevitably sucks all of the dust with it.

Moreover the humidity, will cause the dust. To get stuck to the fan blades, and the fan grating. This is not in and of itself huge problem. But homeowners should keep in mind. That the more dust that accumulates.

We will start impeding the fans ability. To move air out of the room. It also will cause the motor. To have to work harder to do the same job. Which will degrade the motor. And cause it to wear out more quickly than it was designed.

With time, the fan is unable to move the air. Causing humidity to buildup. And cause problems. Like mushy drywall, mildew and mould formation. That can be destructive. As well as be very damaging to people’s health.

Ultimately this is why electrical contractors in Edmonton. Educate all of their customers. Where they have installed bathroom ventilation fans. To definitely tell them how important it is. That they ultimately maintain their fans.

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But also, share with the homeowners. But they have to do. And how often it is necessary. The maintenance is not very extensive. And should not be very hard for most homeowners to do.

Ultimately, all people have to do, is once a quarter. Take a vacuum hose. And vacuum the fan grating, that leads to the blades. Importantly keeping dust away from the fan blades. However, twice a year.

Homeowners should pop that grating off. And vacuum the fan blades themselves. Moreover this will keep the motor from having to work hard. It will keep the fan moving the right amount of humid air out of the bathroom.

And it will also ensure. That the motor will not wear out. And will last as long as it was designed to. Moreover when homeowners do this regular maintenance. Their bathroom fan will work flawlessly for years.

However, it is inevitable. That the fan will eventually reach the end of its life. Which means it is going to have to be replaced at some point. And when that is the case. Electrical contractors in Edmonton can help.

They will ensure that homeowners. Choose the right size motor. For the size of the bathroom that they have. But also, will help them choose the right options. That bathroom fans now come with.

Subsequently choosing from options like energy efficiency, noise levels. Humidity and motion sensors. Even mood lighting and speakers. Ultimately, helping people have the perfect bathroom for their needs.

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